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Accutane(isotretinoin) really works?

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This is my first day it’s december 29th 2017 and i’m gonna go on for like five or six months i don’t know but um that’s usually how long the whole thing takes i guess is how they look like it looks different for different brands so it’s my seventh day taking your iq pain and it doesn’t hurt to put blush on anymore i have noticed that up here around my like the scalp

Area that’s getting a little bit right now and so is like the corners of my nose and my lips too and like the sides right here but i mean it’s fine just i just use aquaphor and a lot of chapstick throughout the day and then sunblock and cerave moisturizer under my makeup so yeah it’s gone pretty good i’m excited february 2nd 2018 spent a month and like three days

Since i started accutane at first i didn’t like i recorded this before and i didn’t think that it was that much of an improvement but then i looked back at my other video and my face was way more and enflamed and for me it had a lot more information but um yeah i’ve seen a more improvement my skin is smoother and i’ve just had this inside pretty much that’s not

Really they also told me that blackheads are usually the last ones to leave in the accutane process but i don’t have any blackheads that i can see and my nose is so smooth it feels so smooth someone’s cleaner i did get an accutane rash um you can’t really tell now cuz it’s kind of going away cuz i’ve been putting cerave on it cuz that’s what they told me to do but

It can be expected with accutane and i got really scared at first but i didn’t know what it was so and then i can show up on your arms to you also i’m experiencing tons of back pain and it’s normal i was expecting it to and i just have to take breaks i can’t like swatch for too long and when i laid down after standing up i just have to take a few seconds to breathe

Because it hurts and also joint pain i haven’t been having joint pain i think towards the end of january so that’s not very frequent anymore and also nosebleed i had at for nosebleeds last month because everything is so dry on my lips you got to get out go for it yo guys guys i look really bad right now but i don’t know why but like guys oh my gosh it’s been it’s

March 3rd and i have no bumps except right there but this was from like it’s like you can’t even see it but when i wear makeup it’s so smooth dude guys dude deep ok and like right here a little bit but guys working i mean i knew it was gonna work but it still yeah it’s pretty pretty quitte see there’s no ribbon results um yeah i just got the red stuff i’ve gotten

Like 1 or 2 nosebleeds this past month so i wasn’t as bad as other months but around the 2 month mark is when you start seeing results and i’m 2 months in so i’m pretty because i did um yep aquaphor has been really helping and exfoliating is really good too and it’s going pretty good guys i’m about to start my fourth month on accutane and my face is looking i

Mean pretty good i did miss a couple days this month and you can’t really catch up on it it’ll just make the journey longer but um yeah everything’s still flat it’s just the redness and the only like minor bumps i have a right here and it’s like under the skin and that those are like new so still have no blackheads about to start my fourth month so this is how it

Looks like it’s may now and this is how my face looks like um after accutane and i think i have like one more month i’m really excited one or two more months i don’t really remember but i haven’t like i’ve lost some of the redness up here on my forehead and down here and my cheeks are still a little bit red but um i’ve definitely seen a lot of improvement and i’m

Really excited it’s june now and sally faces and yeah i’m pretty happy about it yeah um i really am liking the results right now um most of my redness is gone except like barely barely right here it’s like the middle of june now so i’m excited guys i’ve always say i’m excited so i had an appointment last week and the dermatologist said that i just had to finish

The pills that i still needed to take because i missed a couple days and i was like it was actually like 10 pills that i missed like in total so i just needed to finish those and then i would check back in a month and then he you tell me if everything looks okay but i still have some redness like right there but i’m about to take my last pill it’s been a few days

Since i stopped taking accutane and my face is still a little bit dry but it’s good um it’s gonna take a while for it to come out of my system i still have some of the symptoms like back pain but it isn’t as bad i’m doing my back attained i still have another tag up in six months but i’m just gonna end it here so yeah face is still a little red but i think it’s

Gonna take a while to clear up oh yeah thanks for watching and i would recommend going on accutane um just do your research first and make sure there’s you’ve tried other things before i’ve heard a cure ology is really good i’ve never tried it and i didn’t really know about it until after i started taking accutane so yeah that’s it thanks for watching and see you

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Accutane(isotretinoin) really works? By lakki marwat rangoona