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Albuterol & other Asthma drugs using a Nebulizer, Saline and Sterile Water.

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Cut costs of Albuterol & other Asthma drugs using a Nebulizer, Saline and Sterile Water.

Hello today i’m gonna be doing a video that is going to show you how to cut costs on your drug therapy we call it aerosolizing if you have some kind of respiratory infection or you have asthma or you have some condition where you have to take what’s called a nebulizer that’s what this is right here okay now this is what we call an svn in the industry or a standard

Electric nebulizer okay there’s different types of nebulizers as portable ones there’s other styles there’s ones for kids so obviously if the kids as somatic you want to try to make it fun for him or her so they have things like little bears where you can take the treatment through there and then um so i’m just gonna do a standard nebulizer okay you can buy these

On our website for around $30 and some of the things one of the reasons that drove me to doing this video is i’ve been selling these for well over probably around 12 years or more and insurance does pay for these but they do it adult at an alarming rate in regards to the allowable on this and then on top of it they prescribe what’s called albuterol which is a

Drug that is put in the aerosolizing cup which is this right here okay and i do have this plugged in it’s just a tubing that goes right into the side of the nebulizer okay but the real reason why i’m doing this video is there’s a lot of things that drug companies don’t tell you about okay obviously they want the albuterol sale and there is albuterol they want you

To fill that prescription there are some substitutes to the albuterol that they have out some generics but i’m going to show you a way where you can not only cut costs but you never have oh the insurance route again and this is what people aren’t telling you okay but i’m gonna tell you today and it’s about as simple as it gets and it’s a very little investment

What my goal is is to get you to completely not have to take lbl anymore all the people that i’ve seen on albuterol whether if it’s a child or an elderly man or woman or any single person that has asthma or some some type of respiratory condition as you know seasons change and people are getting sick and they have to go to the doctor you have to wait around in the

Doctor’s office and then they prescribe one of these you have to go pick it up at a medical supply company and then you have to get your drugs and then you have to have a bunch of these tubing so you can take it it’s what we call a disposable nebulizers are set okay and it’s complete with a tea piece and the different variables um you can get a mask and there’s a

Lot of other things that you can get too attached to this depending on your treatment and some you know like with kids they don’t sit still so they dump the medication out there’s a lot of different ways that you can attach this but today what my goal is is to get you to cut down on the albuterol i’ve seen so many people that are extremely jittery on it and if you

Have taking albuterol with a nebulizer you can understand what i’m saying basically you’re going to be shaking like this and the drug is effective but it has a lot of side effects so what i’m gonna do today is i’m gonna give you the cost-effective way to what i feel it is effectively treat treating any type of respiratory condition i’m not a doctor but i’ve been

Doing this a long time i’ve been in the streets for out selling this for quite a long time i’ve i’ve talked to doctors and i do have over 12 years experience providing this product so i would consider myself an expert and i have recommended this to a lot of people and every single person comes back saying thank you thank you very much you saved me a lot of money

And you saved me from having to do the drug the prescribed drug called albuterol okay so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna order one of these for 30 bucks or so it comes shipped to your door and then these are really inexpensive on our site around 97 bucks both 97 cents excuse me and it does come ship like this and i did take it out and it comes with one of

These okay but what you’re gonna do is i recommend kind of trying out different variables kind of like if you’re a bartender and you’re making a drink that’s the same way to look at doing some kind of drug treatment your goal is to try to eliminate albuterol as much as you can but since the doctor did prescribe it i recommend taking the two cc’s that he probably

Rut writes in the prescription and maybe maybe cutting that down to one cc and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get some sterile saline and legally i can ship a hundred ml to you you can buy this bottle for less than a dollar on my website okay i would suggest getting this and getting some sterile water too and what i would do is i would mix it and you

Can order one of these on our site – they’re real inexpensive they’re like i don’t know 20 cents and this is gonna be used to pull the liquid up okay and then obviously you can shut it right away and then reuse it i know it’s not gonna be sterile but that’s where you uh you would at least take a couple of treatments in one day it should work and i think it has

Worked and people that i’ve had do this so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take this and you’re gonna take the albuterol and since it’s in two cc vials you’re going to squirt about half in here and if you look here it’s real easy to read it if you could see that right there okay it says four cc’s right there get pointing to it four cc’s six and two okay what

I would try first it depends on how how severe your condition is if your moderate i’d probably go to cc maybe four and go to cc of albuterol and then maybe two cc of of the sterile saline and i would just take it like this and just squirt it right in there okay so you see there it’s in there okay and then squirt the the albuterol in there now what you’re gonna

Do over time since the doctors probably going to prescribe three times a day is you’re gonna keep cutting down on our butyl and see how you react if the condition is continuing to get better and better and better then you’re gonna add more saline and less albuterol and then you’re going to keep trying that and if you’re not getting any better or the it’s getting

The affliction is getting worse then you would want to go back to what you were doing but what i’ve noticed doing this is that notice a lot of people that i’ve recommended this to that they’re able to cut this down to about 0.5 cc of albuterol okay which means that if a doctor prescribes you two ccs and i know you’re supposed to do exactly what he tells you i’m

Not recommended to do that but i you know i can’t tell you what to do or not to do but if you can cut that down then you will save a lot of money you’ll save a lot of time what i also recommend people to do if they have a very minor infection or some kind of respiratory condition it’s just you that’s sterile saline mixed with some sterile water and see if if you

Better i’ve had a lot of people that didn’t even need albuterol and they would turn it on and take three treatments a day for up to 10 minutes basically when the medications gone and it’s not in here anymore that means you’re done with the treatment okay so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna put the top on twist it on i just have about two cc’s of sterile saline in

Here i don’t have any albuterol okay so i’m gonna turn on and then what you do is you just inhale as so okay you’re next now what’s very important when you inhale and exhale that you take a full breath ends inward and a full breath outward okay that means you’re probably properly taking the treatment and then as soon as the medication is gone and you turn it off

Okay so what my goal is in providing this type of information to you is giving you information on how you can manage yourself and not have to go to any more doctor’s office sit in line and try to get one of these paid for and try to get your l better all when you can buy one of these for $35 and get your tubing and that’s the last year probably there’s a five-year

Warranty on this so really you never have to go to a doctor’s office again you could do the sterile saline this whole investment probably will run you about 50 bucks a year and it’ll get ready of you know most conditions you know if it’s a little more severe you might have to get some maybe some type of anti fungus or some additional compounded drugs but like i

Said you can cut back by adding this some saline some sterile water and you should be able to manage yourself you got any questions or concerns you call me about this all right and we’ll we’ll talk about it and i love people that try stuff out and want to give me a good testimonial i have no problem sending free goods with your order prease for your time and i’m

Hope i’m hoping that i was able to give you some good information thanks a lot our websites go southern mv comm and the phone number is eight five five five two eight two five three nine my name is robert thanks for listening

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Albuterol & other Asthma drugs using a Nebulizer, Saline and Sterile Water. By Robert Remitz