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Acute Pain ReliefNaturally, Better than Acetaminophen!

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Taken from Terry’s Facebook Live Event, Terry discusses natural ingredients that perform as well as, and in some areas, better than Acetaminophen! This herbal combination of BCM-95® Curcumin, Boswellia, and Black Sesame Seed Oil are emulsified together to create this pain-relieving powerhouse.

Hi everyone i’m terry naturally and greetings to another one of my facebook live events and i’m all excited because i have a lot of good things to share with you well first of all i’m the host of a radio show terry talks nutrition and you can get it live or either on demand as they say that means whenever it’s convenient for you you can go to my website and i have a lot of good things to say about that because i have a really great staff they created a brand new website terry talk it’s great you’ve got to go there and check it out you can also get my brand new book i just publish it’s also on amazon you can check that out too on my website but i have a lot of great things

To talk to you about today particularly about pain and who doesn’t have pain to some degree now when you go to my website you can subscribe to my newsletter and here is a copy of last week’s newsletter it’s going to go out to other websites as well so you can get this every friday a brand new one this just not this one this is just one that went out on a week

The newsletter so you can subscribe to it get it every friday to your email address and this one is particularly very interested in because it’s on a study on how to relieve pain and the study blew me away it’s a formulation that contains three ingredients curcumin bcm-95 boswellia and black sesame seed oil this is an aerobatic formula designed in india it’s

A really effective formulation to relieve pain now we have all kinds of pain we have pain back pain headache pain joint pain all kinds of pain and people have it occasionally or they even have it long term they have chronic pain and people that have chronic pain in fact 50 million people in america live with chronic pain that means they have pain every day

Longer than three months and maybe longer than that so we’re going to find out how we can reduce pain so the study was done on another pain reliever a synthetic drug called acetaminophen otherwise known as nyquil or tylenol and about 600 other different formulations that contain acetaminophen now the study was done with the combination of the herbal combination

Curcumin dcm95 boswellia which is a resin from a tree also known as frankincen and black sesame seed oil now why is this formulation so effective because it is not just three ingredients in a soft gel capsule in fact it’s a very very easy combination to take as a formulation it’s a combination which emulsifies the ingredients so the black sesame seed oil actually

Multiplies the herbal compounds so they’re always it’s like it’s like you don’t put three or four ingredients in a bowl and make a cake you have to make a batter you have to whip it up you have to stir it up make it into a dough or a batter and that’s what the black sesame seed oil does and mix it into a batter so it’s absorbed more effectively and easier and

Very very quickly within minutes now that combination was studied against acetaminophen and you know what at the end of the study the combination of the three ingredients was just as effective as as acetaminophen now that’s really really excellent because you know acetaminophen has all kinds of side effects and let me tell you about some of the side effects

Here are some of the side effects acetaminophen is the leading cause of acute failure liver failure in the united states more more damage is done to the liver more liver transplants transplants are due to the result of acetaminophen actually it accounts for more than a hundred thousand calls to the poison control centers this is over-the-counter medication that

People buy thinking that hey this is not too serious it’s not a prescription so it can’t be very bad for me so they take large quantities you can go and buy bottles and bottles but take handfuls if everyone but even these bad side effects are due to only the suggested dosage on the label here we have 50 million people who have chronic pain and taking a lot of

Acetaminophen they don’t realize how much they take they overdose because they still have pain and it’s 635 billion dollars of cost of pain in the united states so this product combination formulation that was developed in india that will probably soon i’m sure will come into the united states but this is a great combination that is as effective as acetaminophen

And without the side effects there are no side effects there are no adverse events it’s a very very safe and non-toxic formulation oh maybe somebody will say well i mean my stomach queasy or i you know i didn’t feel well after it but that happens with all kinds of foods so it’s a very safe very effective fast acting and sometimes within minutes according to the

Study within minutes they could feel the effect so it’s very safe very effective non-toxic no side effects and this is what you’re looking for when you want to take a medication you want to make sure that you don’t have side effects that can also be another reason for more drugs being prescribed for the side effects of the first drug so this makes it safe for

You to take and then you you don’t have to worry about is it going to cause any complications any side effects so this is a very easy combination of shape because acetaminophen has all kinds of side effects as i mentioned before acute liver failure not worth it 16 000 people die just from taking the suggested dosage of acetaminophen and there are hundreds

Of formulations out there that use this medication so when you’re thinking about pain what kind of pain all kinds of pain doesn’t make any difference if you’ve got pain this might be the solution for you whether or not you’re struggling with back pain or maybe maybe just occasional pain pain you know you might not be doing anything for a week or a month or

Even you know just you’re at your job every day you’re sitting in front of a computer you’re not doing anything strenuous then on the weekend hey i’m going to go out and play touch football with my kids and the next morning you can hardly get out of bed or you went down in the basement to clean up all the clutter and the next day you can hardly get out of bed

Because hey you haven’t used your muscles you haven’t used your body in weeks and now all of a sudden you’re starting lifting things that are too heavy and you’re not doing it correctly you know you’re supposed to lift with your legs not your back and so many people put so much pressure on the back and they don’t lift correctly and then you’ve got people that are

Going to go up into the attic and straight up the attic we just put too much stress in our body and other people too they have occupations they have shoulder injuries they have knee injuries all these conditions can be effectively treated with this combination of curcumin boswellia and the black sesame seed oil this is the great combination to give you the best

Results equally as good results with acetaminophen now something else when you have pain you’re not very happy you’re emotionally spent you’re tired you’re exhausted you don’t feel well you’ve seen this before if you bump into somebody in a store or something and they may like bite your head off you have to realize maybe they’re in pain they’re not happy you’re

In a bad mood i don’t blame them pain is a killer emotionally and physically so they did a study to determine that this combination of curcumin in boswellia and black sesame seed oil was eight times more effective than acetaminophen for reducing what they call the emotional side effects which is tiredness fearfulness exhausted and sick you’re just emotionally

Spent when you’re struggling with chronic pain you can’t good you’re not going to be at your best there’s no question you’re not going to be at your best so this is a way to have a eight times better effect reducing the emotional effects of pain than acetaminophen and reduce the pain it’s a it’s a no-brainer you’ve got a two-in-one better result than you do with

Acetaminophen this is the best way to go so if you want more information like this go to my website i’ll send you a newsletter every friday on some new aspect of health because every day we learn something new every week we learn something new and as we put that all together because you can change your life no matter what part of life you’re in no matter how old

You are no matter how young you are no matter how much pressure you have put on your body already i can’t believe how forgiving the body is we may spend decades abusing our body and sometimes within 8 to 12 weeks with the right diet the right exercise the right program the right sleep and doing all the right things including like natural pain relieving products

Like this combination and we can be back in a much much better degree of health than we’ve ever been you can get better as you get older and that’s the nicest thing about the body recovering the body is very forgiving for all the abuse that we give to our body so with that and also go to my website for the radio show every saturday and sunday you can listen live

No matter where you are around the world we live stream it to the website and you can follow some of the radio shows on the archive section by just doing it whenever you have convenient time and also you can read all of our newsletters that we have archived there as well so think about pain pain does not have to be a condition that wipes you out that tires you

That exhausts you that emotionally spends your body you can be healthier and happier and free with an herbal combination of curcumin bcm 95 black sesame seed oil and boswellia all three ingredients work synergistically to make you a pain-free body to have a pain-free body and that’s what you’re looking for so that my friends i’m going to say goodbye for now but

Remember you are the only one responsible for your health you’re the only one that can change your life to change your health doctors don’t doctors don’t have more than a day of education on healthy nutrition drugs don’t create health they may be important and they may save some lives but they’re not health promoting or health producing nutrition food you and

I can make choices every day that determines our health 98 of all our diseases are not really diseases they’re just metabolic disorders that we can change on a daily basis over days weeks and months we can change your lives dramatically you don’t have to live the way you are so that my friends i’m going to say god bless you and god bless america

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Acute Pain Relief–Naturally, Better than Acetaminophen! By Terry Talks Nutrition by Terry Lemerond