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Acetaminophen – Acetaminophen Side Effects, Drug Interactions, And Natural Anti Inflammatories

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Acetaminophen and Acetaminophen Side Effects:

Acetaminophen um which is commonly known as tylenol and we’re basically talk works any side effects can come from it with the dosages are so to start with let’s talk about what a cinnamon effin actually is now the common name that you’ll see yourself as tylenol and the majority people use this for pain basically so thats by uh… a levy her by elevating the pain threshold

And what that means that is in a minute because this may be a foreign concept to you information and this is a really really important point because the brain that to lower the body’s temperature when the temperatures are so let’s talk about the pain threshold palace actually works whenever a person experiences pain that’s actually a chemical reaction now the way that your

Body is designed is that we have something called a pain and until you have enough that chemical being produced it actually gets the pain you won’t actually feel any pain or any symptoms from etsy won’t even know that if you may have in this glass of water in the top of the water being your pain yeah there’s a problem developing and you have some blows come of course being

Uh… you’re not going to feel any pain because you haven’t hit the pain so what it’s doing it’s it’s elevating your pain thresholds that you have to now like i said a minute ago though the problem with this is that a lot of um… in a couple of different circumstances number one is when you and we call that acute inflammation the second is what we call chronic the let’s

Talk about acute inflammation first because that’s ideally what we’re when you’re taking acetaminophen when you’re considering taking that uh… noite a sedative de medication is actually nothing for information but despite rushing a lot of blood to the area because bloody izla contains all of so the body’s gonna rush a lot of blood to the injured area but the problem

Is that the air is going to swell up because of this increase of and it’s going to get hot to the touch for his blood is warm and it’s going to mail with to see the medicine because it’s not affecting this is a lot of if i want to end with this medication is raising the pain threshold all you’re doing is making it more difficult for your body to know that your mind and

Think about that for a minute because this may not be the best if you’re really looking to seal the condition rather than just covered up now the recommended dosages for acetaminophen i’m not going to go over website i’m gonna give you a link to bed at the end of this video so if you’re the one thing that i want to point out though is that you should never use unless a

Physician has directed you to do so in the reason for that is because and the other one is for example in which is first virtual ocis and acetaminophen is actually processed and eliminated by your liver so if the other one is war foreign which is an aural blood thinner an anti-coagulant but basically what happens this in a minute fiddle increase you’ll develop a problem of

With blood clotting and so if you cut yourself bottom line with this you don’t wanna mix those two together and also while breastfeeding although they do say that but they do say that debt that they haven’t seen any long-term effect of you never want to treat alcohol while taking acetaminophen because this can the most common side effect of acetaminophen is liver damage and

This acetaminophen is the leading cause of drug-induced acute liver failure in the a lot of people will look at some of these medications do not think because i can get this over the counter must be safe now like i said at the beginning we’re going to approach this is though you’re and if you have an acute injury which means that you just sustained an injury biggest thing

That i can tell you uncover the most important thing now let me explain to you how you would use ice and heat the body is having blood to the area system a swell up and get hot never use frozen vegetables or ice packs reading of that nature go and put a child out or something over the skin them put it on top of that for fifteen minutes maximum or until you feel numbness in

The area whichever and most of my patients if you do this the way that i just explained the only time that this is not the case is if you have and so i scanned sometimes make them feel worse so what i want to do is to do two or three or four times in a row and see how you feel an electric heating pad that you can’t find it any drugstore usually so most the time if the price

Doesn’t operate feels worse want him to tell your sino sometimes i tend to speak a little bit faster if u bataye keep up with that information like i said i’m gonna be all of the details about bison heat that i’d just recommended for you i’ll include a link to that on the page where al send it to you after this by cleaning up all those chemicals that are causing your pain

They’re going to get rid of those chemicals that they don’t hate your pain so if you listen to some that i cannot recommend an effort to really really makes me wanna do is take something called probiotics and you can find is and that these are when they have a similar effect to the enzymes were um… help eliminate some of those chemicals are causing your pain and you

Want to take twenty thousand international units per day and that may little tiny terrible it’s it’s it’s really not allot take each day but also if you’re trying to just look at healthier lifestyle because he’s even if you’re not in pain and really makes a huge difference as far as your if you have any type of a chronic inflammatory condition like i said these all these

Things are chronic problems these related to information if u notice that that’s a problem or if you just for a surgery some things which you want to do is you want to look at these tips here first of all that’s the one thing that you want to do because share her and this is not healthy for you so limited sugars and that should be the all those things it tastes good but we

Know our commonality for us will increase the inflammatory effect within your body so we want to get rid and a has more than six grams of carbs identify women evite especially if you the final thing you want to do is to increase your fruits and vegetables but really the price of organic fruits and vegetables has gone down quite a bit this is within grasp you confine organic

Fruits vegetables a pretty much anne they’re not hard to find they’re not that much more expensive sir really if so i bought myself as product called the new triple and i have fallen in love but it has a special attention on it and but it makes the nutrients within the first nationals more accessible so but what the drink islamic every day as i i’m a cadre could have spinach

Indeed is basically put it into the cup to the comes with to put a little water if you’re in pain or if you’re experiencing a health condition that you because that’s been shown to reduce inflammation pretty quickly for people i would recommend that you drink one of those twice a day so i would just do one you’d like to actually go to that article i talk about here is the

Link and i have this point in their descriptions that you can just click on um i’ve also given you the resources so any of those things that i talked about or the ice and he’d instructions that sort of thing that you can find all that and like i said as well com i’d offer free e-book and you’ll see it’s the left well thank you so much for spending your time with me watching

This video about acetaminophen i hope

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Acetaminophen – Acetaminophen Side Effects, Drug Interactions, And Natural Anti Inflammatories By Ron Daulton