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Adderall vs Modafinil

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I’m a raw versus modafinil and the treatment of adhd now people have been asking me to do this comparison for a long time now and i’ve hesitated to do it because the comparison is there is no comparison adderall or amphetamine has been around for over a hundred years and it’s very very well studied it has a long history of showing time and time again to be very

Effective and well-tolerated purpose at least in the short term i’m a daffodil on the other hand all the studies indicate the exact opposite that is very ineffective in the treatment of adhd there have been several clinical trials that have done two in adults one of which i’ll show you the most recent one where it was shown that modafinil at varying doses going

From 200 300 400 and 500 milligrams per day versus placebo none of those strengths per day over a nine week period could be placebo in the effects of adhd the most recent clinical trial took several different strengths of modafinil compared to placebo and its ability to lower the symptoms of adhd it took modafinil that 255 milligrams a day 340 425 and 510 versus

Placebo and if you look at the results here versus placebo you’ll see that none of these were able to achieve a statistically significant difference to placebo in fact placebo came in second place out of all of them and yet you’ll hear people on the internet all these jokesters talking about how they popped 100 milligrams of midazolam then they turned into bradley

Cooper which is a total joke and that’s what this data shows it’s just totally ridiculous what these people claim if you look up on clinical pharmacology the first thing which is a very respectable site that most pharmacists use if you go to cvs if you go to any pharmacist they’re gonna use clinical pharmacology and the first word it says about modafinil and adhd it

Is not recommended and it proceeds to cite the exact clinical trials that i just presented to you another myth about modafinil is that it has little to no side effects in comparison to adderall which is absolutely 100% false just looking at the same study the dropout rate of this study in a was 46% so almost half of the people did not even complete the study and

The majority of people who drop down the study cited side-effects and adverse reactions as the reason that they dropped out 50% and if you compare it to other drugs like amphetamine like methylphenidate the dropout rates of those studies will be about 9% 10% somewhere around there so you compare 10% to almost half and that is an enormous gap of dropout so you can

Even compare it to something that is a second-line treatment like strattera strattera and the dropout rates of those trials was about 25 percent so 25 percent to about 40 ish 50 percent is a huge as a tremendous difference between those two and the side effect profiles of modafinil in an era are very the same increase hartree insomnia loss of appetite nervousness

But a lot of people will actually report more side effects in modafinil especially if they’re trying to take it at doses to achieve something like a reduction in attention deficit disorder the reason that fewer people cite side effects in narcolepsy and people who take it for ms fatigue and things like that is because those people already have a lot of problems so

Someone who already feels just tired and sick and not well all the time thus those type of side effects are less noticeable then and someone who is otherwise completely healthy and also what i would like to reiterate here is that i’m not criticising the drug er the people who use the drug but ethanol is a great drug it helps a huge number of people a lot it makes

People’s lives livable again when it’s used for its intended purpose when it’s not used for its intended purpose it’s not that great it’s just like this book right if someone were to come up and tell me that this book paradise lost was an instruction manual on how to fly an airplane obviously i’m going to prove otherwise but i don’t intend to criticize the book

When the book is used for its intended purpose as a literary device it’s excellent right so that is my point with these drugs and what i say when i talk about modafinil in this sort of context i don’t mean that it is a that drug or that you shouldn’t take it at all what i mean is that the evidence is not there for what people out there are saying and people are

Using the drug and not getting the results that they want and ultimately that’s what i want is people to get results that they want and this what the evidence shows at least of right now is that you’re not going to get the results that your one statistic lee speaking if you take modafinil for attention deficit disorder what you simply get can’t get past is what

The studies show is that it is not effective or very limited ly effective and only certain subgroups of people right but on a grand scale it simply just does not live up to something like adderall it doesn’t live up to a first-line treatment like adderall it doesn’t live up to a second-line treatment like strattera it doesn’t even live up to a third or fourth line

Treatment which is why it says in the clinical pharmacology site and in other places of repute that is simply not recommended to take so i hope you found this helpful if you have any other questions let me know otherwise i’ll see you next time

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Adderall vs Modafinil By Sons of Apollo