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Advair Inhaler purchased in Mexico for 0 U.S.

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Speaking about my experience using the dry inhaler Advair that I purchased in Mexico for $40 U.S. dollars versus $550 in the United States. I also demonstrate how the inhaler is loaded and dispensed.

Alright guys well this is my first video so what i wanted to talk to talk to you about today was a head beer i’ve had this chronic cough this past season i had the flu after it went away i had a continuous cough or about 4 to 5 months i had you know i didn’t have insurance at the time so you know i finally caved and what i did is i went to the doctor and the nurse

Practitioner that i had seen had actually recommended a dry medicine inhaler called advair so they went ahead and gave me a prescription for that and i went to go fill it you know and to my surprise you know i again having to pay out of pocket i found out that a prescription for advair runs about from 450 to 550 dollars so you know i didn’t have the money at the

Time but lucky for me i do live in really close proximity to the border i live in south texas so you know what i had talked about with some of my friends is that the medicines in in in mexico are much cheaper ok and you can pretty much get the same thing so like i said about $500 for the inhaler over here in the united states went ahead and crossed to progresso

Mexico which is about a 20-minute drive from where i am in mission texas so not very far so you know i was really interested if they even had the drug the thing is that you know it’s still kind of like a new drug so there really aren’t many generics available for it i don’t think there really any generics available so i talked to a pharmacist there he didn’t

Mention that they did have it so what i did is i purchased a box looks like that galactose smith fine gsk i got the 250 milligram of medicine per puff it’s a dry air inhaler so you know it works a little bit differently than traditional inhalers this is what the disc actually looks like okay so it comes with sixty puffs on it now again this is dry mouth inhaler

It works a little bit different the way that you open it up is you know you just press there this is where you would inhale it has a little crank there you push back and that loads dry medicine into it now it doesn’t actually you know puff out like an albuterol inhaler so you actually have to suck the medicine in so let me go ahead and demonstrate for you and you

Can kind of somewhat you know taste that that medicine deep in the backyard throat and then you close it that way and of course you know i went down from 56 to 55 you know i just put this video up because you know most of my life i struggled with with asthma growing up as well but you know i just want people to know that there’s other avenues to get the medicine

That neat that they need you know especially they can’t afford it you know my master’s degree was in public health as well so living on the border there’s you know a lot of people that struggle to afford the medications that they need so you know this might be of interest to you you know if if there’s a drug that you need as well that you are able to go to mexico

And bring it back they’re really not too specific on what drugs you can bring back i know you bringing back narcotics is is you know a no-no but you know if it’s if it’s a valid drug that you do need most of the time they don’t even inspect it you just have people going over there so much for you know antibiotics which you have to go see a doctor for here in the

United states but over in mexico you know you can buy it over the counter you don’t need to talk to a physician at all so you know hopefully this video is a abuse to a lot of you and if you have any questions please feel free to email me or you know list a comment below the the video below thank you

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Advair Inhaler purchased in Mexico for $40 U.S. By Betancourt956