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Abbvie’s Humira US pricing strategy: Discover what healthcare professionals think

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Discover what healthcare professionals in the United States think about Abbvie’s pricing and patent strategy for Humira in this interview with CREATION’s Research Analyst Mary Kangley.

Hello i’m daniel jin founder of creation the consultancy for insights led health strategy and i’m here with mary kang li she’s a research analyst on creations team yeah so i’ve been looking at healthcare professional conversation online over the past year in the u.s. relating to humira abbvie is biosimilars and the issue with pricing that’s happening right now

And ivy’s been making deals with other companies that will potentially extend abby’s own kind of patent or kind of ownership with that market for a longer period of time talk to us about that health depressions been seeing news about other countries yeah in 2018 in europe humira came off patent and that meant that other biosimilars have become available on the nhs

At the nhs’s choice they’ve chosen to switch to by similars for their patients right so this happened in the uk in the health depressions in the u.s. saw this on the news or saw this on the online and they reacted to it yeah they reacted because they don’t have that in the us so in the u.s. they’re still continuing to have been having to pay the higher prices for

Humira and they don’t have access to by summer so there’s a lot of conversation happening on twitter doctors who have taken to twitter to talk about these different news articles that they’re reading the reading mainstream news so there was an article published in the new york times that talked about humira and the price increases that are happening but also the

International price discrepancies that are happening elsewhere because of biosimilars that becoming available okay so towards the end of its patent yeah the price is going up it is health care professionals are reading about this in the new york time yeah and they’re reacting to online using twitter yeah so they’re taken to twitter they’re sharing these articles

Some of them are adding their own opinions to the articles reacting to what they’re reading and yes you really see them quite frustrated what that readers so what’s the opinions of a shared healthcare professionals in america are really frustrated they’re citing the article calling it patent abuse they’re using the term patent abuse when they’re talking about

Humira at average treatment yeah paetynn abuse is a term that was used by the new york times and the healthcare professionals our continued continuing to share that kind of language about ad v and what they’re doing with the drug and the patents and so it sounds like there’s there’s quite a lot of emotion there in the response from the online healthcare professional

Community yeah and and the kind of words they’re using in the way they’re describing they’re saying that ad v is yeah beautiness position of power some healthcare professionals are sharing their article from the new york times kind of saying well why wouldn’t they do this i’d be that they’re doing it because they can they they keeping the prices up because why not

Because they want more money but yeah the healthcare professionals are annoyed and frustrated because they just want the best treatments for their patients scenario are we seeing that there are certain individual healthcare professionals who are really influencing the views of their peers in this online conversation yeah it’s really normal for us to see certain

Individuals online who are kind of pushing the conversation who were sharing lots of information relating to different the therapy areas but in particular here when studying a deliver map we saw dr. john kirsch a rheumatologist who was really pushing the conversation sharing lots of articles getting the information out there furthest to to see him reactive well

Thanks for sharing that mary we’ve been looking at f v and its positioning if you mirror and how healthcare professionals have been reacting to that if you want to read the full article mary you’ve written a a deeper analysis of this go to go to the knowledge section and search for ad v and you’ll see mary’s full analysis

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Abbvie's Humira US pricing strategy: Discover what healthcare professionals think By CREATION