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So my previous skincare routine worked for about 4months then just stopped and my skin got worse.

This was my skin last year and then i managed to get it to look like this and then you know it kind of went back to this and this and this is not this but now it’s like this again i’m gonna have to explain a few things because it wasn’t just the skincare products that helped me i also took a whole bunch of drugs so after the skincare routine carry on watching

Listen open your ears and listen okay enjoy hmm so that’s my quick and easy skincare routine it starts with the survey salicylic acid cleanser i did use this one first the foaming one i think this one i don’t know why i use this one at first but this one works just as well as this one but i guess because this has salicylic acid and i know salicylic acid

Is good for you know getting rid of dark marks once i finish this i went on to this one straight after then i use the ordinary niacinamide and i use this in the morning before i apply my survey cream the lid’s broken but um yeah so i apply this in the morning then add this straight after at night time instead of using this i use the polish choice two percent

Bha liquid exfoliant it’s very good this is basically like um you know the ordinary blood mask the red one this is basically that but this you don’t take it off so that’s the skincare out the way now to explain why i went from you know having clear skin to bad skin to having clear skin again i basically have hormone hormone i can’t say this word hormonal acne

That’s what i have so there’s i can spend one grand on the best you know skincare products out there yeah but it’s not going to clear my skin properly if i do not take care of what’s inside of me should i mean so when my skin got bad again yeah i think at that point i just hit rock bottom i was just like bro this is jarring i’m 24 why am i still getting acne

I’m not a teenager like i was so annoying so then i called my gp i was like refer me to a dermatologist i don’t care i’ll pay like bro just refer me and i was telling them bro like it’s making me depressed i literally didn’t want to see people outside because one i felt like they’re gonna see my spots and two when i go out i have to put makeup on and makeup

On acne it’s not cute it’s not i feel like it kind of shows it even more in my opinion so it was just like i i didn’t want to meet people i didn’t want to talk to people i thought that everyone just looked at my spots and then i was just like nah like get me a dermatologist so i spoke to my dermatologist and she was like yeah i’ll put you on these pills with

Me i’m very iffy about pills i’m very iffy about certain things that doctors offer like were accutane and the pill or like the implant so all of those birth control things i’m i’m against it like anything that can possibly mess up you know my chance of having kids in the future i’m so against it you know i mean oh i was telling her that i was like i don’t want

To be a wreckage i don’t want to do it and she was like okay i’ll put you on something else and she put me on trimethoprim guys she gave me eight packets of these there’s 14 in one packet she gave me eight like this is full of them when i was leaving the pharmacy i felt like a drug dealer brother this bag is so heavy like the trimethoprim is actually um and i

Didn’t realize this until my mom opened it and she was reading it she was like do you have a uti infection and i was like whoa no i don’t but this is actually meant for uti you know problems so if you have a problem down there it’s supposed to fix you but it also works for acne who would have thought when i first started she was like oh yeah you need to take one

In the morning one at night time i did that for like the first week and now i just take them both in one go and got time ain’t got time she also put me on this trekklin gel before i finish this i was just using this then the chocolate gel and then adding my cream yeah this will make your skin feel like raw meat and the doctor was like oh you should just use it

You know maybe three times a week with me i never i never listened and i never listened so you know i did i used it twice a day from the jump twice today i was using it in the morning i was using it at night the first few days my skin was having it it was like yeah yeah come come come like the second week my skin was getting irritated it was it was red or sore

Here around my mouth every single day was dry my lips were dry guys i finished like two tubs of vaseline car mix everything was finishing like my mouth was dry even sometimes when i smile it will crack like this stuff it’s not a joke follow the rules one thing i will say about these two things yeah is that your skin definitely has to get worse before it gets

Better definitely it has to get bad when my when the doctor told me that i didn’t it’s like i just let it go over my head like i didn’t think that i was just thinking bro my skin’s bad already i mean it couldn’t get any worse but boy was i wrong like i was getting acne on my forehead our insect pictures yeah i never get acne on my forehead my acne problems are

Always my cheeks and then the time of month here it’s like this one just wants to stay there forever yeah time for a month i always get spots on my chin when i was getting acne on my forehead guys what i’m telling you i didn’t know what to do i didn’t know what to do like i was thinking of getting fringe just to hide it acne on the forehead i don’t know how you

Don’t do it you know that i have acne before i don’t know how you do it see that with with my cheeks here more time it was like here or here so like when you see me face on like this yeah you don’t really see it but forehead bro like it’s just there it’s just it’s looking at you so i didn’t know how to act when i first started getting the bumps on my forehead and

They hurt and they were big and they were red and you know the skin on like your forehead is much more tired than it is here so like it always hurt 10 times more because it was tight like ah it was so uncomfortable i’m definitely this time gonna get a chemical peel if you don’t know what chemical peel is eat a bit basically your skin just peeling off like the

First few layers of your skin just peels off and then you get like babies in your skin after that that’s what i’m gonna do so i’m gonna go to harley street in london everyone is in london all the best doctors are on holly street so yeah that’s pretty much it with my new skincare routine um it’s pretty simple and i’m happy about that like i’m not putting like six

Seven products on my face like you know that’d be doing that yeah it’s i’m sure you enjoy it i’m sure you enjoy you must enjoy it because me i can’t i physically cannot enjoy putting six things on my face i can’t i just can’t for some of you guys it works for you if it works for you do it one other thing for you people that have acne like me don’t do anything

At home anything you can make in your kitchen yeah don’t put on my face don’t i’m just saying i mean you don’t have to take this some people may fight me about this because it may work for some of you a lot i’m just saying for most of you acne girls or acne boys out there yeah don’t think you can make anything in the kitchen i think it’s gonna work on your face

Just saying with our type of skin we need the scientific you know you know the resources we need the acids the tretinoids the retinols we need that that’s what we need we don’t need lemon and turmeric and um cow’s milk and egg whites i mean i wish i wish i could do that there’s people out there that would do a tumeric mask every single day for five days and their

Skin will be i’m not immaculate of them people and if you know you’re one of them people stop it don’t do it you’re wasting your time and you’re wasting food stop hopefully this helps a lot of people like the other one helped a lot of people like my other video helped a lot of people this one i really hope it helps a lot of people because i feel like i found

Something that actually can work long term inshallah make sure to thumbs up this video if it helps you i will be you know vlogging my appeal treatment so stay tuned for that make sure to subscribe so you know click the bell so you know yeah i mean you know the bags anyway all of these products here i’ll link them down in this the description and as for these

You’re gonna have to go to a doctor to get it prescribed i don’t think you can get these over counter yeah so i hope you know your skin clears up and i hope you’re not sad anymore and i hope you know we will wake up one day and and live our best life with our best skin so i mean insha allah everyone take inshallah everyone say masha allah bro you’re not watching

This if you’re not saying marshall yeah and then next week my skin gets bad i’m taking this video down bye

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