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Adderall vs. Adderall XR Differences! My Experience

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I have taken Adderall and Adderall XR both are essentially the same meds but had different effects on me and this is my experience with both of the meds.

What is the difference between adderall and adderall xr so there are different types of adderall out there there’s adderall and then there’s adderall xr there’s a difference between the two i take adderall i don’t take adderall xr and here was my experience with both of them and why i ended up going with adderall over adderall xr both are adhd meds both are amazing

Both are still adderall so it’s the same still chemical ingredients but they affect your system a little bit differently i ended up just going with normal adderall and i tried xr it had some effects to me that weren’t what i was looking for it actually made it a little difficult to manage my adhd and that’s part of trial and error when it comes to meds is finding

Out what works for you so here’s my experience if you’re new to the channel hit the like and subscribe button what’s up guys my name is eric and i’m diagnosed with adhd ptsd gad and mdd those are my diagnosis level one autism i lost a wife and a father to suicide i’m a recovering cocaine alcoholic addict i like to share everything that i’ve been through just to

Help somebody feel a little bit less alone one of the things i’ve had a lot of people always reach out to me on is adhd mats i’m very very open about adhd i love being adhd it’s one of the diagnoses that i would never trade if i could now this is adderall these right here are actually 20 milligram adderall pills and there’s a big difference between adderall xr and

Adderall one of the biggest differences is how they look so avarol xr comes in a capsule form and you see the little pellets inside i’ve done videos about snorting adderall you’re not going to snort adderall xr but now adderall itself comes in a pill form and yes i’ve snorted these before did i ever abuse them in that sense to a point but this is my adhd med this

Is actually what gets me through the day when i ended up getting sober off of coke and off of alcohol and decided i didn’t have to put stuff up my nose made it a lot easier to manage so adderall itself and why i went with adderall is it enters my it enters my system differently than what xr did when i take adderall i take 10 milligrams in the morning i take it

Right around 7 30 8 o’clock in the morning right by about 8 30 8 45 it’s into my system i can feel it working and i’m off to the day when i took adderall xr it actually took a lot longer for it to hit my system i feel that after i take adderall i can feel this in my system roughly i would say about 15 20 minutes max i start feeling it in my system with adderall xr

I almost felt like i didn’t feel it in my system for almost almost an hour and that’s how meds affect us differently now adderall and adderall xr are the same but one is an extended release with that extended release it hit my system a lot later i knew how to manage adderall adderall i take 10 milligrams in the morning i take 10 milligrams in the afternoon i take

20 milligrams of adderall that’s all i end up taking with adderall xr i could not get the time frames down and also how my days worked when you’re taking medication it’s supposed to make your days easier not harder adderall xr actually made them harder because when adderall xr started to exit out of my system it was too late in the day when i take it at right

Around noon for my 10 uh my 10 milligram dose right at noon it gets out of my system i can feel it leaving my system right around five six o’clock i can feel it leaving my system you can feel the dopamine drop you can feel the mood change there’s a difference you can feel it when adderall is leaving your system with adderall xr it didn’t leave my system until

Eight nine o’clock at night and that to me was a problem one of the side effects of adderall is challenge sleeping well it’s never been a challenge for me to sleep with adderall because it calmed me down where i felt in control of everything and i wasn’t overwhelmed with thoughts that i could sleep but the one thing it did is it does throw off my appetite so i

Ended up missing more meals and i stayed focused longer and i wasn’t able to quite unwind like i need to to finish off my day i found myself staying up later i found myself doing more projects i found myself being more productive but i wasn’t being productive in the sense that i needed to i was my job starts at 8 30 in the morning when i’m not on my game at 8 30

In the morning and this meds not kicking in until about 9 30 my day has already started and it threw off my whole day my anxiety level went up a little bit i always felt like i was a little bit behind when i got onto the adderall it was hard for me to almost get that initial focus down of what do i work on because of that extended release on it and that is why i

Went back to the meds it was nothing of how the met itself affected me it was when it hit me when the men actually got into my system and did what it was supposed to do supposed to calm these thoughts supposed to calm the squirrels get me focused in make me feel productive and get me just going where i felt like a normal human being my day had already began and

Now i feel like i’m playing catch up now i’m stressed out and it made me feel to the point where it was a med that almost wasn’t working i got very frustrated very easily because i’m going this isn’t how my day is supposed to go so it brought on a lot of unneeded stress taking the second dose of it it’s now carrying me through too late that i noticed when i was

Getting home i was getting home later from work i wasn’t getting home on time when i got home from work i was starting other projects i wasn’t spending time with my family like i should have i wasn’t ended i wasn’t like unwinding where we we have that wind down time and it’s like okay time for bed i like to try and be in bed right around 10 30 and at 10 30 i was

Doing projects i’m getting into bed at midnight now and now all of a sudden i’m not working out like i was there was so much of my day in my routine because i’m very routine oriented that it threw so much of it off that i became very frustrated became very angry just it wasn’t working for me and that’s something that people don’t realize with with that alone it

Was hard to explain almost to my psychiatrist that hey this this helps but i’m not being productive in the sense that i was and i feel that it’s not helping me and it’s hurting me but i like how the adderall helps me because unlike ritalin it doesn’t drop me as quick so trying to explain that to a doctor you have to find the right doctor that understands how

Trial and error is even though on medications the same medication how it’s released into your system and how it’s released differently into your system is different for everybody and that’s why it’s so important to do trial and error that’s why it’s so important to communicate with your doctor of how you feel how the meds are affecting you because not all meds

Are bad and we get this whole thing in our head that we’re not normal in that we need meds and then if the med doesn’t work we toss it aside we don’t tell anybody we lie to our doctor we pretend that everything’s okay and it’s not don’t be afraid to tell your doctor i mean this was a weird conversation to have with my psychiatrist of like hey i want to go back

To adderall i don’t want to do the xr version but when you do that you have to be able to explain how it made you feel what you felt why you want to go back so that they understand how that medicine was was affecting you the pros and cons to it and then even then maybe trying a different met or a different trial and error to see if something else will work and we

Sometimes lose track of that you know we we look at our doctors sometimes is they’re not listening to us but sometimes we’re not giving the right information to be able to listen to and again communication with your therapist is everything so remember that when you are working with your doctor and when you’re taking meds even though a med might simply be the same

Med it will affect you differently we’re all different so remember that when you hear somebody sharing about a med that really works for me it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean that the meds any bad it just means that your body is different than theirs and it affects you different than the med affected them and again i’m a huge fan of trial and error i know it’s

Easier said than done because let’s face it like trial and error with ssris for me were was difficult i mean it made me suicidal so you have to be careful with those medications and again that’s where it comes back to communication with your therapist adderall itself in the pill form is the best for me it’s not capsules at all they’re pills i break them in half

This is how i do a 10 milligram off a 20 milligram pill 10 in the morning 10 in the afternoon and that’s what worked for me and it took me a long time to realize it took me a long time to realize that this was the combination that worked i went up in the dosage i went down in the dosage 10 and 10 is perfect and if your body does start to change and you start to

Feel that the meds don’t work the same anymore let your doctor know because you know what it might be time to change it up there are have been points where i thought of myself maybe i want to try valley vans maybe i want to try something else because maybe i’m not getting the most out of adderall the side effects of it are always going to be that dry mouth that’s

What i’ve experienced the loss of appetite those were the big ones that i noticed and it was like you know what those are okay i do pee a lot because i end up drinking a lot of water because i have dry mouth but those side effects i’m fine with i can work around with and what it does for me in my life is so much easier than not having mets at all or even starting

Over and trying to go through all the different meds again so just remember that i mean don’t feel alone that’s my experience both meds work the same for me just the time difference with them is what actually led me back to going to the regular adderall not the adderall xr that was the biggest thing other of how it calmed me down how my thought process worked how

I felt the side effects were the same everything was the same but when it got out of my system was different and that’s what made it more challenging for me and that’s what made me lean back to the regular adderall i’d love to hear your comments comment down below hit that like and subscribe button it’s just about sharing experiences so that none of us go alone in

Life and especially when it comes to medication we do research on meds because we’re scared let’s face it we’re scared we’ll feel alone we feel that no one’s gonna understand this is my experience not super exciting but there was a big enough difference that i went back to the pill form and not the capsule form so hopefully this helps somebody comment down below

Hit that like and subscribe button i’d love to have you along for the journey just remember this no matter what you’re going through you got this that you matter so don’t give up

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Adderall vs. Adderall XR Differences! My Experience By Eric B Zink