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Adult Nurse failed to administer Enoxaparin – Struck Off

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An Adult Nurse failed to give a subcutaneous injection of the life saving drug Enoxaparin on multiple occasions among multiple patients and then recorded that they had. Because of the risk of clots this means the patients were put at risk of death.

Good day everyone so today we’re going to discuss another registered nurse an adult nurse who’s been struck from the register this year 2021 who will remain anonymous well on this channel anyway so the charges levied against this adult nurse failed to administer an oxiparin at the following times an oxiparin is a heparin drug which is used to thin the blood

It’s usually for people that are at risk of developing clots usually due to immobility but can be for other reasons you’d have to refer to maybe a more medical channel for that um so it here two days on the trot hasn’t been administered she usually administered uh subcutaneously um usually in the belly um just getting into the sort of subcutaneous fat um and

The heparin will help reduce the risk of clots for someone who’s sort of remaining in bed limited movement and so the risks of not administering an occipital in a huge they could have a clot and die you know in my own experience i’ve seen a patient the pulmonary embolism um you know we had to do cpr on them so it’s really really serious uh it can kill it does

Kill um so missing that is just unacceptable unacceptable especially two days in a row so you’ve you’ve essentially opened that chart twice both times and you’ve missed it so it’s not it’s not just a one-off incorrectly signed the chart to say it had been administered oh wow okay and then and then lied about it okay and then there’s another patient a second

Patient that was also on it on the same days and also lied about that as well and again when it’s separate on a third day on the trot now in regards to another patient and incorrectly signed the medication char to indicate that had been administered so that’s really really serious um unfortunately so the person’s written in and they’ve basically said they don’t

Want to be a nurse anymore so briefly i’ll read out quickly what they wrote since the hearing i have left nursing and i’m working in the hospitality industry as a blank blank for a blank company i am undergoing management courses and increasing my portfolio my reason behind my decision not to return to nursing is mainly based on the experiences i had with blank

Hospital and this being the main hospital in the blank area where my god children and friends are based my confidence and passion for nursing has been not following the lack of support within the trust and the conditions of working leading up to the incidents investigated by the nmc talking to friends i trained with these conditions are getting worse rather than

Better i am deeply saddened that this is my decision as my experiences in blank hospital where i gained my nurse of the year award with some of the best experiences of my life i’m unsure whether i would want to return in the future and this is based on the fact i feel and the current climate with coverage i have a lot to offer however i appreciate the nmc requires

A definite answer so that was quite a sensible note that was given in um a lot of other people that write things then a lot of them can be one line at him i’m not coming i don’t want to be a nurse anymore but he seems to have articulated himself quite well although i’m not sure what he means i mean failing to administer twice i mean uh giving blood thinners to

People who are at risk of clots i mean it’s got to be up there on the priorities list you know unless you’re doing cpr or something else to that level of extreme i just can’t think of another reason why or another thing which could distract you to the point where you would prioritize that over given these um it would have been better to give it late you know it

Was prescribed at 10 o’clock okay he’s given at 11 o’clock they’ve had it the risks of of having a plot are mitigated you know they could give it a little bit later the next night perhaps you know give it a 10 30 of the night the night after or give it a 10 take some medical advice but just to not give it and then to lie about it i mean this is this is where he’s

Come unstuck now if he’d have just said i forgot i’m really sorry you know uh sort of engaged that kind of duty a canned or maybe written some letters of apology to patients explained what happened why why it was missed um then perhaps they would not have looked at striking you off but saying you’re leaving the profession anyway it’s not really gonna that’s as

Good as no insight really they want reflective pieces and evidence that you’ve moved on from that and you’re but with the dishonest element unfortunately not going to work out so it’s put people’s lives in danger all right well thanks for sitting through this one with me until next time

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Adult Nurse failed to administer Enoxaparin – Struck Off By Practical Nursing UK