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Albuterol Educational Video

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Oh hey so the patient general energy that you know the patient in room 200b just today she was yesterday because her first asthma attack and i will be placing the orders for epidural and for her take home so the operator is a rapid acting bunco dieter that relax the smooth muscles and if it is used to prevent bronchospasm in asthma so here’s the patient’s chart so

You can see here information and please educate a patient and the patient family members on how to safely administer the medications and what’s to be expected in the future thank you come in another close the doors so i give you some privacy okay and is it okay for your mom to be with you while i discuss the medication teaching with you yes that’s fine okay my name

Is evelyn and i’ll be your nurse today how are you feeling today i’m good will i be going home today yes you are going to be going home today the doctor has placed the stretch order for you but first i want to do a quick assessment so just give me a few minutes i’ll wash my hand and i’ll be back with you okay okay thank you you’re welcome okay can i confirm your

Name and date of birth please tell me your full name and date of birth michelle manju lemony 288 and i see in your chart you don’t have any allergies is that correct yes that’s correct what medication will he be giving me well your doctor has prescribed em and a beautiful medication it’s a bronchodilator that’s gonna relax your aries smooth muscles and help you

Breathe better okay sons yeah okay you will be using this inhaler to administer the medication when your asthma exacerbation occurs you will be administering four to eight pops every 20 minutes for up to four hours then every one to four hours as needed first i’m going to teach you how to use it okay okay so first i’m going to show you how to use the medication

Okay all right you have to prime it first so you remove the tab you shake it well and you puff like four puffs away from your face into the air okay then you put them inhaler to your mouth and you tilt your head back and breathe out slowly you open your mouth and you press comedy and here learn release the medications breathe in slowly for three to five seconds

Then you hold your breath for ten seconds after that to repeat the direction as follow but wait at least one minute between ammunition as you need okay do you understand how this medication is used yes i think i understand okay so can you give me a quick demonstration and i’ll use it so first i’m going to prime the medication so i’m gonna release the lid i’m going

To shake well and then i’m gonna pause for time into the airway for my face then i’m gonna tilt my head back and breathe out and then i can put the inhaler to my mouth and release the medication while i breathe in three to five seconds and then i’m going to hold for 10 seconds and then i can release and i can use again as needed with a 1 minute in between each

Yes it seems that you have a good understanding on how to use this medication that’s great i’m thinking about this i assure i let you know the side effects of this medication so there are several potential adverse effects or side effects to look out for while you’re using this medication it can cause restlessness palpitations nausea tremors or chest pain if you

Experience any of these adverse effects contact your doctor right away you may also want to keep in mind if you’re planning to become pregnant it is important to talk to your health care provider about using this medication my daughter usually parties exist i just want to make sure your daughter should take this medication 15 to 20 minutes before she does any

Strenuous exercises here for us we usually – i understand that herbal remedies are often used at home but caffeine intake should be limited with butyl use this medication relaxes the area smooth muscles which makes it easier for her to breathe or in case if not this medication does not okay she doesn’t get any relief you call nine-one-one because if she’s short

Of breath and the medication won’t help you would want to call the 9-1-1 immediately okay so that’s the end of the discharge teaching do you guys have any other questions that i can answer no i think i understand thank you okay so let me check i see the doctor has already put in the prescription order for you and you have to pick it up at your local pharmacy is

That okay with you guys so you are all set to go and i’ll bring the final paperwork for you to sign and then you guys can leave from there okay you’re welcome i hope you feel better okay and just remember to call your health care provider if you’re gonna become pregnant and if it doesn’t help you you are call 9-1-1 immediately so you go to the hospital okay okay

Thank you you’re welcome thank you okay this is practice for you yes your pop okay first i’m gonna show you how to use the medication okay yeah in case she has a attack i smile this medication here at kitchen in a few seconds okay yes you

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Albuterol Educational Video By Anna L