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advice #2 to myself with multiple sclerosis. Life expectancy. 5-10 years?

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I’m looking back at the time I searched for life expectancy for someone with multiple sclerosis and was shocked at the results until I looked further

Check out this video i made it over 10 years  ago to do with life expectancy with someone   i’m having a funny day today look how funny   i look as well well funny thing is i feel more  healthy now than i did back then but i am more   sick now than i was back then go figure and look  how serious i got too listen to me i’m

Starting to   recognize my own mortality well maybe i’m not  going to be a famous pop star or footballer or   maybe i’m not going to get discovered and be in  a movie and be a famous actor and earn millions   that being said though i still am expecting my  three wishes to do with this i was searching   for the life

Expectancy of someone with multiple  sclerosis check this out the life expectancy of   someone with multiple sclerosis and it’s a little  bit shocking you can see the excerpt of the article   when you do a search on google and you can see a  bit of it so generally you can use that to filter   up on a site i think it was a some

Ms site   that and i thought ah five to ten years   oh i didn’t say oh i literally said i’m gonna die  in my head i clicked through to the page and it says   studies show that maybe it’ll be five to ten years  less than normal now all i can say is if you don’t   do anything then of course your life expectancy  will be

Less you’ve got a serious condition   but there is so much you can do now to do with  treatment and diet and everything can help   you extend your life and now ironically because  of the stuff that i’ve done for healthy eating   longer than i would have if i hadn’t been   diagnosed if i hadn’t done anything so i feel 

Comfortable that i’m doing the right things   you can try a better diet now i know everyone  says oh if you try to change your diet you   don’t have to go extreme don’t go from all this  lovely food down to cardboard and crackers you can   go less just a little bit less you don’t have to  go from 100 to zero you can go from 100 to

80.   that’s 20 that’s equivalent if you have 10 pints  of beer a week if you drop down to just eight   pints of beer a week that’s only two pints but  that’s a 20 benefit to you so it will be better   for you you don’t have to go extreme i’m gonna go  to the gym i’m gonna stop drinking i’m gonna stop   having chocolate

Because you’ll never be able to  do that drop it down to eight pints from ten and   then when you get used to it drop it from eight  to six and so on and so on and do that as as your   life goes on oh five to ten years less than normal  but some other studies have said that you know   it’s not it’s there’s a negligible difference

It  could be five to ten years it could be negligible   normally so try to do something you don’t have to  go extreme just reduce your drinking your eating   your chocolate or whatever it is or just increase  by 10 percent your exercise or swimming you go   swimming for two lengths instead of one you’re  i love you

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advice #2 to myself with multiple sclerosis. Life expectancy. 5-10 years? By multiple sclerosis Vlog