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It’s January 1st 2009 and Tellman Knudson explains to “7” about list-building, ADHD and magic tricks. Got questions? Tellman has answers.

Hey good morning it’s tellin knutson it’s 2009 january 1st 2009 and this is you are dear tellman for the day my new year’s resolution is to get better about doing my dear telman videos every day so i’m gonna try to do a dear talman everyday for the next 365 days and we’re gonna see how that goes now we got a really good deer talon question here in today but before

I read it to you and give you the answer i’d like to show you something kind of cool see without skid my eye i grew up in world town and field new hampshire and when i was a kid my dad took me to magic lessons with i i’m assuming i can’t quite remember but i’m assuming because i really wanted to learn magic and there was a local magician that you know went to

Restaurants and that kind of stuff and he did thing and key in the meantime did magic lessons out of his home and i remember being in these magic lessons i went there with my dad and and he showed us different techniques and tricks to you know it was just kind of cool stuff and and and do magic tricks and i was just amazed by the stuff it always really intrigued me

And i know a lot of times internet marketing and making money online especially in our you know in the troubled economy that we have right now and everything else can seem like magic can seem almost unbelievable and at times people can make claims that seem impossible they seem almost too good to believe and i i completely understand if you’ve ever felt skeptical

Or felt that way before i know i have and when i realized is that internet marketing and making money online it really is a lot like magic now i don’t know whether you’re the kind of person that believes in just sleight of hand magic or whether you believe in you know a deeper spiritual you know metaphysical type magic where there are actually mystical things going

On in the world that we can’t see both whatever the case is whether to whatever degree you believe in magic i would suggest the internet marketing very much is magic and you learn how the magic works you can manipulate it in an amazing way and so i’d like to show you this little magic trick actually i went and learned a bunch of very simple magic tricks for dear

Telman that i think you’re gonna like and this is the first one that whoever asked the best dear telman question in response to today’s video is going be i’m gonna i’m gonna send them on this this particular trick with instructions on how to do it i think you’re gonna enjoy it so as you can see here on my desk i have a i have a dime and the dimes on this little

Plastic cup and you know it’s gonna be hard for you to verify my magic ever it’s a little plastic cup and this is a rubber band here and this is actually a sheet of rubber that i have placed on top of the rubber band and i’ve never performed this trick this is the first time that i’ve actually done it so hopefully it will work well i know it’s a little out of focus

For you hopefully we’ll get in better focus let me see there’s strike rubbing off look better for you now anyway what we’re gonna do is is on the count of three i’m going to push this dime right through this sheet of rubber and you will see that it is just wham it just goes right through without without any problems whatsoever there’s my finger one two three and

There it goes went right through you can see that that there’s no no no tears no holes no nothing and sure enough the diamond is now in the bottom of that plastic cup where it was not before now that’s the magic trick whoever is the best response to today’s dear talman video is going and and asks the best question so we can keep the awesome dear tellin questions

Flowing is going to get that for the day now here’s the deal it says hey t hey it says i need to make my sites happier argh i have the opt-in lists and they grow pretty well i have the free stuff that visitors rave about how often should i email them without them feeling pushed around or being sold to oh here’s one should i make them opt-in to get freebies give

Me the one thing i can do to crank up my customers and sales also does it help or hinder creativity and marketing for people with adhd to take these meds i don’t know if you have adhd personally but you may know something about this you know you’re kind of surrounded by eccentric marketers that may have a common ground here god loves you tell minh you’re doing a

Great thing here bro best 7 well hey thanks to the great note 7 i do have attention deficit disorder i was diagnosed when i was a kid and some of the best internet marketers that i know our diagnosed with attention deficit as well or exhibit so many adv tendencies that they really should be diagnosed with it and let me just see how much time i have here okay yeah

I still have four four and a half minutes so here’s the rundown seven number one is you should always always always have people opt-in to your list in order to get free stuff your number one goal is to build your list as big as you can so what’s the number one thing that you can do to get more sales and more customers well number one is all of your traffic driving

Efforts should always unquestionably drive people to a squeeze page if they’re not already on your list makes sense right the more people on your list every time you email them the more money you’ll make it’s very simple math the second piece is that you know when you send your list to a sales letter if you’re not at least doing a headline split test you’re just

Killing your sales you see i always want to do a headline split test on everything that you’re on everything you’re doing if you’re selling your own products and i recommend that you email your in list every single day with something good to say with something useful and interesting and engaging and with an offer in it when i started doing that my sales just

Went through the roof we teach you a lot about this in the list building club but we’re actually going to be giving away a ferrari to one of our list building club members and my recommendation to you is that you find out about that because we’re going to be doing this very cool thing what’s giving away our ferrari 360 spider that we won and we’re gonna be giving

That away to someone who becomes the spokesmodel or the spokesperson for the list building club and you’re going to be learning about that all over the next few days at wwl is building club comm you can opt-in for free and we’re gonna be announcing some big cool stuff here in the next few days so list building club comm after you opt-in it’ll take you to the blog

Make sure you make a comment there as well and watch the videos that we’re releasing and check it out i think you’ll get a lot out of it the main rule of thumb is follow the the rules in the list building club exactly and and we’re going to be rolling that out in a big big way with some really cool stuff here in the next few days so keep an eye open for that list

Building club comm i think you’re gonna love it seven thanks for the great question and my personal opinion is that most people who take a bd meds shut off the creativity switch in their brain i personally don’t recommend a dd meds but i’m not a doctor don’t listen to me make up your own mind i know that i don’t take medication and i get more done in a day than

You know ten normal people so a dd is my secret weapon alright talk to you soon this is tillman go ahead and click on the link below leave a comment and you can also click on this video and go to youtube and leave a video response if you know how to do that video responses are by far the best way to get my attention by leaving a video response to this video just

Just go to youtube and click on video responses and leave a video response you’ll figure it out talk to you soon bye bye

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