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Aimovig CGRP for Migraine by 2RNs

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Two Registered Nurses, one with Chronic Migraine, explore the new FDA med Aimovig for the first time.

Hi we’re the watsons hey there we’re registered nurses we’ve been nursing now for about 17 years and we’re here to talk about hema big so we’re gonna give a little rundown of the medication do’s and don’ts and then we’re gonna show how to administer it because it ain’t as easy as it looks so jodie has chronic migraine she’s failed botox and now her neurologist has

Sent emma vig for joy yeah and i got two injectors in the mail for me for a two-month supply you might get two injectors in the mail for you for a one-month supply so be sure to check your prescription to find out for sure what is right for you so regardless if you have a two month or a one-month supply be sure to go straight to the refrigerator not the freezer yes

And when you’re ready to inject you’re gonna take your medication out of the refrigerator put it on the counter away from the sun and the point is to get it to room temperature it takes about 30 minutes okay so will you tell me a little bit about all these needles yeah absolutely so the first question that people usually have whenever they see this auto injector

Is how big is the needle that’s a good question because if you look at this whole encasement it looks like it could be hiding a huge needle but that’s not the case and actually is holding a 27-gauge needle 1/2 inch long and yeah right what is it 27-gauge needle how big is that well we’ve got an 18 gauge needle here to illustrate the difference now this is a few

You’re in a car accident you take it to the emergency room this is the size they’re likely gonna jab into your arm and so i’m gonna get my beautiful assistants to hold that up right there and then this is a 29 gauge insulin the alissa’s for daily injections of insulin and it’s a lot smaller as you can tell us compare those and so the visually you can’t see a big

Difference but physically you can feel a big difference and so this is about the same size as that so never mind the destructions let’s get started with the actual procedure but wait if you have any questions you can call emma day at one eight hundred seventy seven two six four three six alright so something you need to know before we begin the injection is

Where to inject so for a subcutaneous injection there are typically three spots that we’re going to look for the first of which is behind the arm here so subcutaneous is adipose tissue or fat tissue not in the muscle so this is an area that’s typically has a good amount of that right in there the next spot doesn’t want to look at for potential injection site is the

Abdomen right here typically most of us carrier get the adipose in this area my wife has had a small bowel obstruction so she’s kind of limited right now on that but so we’ll look at the next site which is the thigh thigh most times you can squeeze up a good amount of fat adipose tissue there to be able to inject i think that’s what we’ll do so let’s actually look

At the procedure now okay so now it’s time for the injection we’ve chosen the thigh area jody’s thigh she has a bit more adipose there so ignore my unshaven legs so when we find our site we want to squeeze up a good bit about a bow tissue adipose tissue make sure there’s not a blood vessel that’s seen below the skin and then we want to clean it off with an alcohol

Pad just to clean the area i want to let that area dry don’t blow on it you don’t blow any cooties onto the area and then you want to remove this white needle guard and so now you have there a meal ready to go the place once the alcohols dry you place the needle tip against the skin and you look at the window and you’ll watch the medication inject so we’ll press

The trigger three two one press there’s a yellow form the farm is the injections complete or stick a little band-aid on there for any okay so that was not as easy as i thought it was gonna be and so these are some things that i wish i had known so this white tip comes off first you think that the needle is in there but it’s not it’s actually in here and this

Safety release doesn’t come out until after you press it against your skin wherever you give it to yourself so it’s actually going to be pressed on your skin you press the purple button you can press this purple button as many times as you want to and it’s not going to release that safety until it’s also pressed at the same time both of them have to be pressed at

The same time for the needle to come out and for the medicine to inject and then this yellow bar slowly rolls down until all the medicine is in your system something was a surprise to me as well is the amount of pressure it took to actually get this safety down you have to take it against the skin and push pretty hard at the same time while pressing that injector

Button the fluid also takes the medication takes up to 15 seconds four seconds to 15 seconds which i wasn’t expecting i thought it was gonna be a little faster than that and i felt it once it was in my system i could kind of feel it my throat i kind of got a warm flushed feeling from it and i wasn’t feeling a real great for probably the first you know 15 minutes

Afterwards so i just kind of rested and my leg is a little sore so now i know what to expect next month whenever i get the medication but i’m very very hopeful that this will work in conjunction with everything else and maybe i’ll get to work more often and have a better quality of life and that’s what we have to say about am a vague and am a vague you are welcome

That you have two registered nurses two seasoned registered nurses giving you a plug absolutely we hope you found the video helpful thank you

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Aimovig CGRP for Migraine by 2RNs By Seth and Jodi W