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Acne Journey on Isotretinoin (Accutane)

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Hi guys i am jupiter lane and welcome to my youtube channel this is my first vlog actually and the topic is uh i decided to create is a bit sensitive for me especially because it is one of the most difficult and challenging part in my life it’s about my acne journey what is isotretinoin isotretinoin is a drug that can help to cure mild to severe acne actually

It is a form of vitamin a most people might known know this as a katene a brand name called akutan it is a drug that you couldn’t buy over the counter you need a prescription from the dirt dermatologist and you need to undergo several tests to know if your body will fit on that medication but what does isotretinoin do it actually helps you reduce the amount

Of oil released by your oil glands on your skin what are the side effects of isotretinoin first it will worsen your acne on your first to fourth month expect that there would be purging second you will experience dry lips dry nose third it depends on how your body will react on the medication but you might experience of muscle pain and blurry version but what

Are the things that you need to avoid when you are on isotretinoin medication first don’t get pregnant that’s the first rule because this drug is very strong it might affect your baby second less intake of alcohol third because your skin is very weak you need to you need to avoid exposure in the sun because you might get easily sunburned why i decided to take

Isotretinoin i already use a lot of skin care creams even some intakes treatments lasers and everything but nothing works for me since i was in not in each day’s i have this very sensitive skin and oily skin so my face is very prone to acne and then when i move here in the uae the weather is different it’s very hot here you mean the food is different very oily

Fast food here and there so it affects my skin so it got worst then i decided to go to my dermatologist and ask them for other option aside from those creams that i have been through or i have used true and then he she said that i could take i can isotretinoin it will take me six months for this treatment but before that she asked me to undergo some tests like

Urine tests blood tests in order to for her to know if i am fit on this kind of medication when she saw that my tests are fine she prescribed me brand called aura tea on my first one ship gave me a dosage of 30 mg she prescribed also a moisturizer i bought a qv brand second she gave me a sunscreen protection lotion and the holy grail of isotretinoin treatment the

Lip balm during my first month that’s a very difficult part for me because i’ve seen the worst worst acne ever so that’s one of this effect of isotretinoin it will worsen your acne and then i have these very dry lips and of course i started to have this kind of low self-confidence because i don’t want to talk with i don’t want to socialize i don’t want people

Will ask me what happened to my face you and how did i cope up in this journey it is very important that you have a very strong support system i am grateful that i found akutan survivors facebook page in this page they really lift up people who have experiencing the same and i am glad that i found them also i found someone from uae as well she’s filipino she

Every day we are messaging each other uplifting each other saying it is okay we will get better we’ll be fine so it’s very important to have a very strong support we need to trust god everything happens for a reason we are beautiful in his eyes and he loves us unconditionally he will not give these kind of challenges to me or the only one who is having this kind

Of struggle if he knows that we could not handle it you don’t have that perfect skin i still have these scars to treat but i’m just thankful from that journey that i become a stronger woman and accept myself for who i am i love myself unconditionally thank you for watching i hope this video helped you and please like and subscribe don’t forget to follow me on

My instagram i am g beth i am gi ebe th and follow my facebook g beth ellen eczema and have a nice day bye

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Acne Journey on Isotretinoin (Accutane) By Giebeth Ellaine