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Hello iamskinbeauty community, welcome back or welcome. In this video, you got to see my journey being an actress and an entrepreneur. Also what I cook for clear skin and visit my dermatologist + more. I hope this video inspires you to live your full potential and dreams big.

Hey guys it’s your girl marsha if you’re new welcome many of you oh thank you for coming back and watching another video so this is a weekly vlog i’ve been doing um so these are all the activities i have done in the first couple weeks of made so i decided to put them all together and make one video so your girls at the gym i like to just start my day or evening

Depending how my schedule is with a workout i decided to do yoga on this particular day just to kind of stretch my body and my mind and then move on to my next activity such a beautiful day guys i am on my way to church it’s been a minute i think it’s been like two years and some months since i went to an actual church building but today i was like let me get

Up instead of watching it online and really get into the praise and be around people and meet people because your girl’s not gonna meet people she’s always in the house because i do a lot of work at home and then i’m online watching church so is such a beautiful day in los angeles so i had to get out all right guys i’ll catch up later all right guys so my

Pastor was promoting his new book balance i have not yet gotten the chance to get the book but i will get the book so i can’t personally give my honest review but i have heard great things about the book and of course he had his wife my sis in my head sarah jase come out and kind of bless us with her presence and you know kind of introduce her husband new book

And also he had other pastors and um influencers come out and do interview him on his book i will put it down on the description if you’re looking for the book and where you can find it oh this is not a promo guy this is just cause i like the church i pt is a businessman he’s an entrepreneur he is a producer he’s a best-selling author and that’s where we get

The chance to have this conversation with him on his third book and so if we want to talk about balance he’s a father he’s a husband a father is six okay he is the yeah um oh my god y’all my feet are killing me the church was so amazing look how beautiful it is today it’s so pretty out oh look at the skin honey this nice little glow on the skin you okay all

Right guys so the next fall one day i had three auditions so i’m gonna show you two auditions i did um i had a friend come over and read with me and yeah i can’t believe i’m showing you all my wishes but it is what it is i don’t care kevin turkey on the week and can you fix a bad outlet yep honey presentation and a broken light switch on it lily nice throw but

Not in the house a busting ceiling fan we’ll take care of it jerry you’re still on mute i’ll say wow you guys do everything and so do you you still don’t mute jerry jerry need more salt nope still can’t hear you buddy seven times seven kev seven times seven hi i’m gigi we met the other night in your room you’re the hard guy i’m here to help everyone find their

Paths to their powers i’m glad you found us what is this place it’s a safe space for us to grow we all have powers and most importantly we all have a past i think you should try yours over there don’t worry i’ll go with you it’s giving like all right guys so i headed over to my next event that i had to check out in beverly hills not married to a rich man get

It and it’s giving like rich auntie you know because i have nieces and nephews um it’s it’s giving it’s giving very much like 90s 60s bad you know sexy caribbean girl you know you know it’s giving it’s giving with what it’s supposed to be giving darling make sure you shop i gotta go this is why i’m always late it’s definitely hills all right guys so i am in

Beverly hills about to head over to this event that i got invited to which is pretty dope um they’re honoring making good um i just love the fact that i can see an actress and get inspired especially an actress that i grew up watching on tv a megan out here giving body yada yada yada um it was such a great event and also too the ladies came out to come to support

Her as well because you signed up you came through through the pandemic but you’re also about to witness and bear history remember you heard it here first she’s already a household name but she’s going to the next level if you agree with me get up on your feet and welcome to the stage actress director producer baby i wanted to bring that clip into the

Conversation now because you already touched on the fact that a lot of crazy things can happen in this business one of the main points that stood out to me is that you have been on our tv screen since we were children and you were a child we know that your mother was there doubling at security but outside of that how were you able to navigate your way around the

Pitfalls that’s so many of your appearances something or lend something and oftentimes just as an actor but those things were things that you do as a director and so once i got into the chair and i realized i was like i know exactly what i’m doing i know exactly what i want i have an idea for this i have an idea for that the dp’s like what do you think about this

I’m like that’s great but what if we did this with that how do i make that happen and so i fell in love with it instantly like head over heels i love coming to work and not having to go through hair and makeup and showed up in sweatpants with a beanie and like just serving the project and serving the artist or the actors or the other producers or whatever it is

And creating something that is important to me and valuable to me and and also you know i think i’m like what’s your dream facts what kind of water come through but it’s in her dna because her whole family finds because lamaria if you’re out there all right guys so the next following day i decided to cook lunch slash dinner so whatever’s left over for lunch will

Be for dinner because i am not cooking three meals a day okay so i have my vegetables i have my spanish rice which is yellow rice i have my bell pepper and my red onions and my plant-based meatball so this is all vegan no dairy no soy just how i like it no acne all right so now i’m gonna add olive oil to my pan and i’m gonna wait to until that gets hot and add my

Mixed vegetables in there so once the mixed vegetables is in there i’m to add some salt you want to make sure you don’t over do the seasoning because the spanish rice does have its own separate seasoning so i’m just going to add a little bit of pink salt into there and mix that up then i’m going to add my bell pepper and my onions to my pan and i’ve added olive

Oil as well too so i’m just going to mix that up and wait till that gets to a golden brown i’m going to check on my mixed vegetable make sure i don’t overcook it because it’s going to cook with the rice once that’s done i’m going to add my spanish rice to the pan so it’s in there guys i already have oil so there’s no need for me to add any more oil so i’m just

Gonna stir this up and make sure all the seasoning gets into the rice oh my god this rice about to be so good y’all so so so so so good so once the my vegetables um my bell pepperoni onions are brown i’m going to take that out put that put that to the side and cook my plant-based meatballs make sure you cook this meatball through like make sure it is that nice

Golden brown and of course these are the seasoning i’m going to use which is the garlic paprika and onion powder black pepper and pink salt once again and i’m going to cook that to this nice and golden brown like i how i like it then i’m going to go ahead and add my um red onions bell pepper back inside the pan then i’m going to use some organic barbecue sauce this

Sauce is all natural ingredients no soy no dairy like i like it then i’m going to add some vegetable broth to get that sauce the way i like it which is creamy and thick then i’m going to add my beans inside my pan and add some vegan butter oh my god vegan butter is so so so good i probably would get my caribbean car revoked because we do not eat beans out the can

But i was hungry and this is a shortcut but next time i make it i’ll make beans from scratch the way i was taught so this is how the rice is looking guys i do cover my rice but i’m just showing you how it look but i always keep my rice covered and this is how my bee my meatballs are looking everything looks good the rice is done the beans are done and this is the

Final results you know voila yo girl don’t play no games in the kitchen with vegan food plant-based food guys you just got to get created this is something that my mom will cook but you know with meat instead of plant-based and then i’m going to juggle this down with some um berry lemon sparkling water and this is the final results guys this will i mean

Done you know like i don’t play no games in the kitchen like you know i probably will go for a second guys because it was that good all right so this was the next following day my dermatologist to go get prescribed trending 0.5 i mean damn that’s the most annoying part when you have to go just to tell them that you want to be scribed prescribed to the lowest

Strength so you have to make a whole appointment but whatever it is what it is all right guys i gotta go done i should have blocked it but i didn’t want to block it y’all but look at my skin i’m always talking about look at my skin y’all because i’m just trying to show y’all like this whole skincare stuff it’s a journey it’s a journey it’s a journey it’s a

Journey it’s a journey my way to my other appointment guys so i’ll catch y’all later

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