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Aimovig Tutorial: How to Inject Aimovig

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Migraine Monday! Episode 06

All right i’m on my way to go get the aim a big prescription this will be my second dose and it’s an auto injector um they store it in the refrigerator so it gets kept in a refrigerator and then you take it out and then you administer it after it’s been 30 minutes since being inside the refrigerator so i will show you how we inject the aim of egg up close and

Personal i can feel that it’s cold which is really funny but all right so now we wait 30 minutes and then i’m gonna show you how to put this medication in my body all right i am here with my amebig medication this is what it looks like so mine is 140 milligrams for one dose you do this every 28 days and it’s called an auto injector it comes with the information

And this is what the actual medication looks like here you can see this clear window yo they say to always check and make sure there’s it’s not cloudy and it’s see-through it’s how you know that you have the medication already so mine’s looking good and we’ll be ready to inject that and then just so we look together these are the instructions right here so i’m

Going to read them to us it says prepare and clean your injection site so i’m going to be using my thigh today that’s where i prefer to and then it says to pull the orange cap off only when you are ready to inject do not leave the orange cap off for more than five minutes this can dry out the medicine so when i’m ready i’m going to take this off okay so i’m

Going to stretch this skin out like this and i’m going to inject the medication right there into my thigh and when this yellow safety guard hits my skin we will hear it inject like it’ll click and then after that the window is going to turn yellow letting us know that the medication has been administered and we are all ready to go this is the information on

It gives you a lot of information it’s more details but i am just gonna go ahead and show you guys how i do this so i’m gonna clean my leg off and then we’ll get started all right i’m not gonna lie i’m feeling a little worried here it’ll be fine i’ve done this before but okay here we go so i got just literally stretching my skin out where i’m going to inject i

Don’t know they said you could pinch it as well but i think i’d rather just stretch out so here we go we’re gonna do it y’all we’re gonna do it right now every month i do i feel like i’m gonna do this i psyched myself out it’s really not bad i just psyched myself out it’s so crazy okay so here we go i’m gonna try to make let you guys see this clear area right

Here because when i’m done it’ll turn yellow so let’s do it here we go all right now let me know if you guys can see the yellow come out okay all right i did good that time you can see it’s all yellow that means the medicine did go in so i’ll show you guys but it’s really not bad at all so here’s the little prick you could see some blood but i’ll wipe that

Off and it’ll be like it never happened i really hope you enjoyed watching me stab myself in the lake just kidding but honestly i really hope you enjoyed this video or maybe it helped you i look forward to doing a video to discuss my progress if i’ve noticed any results so stay tuned make sure you subscribe i look forward to talking to you next week see ya

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Aimovig Tutorial: How to Inject Aimovig By Allie Sealey