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Addiction and Withdrawal: Oxycontin & Hydrocodone

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This video details the addiction and withdrawal process of Hydrocodone and Oxycontin which are both members of the opioid family. I do not condone or approve of the use of illicit drugs.

I got some dirty about the track team i got a tiny to bicker back i less saline tidy hop up in the whooping yeah what up boys in this one i’m gonna be talking about withdrawing addiction and withdrawal from oxycontin and hydrocodone the reason i’m doing two of them is because i haven’t really heard much about oxycontin for a while like when i had it which was

What i was selling it i don’t even know five years ago going on six years ago i was always the only one i knew who had it and i never really saw much of it so let me know in the comments because i am curious about this have they just like kind of stopped prescribing oxycontin and switched more to oxycodone and hydrocodone and other opiates um let me know if you

Guys know cuz i am curious about that but basically the addiction for both of them are basically the same for hydro and oxy they’re in the same family to both opioids opiates painkillers are you gonna take them you’re gonna get faded like your heads in the clouds bro you feel good as but what will happen usually it’s gonna your stomach heart your stomach see

They’re gonna be hurting real bad you can meet shittin me puking dan you’ve really was my stomach i was really lucky cuz i i’m not even saying that like i’m some tough guy cuz i like my boys no i have a super sensitive stomach like if i eat like one weird thing like i’m on the toilet like my stomach’s weak and has but they never was my stomach i don’t know and

I would i took a lot i was addicted they ask you how are you just going to say that you’re fine you’re not really fine you just can’t get into it because they would never understand oxy never hi basically you’re gonna take him you like euphoric it takes all the pain away like if you actually do have an injury but who who does you then it just kind of be like trif

And kind not like tripping but like you know i did it head in the clouds feeling good your stomach’s gonna be but i think that usually goes away after a little while i’m not sure cuz it never happened to me one thing i will say if you fall asleep you dreams you be bro like there’s a good chance you’re gonna have like nightmares like some scary ass like you see

In the devil like you’re in that you’re in hell with the devil and like that so oxy cotton and hydrocodone basically have the sandwich raw except oxycontin is kind of the only drug i know that’s like this which whereas a it’s like a two-part withdrawal and unlike most other drugs like cocaine crack like that oxy you can withdrawal for about between a week

And two weeks instead of like three to five or three to seven days um hydrocodones i think five to seven days i add to research hydro so these are like actual numbers that have been recorded oxys like one to two weeks first part of it you’re gonna feel like you’re sick like you have the flu if you’re cold you have a fever stuffy nose runny nose like that like

You think like what the wrong with me like i’m sick like what’s going on here and you’ll you’ll feel like you have the flu might not be able to sleep insomnia like that then when that parts done and you better have some real fun i’m talking to yak city gonna be real close to a toilet for for the remainder of your of your stay and in withdrawal city you stomach’s

Me you’re gonna be irritable you’re gonna be irritable in the first phase – you’re gonna your heads gonna be depressed just a bad time but it’s mostly your stomach in the second part now for hydrocodone it’s it’s kind of like all of that but just at once and for shorter so i mean pick your poison i guess i feel like i prefer to be on hydro it’s worse but it’s

Shorter unfortunately that wasn’t the case for me i’m glad that this is the last video that i can talk from personal experience 3 3 is way too many i swear i’ll never even be addicted to anything again anyway yeah hydro you’re it’s gonna be all at once 5 to 7 days gonna be solar that’s another thing for both of them gonna be sword your muscles gonna hurt you’re

Gonna just feel real bad i wouldn’t say it’s the worst withdrawal i feel like heroin is worse xanax debatably worse because it’s so much longer other than that boys stay safe out there get your head right you can beat this and in case that you are looking this up because you’re planning on getting off or you started process getting off a little while ago i made

A video on actually how to how to get off drugs how to go through withdrawal and succeed so i maybe consider checking that out if you got some time whatever whatever i mean that money maker out boys

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Addiction and Withdrawal: Oxycontin & Hydrocodone By John Rometo