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Adrenaline || Epinephrine

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Hi everyone welcome to aetcm the emergency medicine channel myself harita today we are going to see how can we dilute and administer injection adrenaline also known as injection epinephrine as we all know injection epinephrine plays a vital role in emergency medicine departments epinephrine it is a medication as well as a hormone as a medication it is used

To treat a number of emergencies includes bronchial asthma anaphylaxis cardiac arrest and so on inhaled epinephrine can be used in pediatric age groups to treat or to improve group which is a respiratory disorder so what is the mechanism of action of adrenaline actually it has both alpha and beta effects it acts on both alpha and beta agonists so in lower

Dose it act as a beta effect that is vasodilation and in high dose it act as a alpha effect which is the most strongest that is vasoconstriction what are the roots of an administration this of this injection adrenaline we can give it as intravenous that is iv im that is inter muscular subcutaneous endotracheal administration and so on so what are the root of

Administration of injection epinephrine we can give it as intravenously that is iv intramuscular that is im subcutaneously infusions endotracheal administration and as well as nebulizations so what are the what is the concentration that we can give all these trucks let us see the examples i will now demonstrate how can we load and to dilute for the desired

Concentration of ingestion epinephrine so let’s see how can we dilute according to our desired dosage so what you’re seeing is the adrenaline ample this is a one ml ampule each one ml of this solution contains 1 mg of adrenaline so it is a clear colorless sterile aqueous solution internal for parental administration you can see it’s a colorless liquid now

How it is supplied this is a 1 is 2 000 dilution ampule okay in wireless it is containing 1 ml 1 mg each ml will be 1 milligram so how can you make it as a 1 is to 10 000 direction which is indicated in cardiac arrest you can mix it with or you can load one ml of injection adrenaline and rest you can mix it with nine ml of ns to make it as a one is to ten

Thousand dilution epi pens are also available but in case of epipens that is an auto injector the dilution will be different that is one is to 2000 will be the dilution the dose will be 0.5 mg per ml so most frequently indicated indications are cardicarist anaphylactic shock now let’s see how can we make it as a oneness to 10 000 now i’m loading one ml of

Ingestion adrenaline from this ambient as you can see now i have diluted with rest of 9 ml ns to make it a 1 is to 10 000 dilution so this is 1 is 2 000 dilution and this is oneness to 10 000 dilution in cardiac arrest you can give this one list to ten thousand dilution every three to five minutes or you can give oneness to thousand dilution followed by 10 ml

And is flush so next indication is a bronchial asthma in acute severe unresponsive to beta agonist you can give adrenaline as a nebulization so what is or how you can give adrenaline as a nebulization in other patients just load 0.3 to 0.5 ml from this one and one is to 1000 dilution in a 1 cc syringe then mix it with 3 to 5 ml ns and then you can give it as

A nebulization so you can load 0.3 ml from this ampule okay this is point three ml that i have loaded from this ampere make it or dilute it with 3 to 5 ml ns and then you can give it as a nebulization in pediatrics the dose will be 0.01 mg per kg so next indication is anaphylaxis in anaphylaxis the dose is 0.3 to 0.5 ml one is to 1000 dilution deep im most

Preferable site is the lateral aspect of the thai you can give it a subcutaneous also the dose of pediatric age groups is 0.01 mg per kg i have taken 3 ml you can see 3ml you can give this as a deep eye next indication will be bradycardia in bradycardia adrenaline can be given given as infusions in adult take four similar ampules of adrenaline dilute with 46

Ml of ns to make it a 50 ml solution for infusion the dose will be 2 to 10 microgram per minute in periodic dose 0.01 mg per kg in pediatrics repeat it every three to five minutes so let us now conclude the class i hope this was a valuable information for the day and you have not yet subscribed our channel please do subscribe our channel you

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Adrenaline || Epinephrine By AETCM Emergency Medicine