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ADHD medication Strattera review

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Right what’s up guys please excuse the lockdown here it’s just what it is right now today i wanted to talk about the medication strattera as you some of you guys know been following my channel i was on it for about six seven eight months i’ve been off it now in sort of equal amount of time so i want to sort of reflect back and give you guys my final review and yeah

There’s no medical advice hopefully can help some you guys out got my notes down here so i’ll probably be looking down quite a bit and yeah so a bit of background information i’m on both sides i am hyperactive and also among the inattentive side i think i definitely lean more towards inattentive side but um yeah is what it is why i went on meds so i went on meds

Just because i was struggling with day to day life with you know distractibility a concentration impulsivity a brain fog just all the sort of typical adhd symptoms i’ve just got me in trouble at school and work and just just been bothering me all my life so dosage i was on initially on 25 milligrams and i’ve got up to 40 milligrams initial feelings so for me it

Was really like waking up from a dream honestly that’s the best way i can put it where i was just suddenly like when you wake up from a dream you’re suddenly in control of your body your actions and your your thoughts people around me noticed you know i was way more attentive i know as i was definitely less impulsive you know i was just way more you know in control

I guess you know string in pattern thought patterns together and just a more organized way being more organized in general procrastination all those things were so much better which was amazing and people around me noticed that those things as well i see people mentioning weight loss now my initial reaction to those people was i didn’t know it’s weight loss but

Then last night i sort of had a look back at my videos and i think i did lose weight at some point talked towards the middle of me taking the medication i don’t know if i can put that down to the medication or not so i’ll put a maybe on that but yeah how long to notice the effects so like i said for me was pretty much instantly and it was amazing i got the most

Out of it sort of a month or two into it that’s when the effects of i guess showed their best side i don’t know how to describe it tiredness fatigue so this was a huge one for me as soon as i started taking it it’s off at an hour or two before i took my dosage i would just be extremely fatigued and tired i’d be like a zombie and it was awful you know those things

Went away after sort of i think a week or two i remember the initial week or so week or two i was just sleeping non-stop and you know if you need to drive if you need to sort of operate of a work with sort of machinery or dangerous things and definitely time your dosage i know a lot of people would take their medications over the night before so you had definitely

Be aware of that because it was i was like a zombie honestly what made me stop taking it so the reason i stopped taking it was because for no reason at all i started to get really agitated really just angry every single day all the time just completely frustrated and i can’t put it down to anything else that was going on in my life just because nothing had changed

People around me were noticing that i was you know that we’re starting to behave that way and that made me just instantly stopped taking the medication and as quickly as i stopped those those feelings and those and those things agitation anger all just went away instantly and again people noticed so yeah and since then none of those things have come back i’m just

Completely myself again and yeah without go on it again absolutely not for those reasons you know the agitation and whatnot now there are a lot of pros with with the medication there’s a lot of great things and there are few cons or bad things but those cons for me personally definitely outweigh the pros and that is why i will not go back on the medication but

Yeah if any of you guys have any questions definitely put them in the comments if you guys have suggestions video suggestions anything like that definitely put it down in the comments i’ll get back to you and yeah thank you for watching my video

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