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Adding Mupirocin and Budesonide to your saline rinse

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Hi my name is roosh i’m a nurse practitioner here at stanford’s otolaryngology department today i’m going to talk to you about how to use the mu pearson and budesinite combination medication inside the saline rinse to help clean your nose your provider may have asked you to use this combination medication with the saline rinses because of some infection

And inflammation that’s occurring inside your nose usually the mu piercing and the budestonite combination will come to you through a specialty pharmacy and it’ll come in a packet that looks like this inside will be small little capsules that can easily be opened with your fingertips the mu pearson is an antibiotic and the budesinide is an anti-inflammatory

Medication typically known as a steroid what you want to do is take your normal saline bottle usually we have patients get the box that looks like this but all brands are the same you want to open up the bottle and just like your normal you normally do use distilled water that will come in a jug like this or boiled water that’s cooled and you want to fill the

Water up to the lime you want to use distilled or boiled water that’s cooled over top water because tap water has some bacteria in it that once it goes inside your nose and mixes with your nose’s normal bacteria can cause possible inflammation and infections and you don’t want any of that so very carefully so you don’t get ever get wet everywhere you want to pour

The water up to the water line up to here then like you normally do take your saline packet open it and pour the mixture inside then take that little capsule and you can see it’ll open up fairly easily and you want to pour it inside that mixture just like that then take the cap screw it there’s a little hole at the tip you want to cover that with your finger

And gently shake it the mu pearson and budesinite mixture will dissolve really nicely inside the liquid then either over a sink or in the tub or in the shower take the mixture in your right hand tilt it towards the left side of your nose and gently squeeze the bottle until half of it is empty once that’s done switch hands to the left and point the nozzle towards

The right side of your nose and gently squeeze the bottle until it’s completed i recommend using really gentle squeezes not one big forceful squeeze because sometimes my patients tell me that it hurts their ears or they have this fullness keep in mind that the water may run out of one side of your nose or may come out of the other side of the nose it might come

Out of your mouth and this is all normal you really just want to use the water to just clean your nose and get that medication in the nose where the source of the infection and the inflammation is if you have any questions please feel free to send us a my health message and thank you very much

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Adding Mupirocin and Budesonide to your saline rinse By Stanford Otolaryngology — Head \u0026 Neck Surgery