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Adalimumab | Plaque Psoriasis | Testimonial | Mumbai

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My name is gorakhnath i am from mumbai to start off and to tell off about my psoriasis it was way back in 1996 this started as only on the scalp i was referred doctor for a dermatologist to understand if it’s a skin problem so that’s when the doctor told me gentlemen this is psoriasis i just said it’s only on the scalp and no it can come out on other parts of your

Body too then he started giving me only local applications that is for kim ointments and although other things after two years of going through that and then i said i need to have some other solution i went to take second or third opinions without a doctor there was no clear answer to any of my queries it was year 2000 by the time they started putting me on some

Tablets which were at times studied or acting very funny on you like you felt dizzy you felt very drowsy this went on for another year that was almost i mean i was 8 to 9 years already into having this problem unknown to find the solution kind of thing i visited many doctors somebody said hello but he is not going to help you out i went on to ayurvedic ayurvedic made

Me stop my nan which i am a non vegetarian i said ok ok i started having vegetarian food diabetic medicines then homeopathy everybody said yes and look at these not a solution our ayurvedic is not working on you go for homeopathy homeopathy went on for on 2 to 3 years again there are many restrictions on my lifestyle of eating or i had to do a lot of adjustments

Even when you’re doing homeopathy i did all that but no i came to a dead end i mean on other people it might be working but for me it was not helping at all but this year early this year i had a very very severe attack of psoriasis which starts in flaming and comes over all over your scalp and it just it just came and rapidly or say 15 days to around a month it

Got so worse that i had never had it so bad in the last 20 years all my 19 years like lames starting her from 1996 and i again which rushed back to doctor saying that it’s never happened like this to me that is when he told me about exemption well that’s the best part of it they’re making these injections here in india he asked me when he already i said i am ready

To her i mean now at present well the first doses that i took as i said had the condition which i was on was very very worse i had spots or all over my body where it was blood oozing and all those fun in the matter of eight to ten days first of all those eruptions or whatever that you can call it how we can term it they stopped completely to whole thing to heal it

Took around a month but that was in the month of march and today is like september i had to take only two injections once after that it was a injection every 15 to 20 days before it was like you talking about using creams lotions you are talking about moisturizers yeah you’re talking about orally taking pills which were there like all throughout the day everything

Stays away and this is just one injection which you have to take sub catania slee and that does all the magic that has to be done and it’s very very very effective at least on me i am there for you all to see i mean it’s and there is nothing to hide about it that’s about it you

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Adalimumab | Plaque Psoriasis | Testimonial | Mumbai By Exemptia Care