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A weird enigma about Metformin or Glucophage! worsening or treating diabetic neuropathy.

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Hello welcome to our channel we would like to say you will motivate us to make more and better videos about the relationship between nutrients medication and diseases by subscribing our channel and you will contribute to increase the knowledge of others by sharing them we appreciate you in advance in this video we are going to reveal a weird enigma about

Glucophage or metformin which one happens worsening or treating diabetic neuropathy metformin remains the first line oral glucose lowering drug used to treat type 2 diabetes metformin is the most widely used oral insulin sensitizing agent it is prescribed to more than 100 million people worldwide including patients suffering from pre-diabetes insulin resistance

And polycystic ovary syndrome evidence suggests long-term or high-dose metformin therapy impairs vitamin b12 or cobalamin status vitamin b12 also called cobalamin is a water-soluble vitamin mainly obtained from animal sourced foods vitamin b12 is a cofactor for enzymes that play a critical role in dna synthesis and neuroprotection vitamin b12 deficiency leads

To several clinical consequences including hematologic abnormalities such as megaloblastic anemia and formation of hypersegmented neutrophils thank you peripheral neuropathy caused by damage to the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord or peripheral nerves which often causes weakness numbness and pain usually in the hands and feet it can also affect other

Areas and body functions including digestion urination and circulation foreign thank you and dangerously progressive axonal demyelination why in two significant ways vitamin b12 deficiency contributes to neurologic manifestations foreign vitamin b12 is a cofactor for an enzyme called methionine synthase which catalyzes the conversion of homocysteine into

Methionine therefore vitamin b12 deficiency leads to homocysteine accumulation 2. vitamin b12 also acts as a cofactor for the enzyme methylmalanyl coa mutase which catalyzes the conversion of methylmalanyl coa to succinyl coa thus vitamin b12 deficiency results in the accumulation of methylmalanyl coa that is subsequently converted to methylmalonic acid or mma

Increased levels of mma and homocysteine damage myelin and result in peripheral and autonomic neuropathy how metformin or glucophage induces vitamin b12 deficiency foreign there are some proposed mechanisms for the effect of metformin on b12 deficiency if or intrinsic factor produced by the gastric binds to vitamin b12 in the duodenum and makes an ifb12 complex

The complex moves to the ilium and links to calcium ifb12 calcium complex helps b12 absorption in the intestine through the specific receptor called cubulin however based on the most plausible mechanism metformin interferences with calcium-dependent binding of the if vitamin b12 complex to the receptors on enterocytes at the ilium level and interaction with this

Receptor interestingly this inhibitory effect is reversed by calcium supplementation the vitamin b12 levels in patients who take metformin should be monitored occasionally and the patients should be recommended to take vitamin b12 sources some vitamin b12 sources are red meat poultry shellfish milk and other dairy products egg and vitamin b12 fortified foods or

Use supplements noticeably consuming vitamins and elements more than tolerable upper intake levels is harmful to the health according to food and nutrition board institute of medicine the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin b12 for adults is 2.4 micrograms per day moreover about calcium is one thousand to twelve hundred milligram per day if you like to get

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A weird enigma about Metformin or Glucophage! worsening or treating diabetic neuropathy. By Dr. HealthGlory