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Adderall and Exercise || Is it Safe?

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Why some people are using Adderall for exercise. Is it Safe to use Adderall before a Workout?

Can never get the angle just right for trying to convey how huge and jacked i am on youtube angle there no angle there shoulders up shoulders back what’s going on you guys welcome to cj baker fitness today we’re going to talk about adderall and how it’s being used in exercise so this video is based on my experience with adderall and i’m not a doctor so it’s very

Important that you talk to your doctor about this adderall is a stimulant it’s a class 2 drug it is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine and it’s used to treat add adhd and narcolepsy however a lot of people are using adderall as a pre-workout stimulant to boost their energy and focus for the purpose of exercise and working out and so is this a

Good idea or not so first off it’s illegal to take adderall for the sole purpose of exercise that’s a class two drug so adderall will actually constrict your arteries so it’s gonna be a lot harder for you to get those pumps in the gym so when you’re used to you know pumping up your biceps and getting that great rush of blood flow it’s gonna be harder for you to

Do that while you’re on adderall now one of the main drawbacks of using adderall as a pre-workout stimulant is that it makes you super focused um almost to the point where it’s detrimental to your workout because let’s say you’re getting ready to go to the gym right you just popped an adderall and now you’re super focused you have a lot of energy well it’s not

Necessarily going to make you focused on working out maybe the focus shifts to cleaning your car and so now you spend the next hour cleaning your car so it’s meticulously clean you take it to the car wash you wax it it is immaculate all right and then before you know it your little adderall high wore off and you’ve got an exceptionally clean car and no workout

The other drawback with adderall is it’s gonna make you sweat a lot okay i mean a lot you’re gonna be sweating from your butt you’re gonna be sweating from your armpits the other thing adderall does is it makes you have to go number two a lot okay so you pop that adderall 30 45 minutes before you go to the gym you get to the gym parking lot and you’re like oh

Crap i have to take a dump and then you have to drive all the way back home you take your dump you drive back to the gym and then the adderall is war it’s worn off now will it give you more energy yes will it almost act as like a pre-workout stimulant yes but just as with the pre-workout stimulants it will become less effective over time as you take it so let’s

Say you start with five milligrams you get that rush of energy you have a great workout well after two weeks of doing that your body starts becoming used to it so you’re gonna bump it up 10 milligrams then your body becomes used to that you bump it up 15 you bump it up 20. you bump it up some more and before you know it you’re taking an extreme amount of adderall

Just to get a little bit of energy for the gin and then we have our health concerns with adderall adderall can increase your blood pressure it can increase your heart rate and it can cause cardiovascular problems especially with long-term use and abuse now in my experience if i take adderall before i go to the gym sometimes i’ll notice that i’ll start developing

Like a tension headache i’ll get stiffness in my traps up the scalenes and it can sit sort of in the head and become a full-blown headache adderall can also dehydrate you give you dry mouth so i mean it’s a serious medication so to to be taking a serious medication a class two substance for the sole purpose of working out i don’t think is necessary now i take

It for add i take adderall throughout the day for add regardless of whether i go to the gym or not and so if you’re in the same position as me what i find most useful is to work out in the evening because if you’re taking adderall during the day you can have problems trying to get to sleep at night so when you’re the adderall is wearing off and you’re kind of

Getting a little bit irritated you’re kind of crashing a little bit work out during that time don’t take the adderall to work out work out during that crash period because that will help you get to sleep and it will work out the stress it will work out any of that irritability that comes with the down effect of the adderall okay thank you guys for watching make

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Adderall and Exercise || Is it Safe? By CJ Baker