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Loxapine, psychiatry, agitation, bipolar disorder, F 20x, DSM V

But afternoon about my experience with attitude yes it is i treated myself more than 100 patients with additive and my team treated many other people and the most remarkable thing is is that we did not report any adverse effect which is very important in medicine to have a safe treatment when i talk about additive and don’t talk about just no device or remove i

Took about no way to a ministry on medicine because this is brand-new this is the first time we have advised it can regis dr cell the left heart and the brain that’s why it’s so fast and we don’t know we don’t have to leave with all pathways that we used to so for me it’s revolutionary force for psychiatry and for the whole medical practice i’m sure that in many

Years this way will be used in many other molecules quite so fast because in 200 milliseconds you can reach the whole process and in less than 2 minutes or 2 minutes you can really treat the agitation las venus antipsychotic and so for me for my colleagues we consider that any patient candidate to be treated with mounted psychotic as candidate for additive so this

Is a new remarkable shipment well the results the results are really pretty good because additive generated two situations the very first one is that the speeder data surprised not only the patient the health care professionals were surprised because of its speed and second is dead patient started to generate an extremely very good feedback with the healthcare

Professionals so it was a very first time that patients as for just this way of treatment this way of treatment considered the patient as a human being that can decide and can be listened so this is a great achievement in psychiatry my opinion about attitude is that it’s not only in a way of treatment for psychiatry it’s an oil treatment for the whole medicine

Because agitation is not property of psychiatry it’s property of the whole medicine so really combines that in a couple years we’ll have this way of treatment in many other molecules so i think and i do hope that many other colleagues can share this experience how do i see the future of odyssey of hospital well they are today many doctors medical doctors indicate

Odyssey of for agitation but only in psychiatry it is indicated in many other situations general practitioners are educating additive even cardiologist to treat agitation in a responsible way in in non aggressive way so there today i see increase in use so i think the very prosperous way to use this kind of brand new way to administrate the medication well home

Use some years is amazing i mean the most important and interesting place to use satis you can avoid many many many many situations that could save many lives and even relative people that is taking care of the patient so for me is the most interesting and important place to be used in argentina we have a mental health law that let the family and the patient decide

If they want to be in a hospital to be treated in the mental health hospital to be treated or at home if they decide is if the patientís sites to be at home or a family decide to be at home okay we have to indicate many other medication and about health care at home so in that at home use decided by the patient we can indicate and we do indicate attis here at home

It was allowed but by our testers in argentina we absolutely use i receive in ambulances that they can get faster than we in any agitation situation so it’s very recommendable for ambulances and i hope soon many patients can have that possibility as a recommendation we suggest an important way to to like bronchospasm but just as a safety method but not a symmetry

That we do because we didn’t have any bronchospasm our situation any any adverse effect was reported in two years treating people with additive in my country thank you

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ADASUVE By Gabriel Gonzalez