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Alexander Nguyen-Depo Provera

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HSC 425 Section 20

Hi guys my name is alex i’m telling you about the depo provera method of contraception what is depo provera so it’s a method of contraception used by women it’s an injection of the hormone progestin that’s administered by a healthcare provider and depo provera is actually the brand name of the shot and it’s real name is de palma droxia progesterone acetate it’s

Received about once every three months because the injection last roughly 12 to 14 weeks so you only need to get it once every few months and it costs about sixty dollars but if you have healthcare insurance then it can cover some or all of the cost how does depo provera work so what it does is it prevents pregnancy by preventing ovulation and ovulation is when

The ovary releases an egg so without egg release there can’t be pregnancy and what progestin specifically does is that it prevents the anterior pituitary gland from releasing the lh hormone and without a surge of the lh hormone ovulation doesn’t occur so you can see in this graph to the right it’s a depiction of the menstrual cycle and see that there’s a surge of

Lh lh is the bottom purple line and the surge occurs around eight thirteen which is when ovulation occurs so depo provera prevents this surge of the la coma how do you get depo provera so depo provera is a shot it’s administered by a healthcare provider so you can get it wherever your healthcare provider is so can be a clinic a hospital a planned parenthood center

Or from a private healthcare provider and it’s prescription base so you need to go see your healthcare provider and get a prescription and then they can give you the shot right there and it’s administered either the arm or the buttocks and it’s recommended that you get it within the first five days of your menstrual cycle then it’s effective immediately so there

Are several advantages using depo provera as your method of contraception it’s considered very effective as a point three percent perfect news failure rate and a three percent typical use failure rate it’s really easy to receive because it’s just an injection it’s not invasive at all it’s considered very convenient because you only have to worry about it once every

Few months it’s not like a pill that you have to worry about every day and studies have shown that it can actually help protect against endometrial cancer and it’s safe for breastfeeding mothers to use as it isn’t contain any estrogen however there are some disadvantages using equal provera has your conscience contraception it doesn’t provide any std protection

At all so it’s suggested that you still use condoms or some other form of std protection and there are some major side effects have been observed so one of these side effects is irregular periods so i’ll most women who use depo provera will have lighter periods it has been observed that some women get longer and heavier periods another major side effect is bone

Density loss and this is usually observed in women who use depo provera long-term so that’s two years or more and in some cases this bone density loss can be irreversible and accumulating this bone density loss leads to osteoporosis so it’s not suggested that you use depo provera for two years besides that other potential side effects include weight gain busyness

Abdominal pain nervousness nausea headaches fatigue hair loss excessive hair growth and changes in appetite so overall depot depo provera is pretty good method of contraception it’s very effective and convenient but there are some potential side effects that you gotta watch out for that’s it thanks for watching guys

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Alexander Nguyen-Depo Provera By Alexander Nguyen