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Albuterol (Spanish) – Danika Watson, NP-C

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¿Sus pequeños lidian con los brotes de asma? 😩

Hi annika watson nurse practitioner here to discuss the asthmatic medication albuterol with you today this is a disclaimer this is not medical advice a diagnosis or recommendations this does not take the place of a well child check or a sick visit if you have any questions please call your health care provider or your pediatrician so let’s discuss um albuterol

Albuterol is something that a lot of asthmatics take um or have on hand it is a bronchial dilator meaning that it relaxes the bronchioles um in your lungs and allows for air to move in and out more easily when you have asthma or if you’re in an asthmatic exacerbation you can take this medication and because your airway gets super constricted and tight and this

Medicine allows it to relax and allows air to flow in and out more easily however there are some instances when we have children who have colds and who are wheezing and when they are wheezing it’s because their airways are super tight so as that air passes through you can hear you can hear the vibrations or the wheeze um and so some small children when they

Get a cold and upper respiratory infection they will have that wheezing and it’s little literally it depends on how they present clinically how long it’s been going on so many factors factor into when a um healthcare provider says here you need to take this albuterol to help your child or you need to give this albuterol to help your child a lot of the times

In the clinic we will do a trial run we will give a treatment and albuterol nebulized treatment to see if it relaxes everything if it helps the child breathe a easier increases their oxygen saturations and increases their productive cough or just allows you know we listen to them to see if the air is moving more freely through their lungs in these instances

Is when we go ahead and say yes please take this medication other times we may give it and nothing happens nothing changes therefore the risk of taking the medication far outweighs the benefit and so we decide not to give it just because your child has come in before and has needed the albuterol via nebulizer um does not mean that they need it every time they

Get a cough okay um for asthmatics it’s a little different but for a child who does not suffer from reactive airway disease or asthma just because they have a cough does not mean they need that medication it really is clinical and clinically dependent on how they sound how they look what’s going on so when you call the clinic and you ask for a refill on some

Albuterol that your child got three years ago for an upper respiratory infection and you’re told no now you know the reason why i will say that a lot of you know a while ago rsv um was known to need the albuterol via nebulizer and to help for those little babies and again it’s really clinically dependent how that baby looks and what’s going on with them how

Hard they’re breathing and working it’s about six one way half a dozen the other on studies whether albuterol works or not so you know your cousin may get an albuterol um prescription for their one-year-old who has rsv and your six-month-old who has rsv may not need one okay just like with an upper respiratory infection so please don’t compare your child to

Other children when it comes to what medicines their their practitioner provides and don’t assume that because they’ve had it before without a diagnosis of reactive airway disease or asthma that they need it again it seems like a very easy fix you give them albuterol they get better however albuterol just like any other prescription medication or or supplement

Medicine there is out there has side effects um and some of those are negative side effects and some of those can have long-term effects on your child down the road again if you have further questions if you’re just not sure um seek out your health care provider and and ask them um to better explain it to you

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Albuterol (Spanish) – Danika Watson, NP-C By Danika Herod-Watson NP-C