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ACNE VLOG #3 One and a half month update on Isotretinoin!

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Hello youtube and welcome to my acne update i have little butter right now so i’m not sure how far we can talk or how how long we can talk about this but i just want to give you a quick one and a half month update on rakatan is tretinoin and right now i’m eating 40 milligrams a day starting today so i’ve just taken my 4 10 milligram pills after i ate something

Because you can’t eat on an empty stomach so i have been seeing some more salt since last time i spoke maybe you can say to yourself i will insert a little close-up on my skin without makeup for you because right now i’m wearing foundation but i’ve learned this doubleday so it might have worn off a bit but yeah i have a breakout down here on my sides but a

Little bit on my forehead you see like it’s not perfect at all but it’s a lot less than it used to be and i’m really happy about that but i know that i’m supposed to see result three months into the treatment and i’m not there yet so i’m not really even being harsh on myself or anything i’m just like oh well like this whole treatment is more like your waiting

Game actually and i’m just really happy that i’m continuing to stay healthy while doing this when i went to my last dermatologist appointment she told me that i should up my dose and that’s what i’m doing so last time we talked eight twenty milligrams and then i was supposed to eat thirty milligrams for some weeks which i’ve done and now starting from today

I’m 140 milligrams and my next appointment is in maybe one month from now and love time also did a blood test and muscles were good and i’m happy about that so okay so side effects that are different is that i’m really really peeling my face especially around this area so one day it was brutal i woke up like with a white beard but it was skin and i felt so gross

It’s like i’m slow up and my boyfriend is an element waking up to this mess but that only happened once and right now i got help from a friend who also taken this medicine and she’s been recommending me these products they’re just doing wonders so that has never happened again right now i know kind of how to deal with rocketing maybe i can introduce you guys to

Those products as well maybe next video i don’t know but that’s kind of what i have been dealing with more side effects that i didn’t have before is really dry arms i usually only had like dry hands before and i will insert pictures so like those eczema’s that i got right now they’ve kind of calmed down maybe you can see like oh insert pictures and like the skin

My lace is really sensitive and the skin of my arms are really sensitive i haven’t gotten that nice dry scalp yet so i still have to watch my hair you can imaginary but not being a slob or anything but it will be really nice when i just have to wash my hair like once a week or something but one thing i noticed like at the start of the treatment was like dry scalp

But kind of to the sense where you get these so called like when you look like you have a lot of white things in your head i’m having like a brain-dead moment here and i can’t find the word for it but like and that stopped but like right now my hair is fine and everything but i had that in the beginning of the treatment but not like the dry hair thing so i’m just

Waiting for that so yeah and side-effects more i’ve been feeling a lot more tired than i did before or prior going to this treatment and also like sometimes i can feel really sad and having bad thoughts and stuff and it’s and like it look without being even explanatory and that must be the medicines poking up and like i’ve also experienced an anxiety attack and

I’m that’s something that i’ve never had to deal with before and it was really really scary and i think that the menace medication is to blame for that and it might have also been a lot of stress that i’ve been under yeah my life has been really really stressful recently so there could be like a combination of taking this harsh medication and stressing a lot and

That just it up for a second but i’m doing really good and as i said it’s really just a waiting game and i am one and a half months in so that means that i have another one and a half months until i see result if i’m gonna see result at 3 months and when i say that i mean like when my skin should be clean but not perfect but like i should have like no spots

And stuff but the whole treatment should be six months in my case but yeah so that is my little update for you guys if you want to watch my journey then please click subscribe and to get notifications when i update it’s like the little bell thing and i have an instagram directly linked to this acne blog called acne blog so follow me there if you’re interested

And i’ll see you in my next video and i love you so much thank you so much for watching bye

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ACNE VLOG #3 One and a half month update on Isotretinoin! By Fredrika Delonghi