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albuterol inhalation

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Let’s start from the beginning cabin and kendall are discussing about the pharmacology test they just failed so yeah i had them had a tight feeling in her chance and she was having trouble breathing he’s diagnosed with asthma and is in need of some albuterol what does albuterol nurse carly and her nursing student sarah are here to clear up that information good

Morning my name is carly revere nursery today trying to help you out with your situation and i’m sarah i’m a nursing student and i’m going to be working alongside harley today so can you tell me a little bit about what happened well i was walking up the stairs today so basically we were coming back from class and we were talking and walking up the staircases and

All of a sudden she just seemed like she was dying she started coughing and couldn’t breathe so i called 911 and then i called her mom and her mom’s on her waiting a little bit ok so i hope that your first treatment has been successful you looked a little bit more relaxed than what you did when you first came in we’ve done you test what we’re leaning towards where as

Of right now is what you experienced was actually an asthma attack and so what we’re going to do for that is we’re going to actually give you an inhaler that has a better all if you have any question what is up you girl well i butanol was a drug that we used to treat oh it’s your mom ya know so i heard my baby had a skyrocket about to educate a little bit about the

Drug that work i’m stabbing her so we gave her some of the buter on an inhaler so what’s going to happen when she inhales it it’s going to be absorbed by her body about twenty percent will be absorbed by her bronchi epithelial cells and her lungs for distribution the volume of distribution is about 3.4 litres per kilogram in about ten percent to your plasma proteins

Metabolism is gonna be met taba lines by your gi tract and it actually turns into albuterol 40 sulphate excretion about 80 to 100 percent of it will be excreted in your urine about zero to twenty percent in your feces okay so when you take the medicine it’s going to kick in in about five to fifteen minutes it’s going to work the best around 30 to 120 minutes after

You take it and it lasts for about three to four hours so about the potential of absorption these drugs that are listed here can actually alter the way it’s absorbed and make it a little bit not ineffective um so if you’re taking digoxin diuretics antidepressants beta blockers anything like that it could affect the so the pathway in your body on its travel figure

Airway into your lungs and till it reaches the bronchial epithelial cells and it uses this cimp pathway so interaction with receptors have actually by seer data to a generic receptors and it deals with that ca mp pathway that she talked about um it’s going to increase activity of protein kinase a inhibits phosphorylation of myosin and lowers intracellular calcium

Concentrations for the toxicity there’s not really many defects found from too much albuterol so you don’t really have to worry about that too much although it can cause cleft palates and limb defects if you’re pregnant when you take it if you do have a toxicity you’re going to have some tachycardia hyperglycemia hypotension pulmonary edema a chf in depth that the

Pharmacokinetics of this are not fully understood contraindications of albuterol it could be contraindicated with patients that have a history of hypersensitivity so if you’re allergic to any drugs especially the albuterol it falls into you can have some problems there hasn’t really been found to be a racial difference in albuterol absorption except for men absorb

It faster due to their lean body mass and a study the effect of albuterol from person to person depending on which haplotypes the person had people with 222 combination had about 50% greater response to the drugs and people with four out of four combinations agen albuterol elderly there’s not really much studies on it for children you have reduced by availability

But seeing your college student you should be fine about her metabolism literature suggests that the primary enzyme responsible for the metabolism in lv darrell is sofa sulfotransferase and that is it do you have any questions no thank you all so much for taking care we all have a nice that you say don’t sweetie

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albuterol inhalation By Catherine Garrett