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#Ajovy Update and Announcement!

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Hey guys long time no see i’m sorry just sometimes like i have a hard time with youtube because i’m normally a person who just goes i can read faster and get information than watching a video but i get different people different outlets i need to be here anyways so i need to do an adobe update i know i’ve got a lot of like questions about it i was taking it for i

Think i was almost on month four and i was needing month five dose and then there was an issue like with the farmer singing and whatnot and so honestly the first month it was kind of weird i kind of like a few days after i did my injection i could kind of stiff neck and just cut the flu-like symptoms in a sense i just dizzy and nauseous and weak the second one

That wasn’t as bad the third month it was just like for one day and then it was done but the thing is is i was still having pretty frequent headaches the severity was down but the amount wasn’t and and so i when i started having the issue with the prescription i actually didn’t refill it at all and i got on katy hearns supplement company alan ooh uh no aulani

Nutrition and they have a pill that’s called balance and so i’m also having like a lot of hormone things and just water retention and i was like let me just try that so honestly i have stopped taking a jovi yeah there was some benefits for me but if i don’t know it wasn’t enough i guess and so honestly like the balance has and i’ll do a video about the balance i

Feel like it’s helped me more and then i’m still on my neurontin for the the nerve damage and pain so when it gets too too bad i have my doctor gave me an emergency migraine medicine i can’t remember the name of it but it’s not liked imitrex or anything like that cuz i didn’t do well with that but anyways i take that maybe once a month now but for the most part i

Just try to really like focus lay down some caffeine tom i’ll etc etc but yeah so i’m not on the jovi anymore but like i said for the first few months it was okay but it wasn’t miraculous like some people have had the results with so anyways yeah i keep saying anyways i also since you have last seen you so gonna plug this in real quick is i have now launched my

Website withstand the weight dot-com and i’m releasing t-shirts there and i would love for you guys to checked it out there’s shirts for men women some little risque funny sayings i’m trying to make more wholesome family designs we’ll get there but we’re about to release another t-shirt design this coming week and i’m really excited for it so i would appreciate

It if you share the love like the video comment subscribe tell me what your favorite t-shirt is if you stuff this far into the video and um anyways tell me what you would like to see more and yeah i will talk to you soon have a great day off

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#Ajovy Update and Announcement! By Cayleigh – Withstand The Weight