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Adderall Withdrawal – Side Effects

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Hello everyone! I am getting a little more personal in this video. You may hear the discomfort in my voice. I am here to share some side effect from Adderall Withdrawal in hopes to help you get through any discomfort. Know that you will get through this. Take care

Hi everybody thanks so much for coming back and watching another one of these videos on my channel tonight okay so today i’m gonna get a little bit deeper into my personal drug of choice well it started off as something different you know i started off when i was in school and college it was cocaine and when i got to a job i of course when i got a little older and i

Got into the real world and i started a job they would do random drug testing and so then i started on adderall and adderall is definitely a drug it really was a big part of my life for over ten years and you know of course it started off first with going to doctors with a tv problems and spiraling out of control to not being able to function without it and it did

Absolutely take me coding to it absolutely took me going to rehab to get a grip off of to be able to get off of the adderall for everyday just regular functioning so today i want to go through three things that you will definitely be feeling from a scientist i affect a withdraw side effect coming off of adderall and i’m sharing these with you because i want you to

Know that it is a side effect this is something that you will get past and you will feel better but you’re definitely gonna go through these things and the feelings are very intense so the first thing the first side effect is that you’re gonna feel very tired not just tired like a logically tired i remember i couldn’t even make it driving in a car as a passenger

Like a 15 mile drive with falling asleep i would sleep and sleep and sleep and while i was sleeping i had really crazy dreams so it wasn’t really like i was ever getting a good sleep i was constantly going my brain was constantly going in my sleep when i woke up it was like shut off so it’s kind of like your body starts playing these tricks on you your mind starts

Playing these tricks on you so this tiredness is definitely something that you will feel i’ve tried every single vitamin for adrenaline you know caffeine everything will work all you need is time time for your body to heal one thing that had helped me was exercise i’m not heavy exercise light exercise every morning i wake up and i do yoga it really helps me get my

Brain focused even three years later i’m not nearly as tired as i used to be right i used to be whoo-hoo really really really lethargic but you know it still helps to get my brain going and feeling more focused because you know i was always so used to having my adderall and i still used to say my adderall cuz that’s how i used to refer to it as my adderall but i

Was always so used to having the adderall to get me up and going and ready to go and when you take that out of the equation out of your life out of my life i would be looking for other things to get me awake and i found that doing yoga in the morning helps so for some people it could be walking for some people it could be jogging i would sincerely i sincerely ask

That you try doing some kind of exercise light exercise in the morning to get yourself going okay the second is going i’m reading my notes up here it’s gonna be you’re gonna be unmotivated completely unmotivated to do things and this is super frustrating with somebody that was once on a draw who would be able to do almost anything you feel like you’re invincible

And you could focus on anything get things done so you’re gonna feel really unmotivated and i was i made it motivated for makeup to shower up to do anything i didn’t feel like doing anything i’m telling you this not to scare you once again but i’m telling you this to let you know that this all pass it’s all gone now i’m back to who i was before with my motivated

Self able to put makeup on and feel good and take showers and you know do all those things but it’s almost like your mind is so scattered that it you can’t come part you can’t put things in order so you may as well just lay down and just take a rest and then all day long it felt like that and it does go away the last thing that i wanted to talk about is weight gain

I’m being a lot of weight coming off of the adderall and i’ve heard that this is something that a lot of people struggle with with adderall i don’t know why besides the fact that i was eating a lot more you know maybe when i was on at all i didn’t want to eat it’s very much very much a stimulant and it cuts your appetite and i struggle to ask did i gain weight

Because i was just so out of control and not knowing how to diet regularly as a regular person or did if i did i gained so much weight because i was looking for food to help me get up like wake up like coffee or sugar or anything to help me kind of like focus i’m not quite sure which one it was or if it was a little bit of both but that the weight gain was real

I think i gained of 30 pounds maybe it was pretty crazy which really does not help at all when you’re trying to get yourself feeling better to gain all that weight what did i do i cut sugar out of my diet i started exercising and i started to realize that i’m not gonna be this weight for the rest of my life i knew the weight that i was i’m so not where i used to

Be and i don’t think i want to be where i used to be i’m happy with where i am now knowing that in time i will get more and more healthy and you know with adderall you could technically start taking it and lose weight significant weight really really fast so in life i think oh i can go on a diet and lose weight really well it’s not really like that your body gets

Used to being your body and you i got used to working with my body and realizing what food works with it what foods don’t and how to make myself feel better without the sugar and the caffeine but cutting sugar out of my life was a huge huge impact i was really eating a lot of sugar and i think it was for the energy so if you’re just now starting to think about

Getting off adderall i would really really advise you to maybe go and talk to somebody talk to a therapist you can really get far with that because these feelings that you’re feeling or you will be feeling are definitely side effects they will go away in time and you’ve got to remember for this please put this in your head because it is such a distraction and it

Will totally make you want to go back to where you were before because in your mind you’ll be thinking oh well we’re not seeking out at all i could do this what i was taking how are all i could do that and now i can’t do anything yeah well you might have to take a break from your from all the responsibilities that you’ve put on on your plate and cut yourself some

Slack and maybe going to talk to a therapist or talk to somebody about this will help you prioritize what you need to do and what is just kind of like fluff in your life so in time you start adding back the things that aren’t quite so important but things that you’d like to get done like amendments i could go on and on about the things i’ve wasted my time on doing

The organizing the a lot of different things that if you’ve done adderall you probably understand so i wanted to just kind of go through these touch the touch touch a few things with you and i hope this helps you once again i’m not a doctor not a therapist if you need to speak with somebody please reach out and remember these feelings are most likely side effects

And you will feel better in time stay strong and you will get through this thanks guys i see you next time

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Adderall Withdrawal – Side Effects By Lauren Stone