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Albuterol MDI

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Good morning my name is maggie i’m a student with rio hondo nursing college i’m gonna do your morning medications may i get your name and date of birth please nice to meet you okay great it’s checking your wristband awesome i see you have an allergy what is that allergy – its morphine okay well let’s not give you any morphine so i’m here to give you your own beuter

On are you feeling short of breath at all this morning not really no okay um so i’m gonna go ahead and listen to your lungs just to see how those are doing is that okay yeah just breathe normally okay yes i do hear some wheezing okay so is it okay if i give you your own butyl actually let me give you the side effects before we do that so how butanol you may feel

Some dry mouth and a headache but it is gonna help resolve your shortness of breath is it okay if we do that yes okay so i’m gonna go get your medication and i will be right back and then proceed with my first check i have emma fernandez who will be getting an albuterol inhaler two puffs this morning at nine o’clock so i have emma fernandez we’re beginning of your

On two puffs via inhaler at nine o’clock and it is not expired so i brought back our medication i would like to talk to you about the spacer we’re gonna be using have you ever used a spacer before no i haven’t okay let’s check our medication first would you mind giving me your name again awesome ana fernandez we’ll beginning albuterol yeah inhaler two puffs daily

In the morning okay okay so i’m gonna show you the spacer really quickly so what the spacer does is it helps us trap medication in here that way when you breathe it in from the the the mechanic that holds the onvia right we’d get more medication in so what we’re gonna do is i’m going to connect it here to activate all the medication make sure it’s aerosolized well

And then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna inhale exhale normally like you would normally but on the exhale we’re just gonna breathe in from the spacer so and then when you breathe it out you’re gonna hold it for at least five seconds or as long as you can and then you’re gonna breathe out like if you were breathing from a straw does that make sense yeah okay

Great so i’m going to shake up the medication okay so close your mouth around the spacer okay and so i’m gonna have you breathe in and out and then i’m gonna push the medication in and breathe in hold it as long as you can breathing in and then five seconds has gone by and exhale out through pursed lips like if you’re breathing out through a straw awesome we’re

Gonna wait one two five minutes for our next puff since we do have to ordered for you this morning okay a minute has gone by i’m gonna do that one more time breathe in and breathe out okay seal around the spacer mm-hmm all right breathe in awesome kim okay i’m breathe out pursed lips like you’re breathing out of a straw awesome how do you feel thank you okay so

I’m gonna close this up i am gonna have you swish around some water because we don’t want that medication stuck in your tongue or lips okay okay so have you hold this and drink some water okay okay swish around then go ahead and spit awesome we’re gonna throw this away actually up away and off the pour out the water in the sink later i’m gonna take off my gloves

I’m gonna document how are you feeling okay i’ll come back and check on you in about 15 minutes just to see how you’re doing if you need anything just go ahead and press the call light and i’ll be right in okay okay thank you chill out

Transcribed from video
Albuterol MDI By Rio Hondo