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All About Lightheadedness and Dizziness: What Causes a Lightheaded Feeling?

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Dr. Gregg Gerstin discusses lightheadedness and dizziness and what causes a lightheaded feeling? You’ll also learn how dizziness is different from feeling lightheaded.

Hey guys today i’m doing a viewer’s question so if you have questions feel free to write them down below and i do my best to wind up answering these today’s question is what’s the difference between lightheadedness and dizziness now this is a super complicated question but i’m going to try and keep it real short and easy for you guys once again i’m dr greg gerstin

I’ve been working with people to live an amazing fulfilling life for the last 20 years by removing the blockages in their health so they can get back to it if you’ve got questions or you like natural answers particularly related to dizziness vertigo lightheadedness go ahead and smash the subscribe button we’re constantly creating videos to help you with resources

And tools to understand better why you’re experiencing your condition so what’s the difference between dizziness and lightheadedness and i want to be honest with you there is such a vast difference okay the symptom or what you feel might feel real similar or really close but the causes of it can be so wide and so varied that i’m really not going to be able to

Answer it in this video so i will look to though give you a couple of places to start investigating to try to understand what’s causing it so that you can get some change and maybe get some more of your life back and no longer have the dizziness or the lightheadedness so one of the first places that i’ll always guide someone to go is to look at their medications

And to wind up looking at the drugs that interact with each other and the side effects and the interactions they have with other medications that they be on maybe on now i’m not telling you to stop any medications that you wind up taking but look at those because those will typically wind up having symptoms like lightheadedness or dizziness or nausea or even

Vertigo if they do then you’ve got to talk with your prescribing provider make sure that they know all the medications you are and then maybe look to change them so that you’re on ones that don’t wind up causing it but you’ve got to work with your provider on it don’t just go cold turkey i can’t give you advice on the medication but i can tell you to become

Aware and to talk with the doctor that’s prescribing it second step that you can wind up taking and that you really should wind up taking is making sure that you’re getting plenty of hydration both dizziness and nausea and lightheadedness can be signs of dehydration right now i’m in summer here in chicagoland so it’s pretty hot so and a lot of people are wearing

Masks so you want to make sure that you’re drinking a lot of water what i’m going to do is provide a link to one of my favorite videos on how much water you should drink so if you’re concerned about that check out this video and you’ll know exactly what to do to wind up getting back on the hydration levels next up i want to talk with you about what i focus on

In my practice because this is one of the most significant places that gets overlooked and it has to do with your neck and your cervical spine you see your cervical spine is massively important to help keep you upright it also helps to keep your body strong but the most important thing that it winds up doing is allows your brain to transmit all the strength and

Energy to your entire body to make sure that your heart get the messages that it needs to make sure that the blood vessels that understand and communicate with the brain pressure aka your blood pressure can talk to your heart to control the blood pressure in the right ways so that you don’t start to feel that lightheadedness that might turn into a fainting spell

It also is massively important for sleep cycles immune system function cognitive function focus attention your arms and your hands and every function in your body so if you haven’t had your cervical spine looked at then you need to buy a corrective chiropractor if you don’t know of one in your area then just write down below in the comments i work with folks all

Over the world and we’ll look to find someone for you so you can understand if this cervical curve is a problem that’s contributing to your dizziness or lightheadedness and so that you can get back onto the track to the right direction if you’ve got more questions about this feel free to write them below also i’ve got a guide if you’re having spins and vertigos

That’s been massively successful in helping people go ahead and sign up for it i’m going to put in the show notes so that you can get the five steps to get out of vertigo spins quickly and get back to your life if you like this video please give it a thumbs up i love doing these but i love your support and need your support to keep on doing them also go ahead

And hit the subscribe button and if you know someone who’s going through dizziness or lightheadedness feel free to share this with them once again i’m dr greg gersten and i want to thank you for letting me be a part of your health

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All About Lightheadedness and Dizziness: What Causes a Lightheaded Feeling? By Align Wellness Center