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After breast cancer: update and long term side effects of Tamoxifen

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Just a quick update two years after breast cancer. Sorry about the humid hair, I was swimming before this update! Thank you for stopping in!

Hi everybody before i begin please like and subscribe i know i haven’t been making very many videos lately but that’s because of all this coronavirus stuff i had people quarantined at the house and there really hasn’t been a private space to do an update and this was a video that i was supposed to do in february because um that was one year since my final implant

Transfer surgery and i wanted to show the progression of my scarring today so i’m gonna do that right now actually these are probably about as good as they’re going to get and there’s a little bit of cording still in here that keeps coming we’ll we’ll talk about that and there’s that side um i also wanted to talk a little bit about the long-term side effects of

Tamoxifen i’ve mentioned it in other videos this is two years this month since i was diagnosed and taking tamoxifen hasn’t been that traumatic um the only thing well i have a terrible memory loss and um i have been breaking out like crazy because of the hormones that that it puts me on and also um i can’t lose weight no matter what i do i cannot lose weight

So um it’s not terrible though don’t let that discourage you or be upsetting because i have pretty high standards for where i was pre-cancer and i didn’t gain a tremendous amount of weight and i’ve maintained it for more than a year it’s just i put like that initial 15 to 20 pounds on and i i only lost like five pounds and i kind of just got stuck there and

I you know i haven’t gained more but i can’t seem to lose either so that’s that’s where i am with that as far as the surgery goes i still have lymphedema when i work out i’ve started doing 20 to 30 minute aggressive strength training circuits um three or four times a week and as i do those when the muscles heal the um the cording comes back and i also get

Lymphedema in this whole shoulder area so i don’t know if i will deal with shoulder pain for the rest of my life i’ve learned somewhat how to manage it and how to reduce it and get rid of it but it comes back comes back comes back so so that’s really something i’ve been dealing with i think swimming helps a lot and um the exercise is good i mean i’m gonna keep

Posting updates maybe i’ll start doing my weight loss thing again um some of it is me some of it is me i think the hormones in the tamoxifen make me hungry and make me crave food and i don’t have the self-control to not just go eat it so i might even do it tonight but anyway i just thought i would give a quick update but you know how i’m doing other than that

I’m doing pretty good um i hope to get some 4 000 foots in i’m really out of shape right now because of the covid a lot of the trails were closed this year so i haven’t been doing big hikes i’ve been doing really small ones but i hope i can at least get one more in this year before the end of the year so it was nice seeing everybody and we’ll see you soon bye

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After breast cancer: update and long term side effects of Tamoxifen By Life of Darci