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All it Took Was One Book for Nikki Glaser to Quit Drinking

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Taken from JRE #1360 w/Nikki Glaser:

The joe rogan experience you want some fake beer it’s so than zero i can’t bless ya i mean i don’t drink and this is absurd to me that i would have a beer it’s a fake beer it’s not zero i don’t miss the taste of alcohol what no who misses that no one would drink alcohol if it didn’t get you effed up i would join these it is good really yeah i love it this tastes

Like the st. louis funny bone which is a great taste it does it taste like the st. louis funny bone 2009 live in my best lo when was the last time you drank 2011 december 9th cleveland hilarities after the show i’m done i well i just had a couple beers to close out the evening was by myself just gonna go you shooting heroin i don’t know what happened i i well i was

At a point in my life where it was like this has got us scott because my hangovers were getting so ridiculous and debilitating for a whole day and i was just doing you know i would black out from like two drinks because my mind john mulaney has a great joke about it where he says he would black out very quickly after a couple drinks cuz his mind was like we know

Where this is going shutting down early like if you know it’s gonna be you’re gonna black out your brain just blacks out earlier right cuz every time i drink i would black out so i just i woke up that morning and i had only had a it wasn’t a hard night of drinking couple beers but i was just the sickest i’ve ever been and the thing about hangovers that i really

Had to look at was like the best part about being sick if you’re gonna find the best part about being sick it’s that people feel sorry for you get babies a little bit you get a nurturing from your friends and family that you don’t get when you’re healthy but when you’re hungover no one gives you that so you’re sick and you don’t even get the only good thing about

Being sick which is people feeling sorry for you everyone’s like you piece of you did this to yourself so i was like in the shower anna in the fetal position thinking this is how i should feel if i’m dying like i really don’t want to feel this bad unless i am on my way out so i’m not doing this anymore and i read a book and when i was done what was the book either

Way to stop drinking by alan carr what’s the easy way easy way is you read this book and then you’re done at the end of it and what he does well i’d used his method to stop smoking the easy way to stop smoking by alan carr so many people have read it it’s the one book that when you’ve tried everything else nothing else works this book my mom quit smoking after 35

Plus years no so many of my friends i heard about it i think like ellen degeneres and ashton kutcher i heard a bunch of celebrities kind of talking about it i read the book and you can smoke while you read it and then by the end of the book he just promises you he goes go have a cigarette and you’re just like no i don’t want to when i don’t need to his method is

And this thing he does with drinking any excuse you have to do that thing he talks you out of it he tells you a reason why your excuse is actually and there’s no science behind it that and he he disproves any reason that you have to do it and we’ve been brainwashed by tobacco and alcohol industries to believe that quitting is really hard and quitting alcohol is

Hard if you have an addiction you can like die from it obviously but with tobacco it’s part of their propaganda to tell you that it’s hard to quit smoking they are the ones pushing that must method or message which seems like why would they tell people it’s hard but they’re doing that because if it’s hard you won’t quit so that has been their message to be like

It’s so hard to quit smoking it’s so hard when really it’s not you know the the withdrawal symptoms of not smoking lasts up to two weeks i think it’s less than i think it’s like seven to 11 days and the discomfort caused by wanting a cigarette is the same discomfort as being a little bit hungry you’re a little bit annoying it’s like it’s not insurmountable it’s

It’s uncomfortable but it’s it passes after seven to eleven days i think it is and then it’s all even when you’re going through it it’s not that bad but it’s it’s the psychological effect of thinking it’s hard that makes it then hard mmm so once he proves to you it’s not that hard and any excuse you have to smoke which is like it calms me down it raises your blood

Pressure so that’s inaccurate um it makes me more social actually it isolates you you know if you really look at it every time you smoke you feel kind of bad people think you staying like it just every excuse you have and then he did it with drinking too i went through this book i read it you can drink while you read the book you have to want to quit to pick up

The book you have to want to be like i want this out of my life i don’t know how to get it out of my life and i gave this book to so many of my friends and my friends don’t drink anymore and a lot of them you know use program or other things to supplement but all i needed was this book and i was done and i’ll tell you i drank every single night of my life and i

Never thought i could live without it it was just i was just like anyone listening that’s like no no no you don’t understand all my friends drink it’s my life it’s my social life it’s my work life it was everything to me it’s all i look forward to yeah i’ll never go like this when my friend enters a bar again like i’ll never do that i will never greet a friend

With she’s here yes yes yes that’s you that was me that was like that’s something i miss i’ll never have that kind of to drink enthusiasm anymore but because i don’t drink i am killing it my life changed i can trace my careers before and after like on the dot hmm so you know it’s not for everyone if you have a problem you should maybe look into it but that book

Seriously changed my life that sounds amazing and there was no like difficulty in quitting none no really was easy i never maybe a couple times i felt like hah i’d be nice to have a drink you know i was dating a guy that like just wanted to have a glass of wine with me and i’m like well i can’t i just have a glass of wine and i’ve been tempted and i don’t think

That i would go off the deep end again but but but i don’t i just i go back to that book and i’m just like i just any reason i can give myself it’s just really it isn’t true and i’m better without it well it’s definitely not true if you’re drinking it every night and you’re blacking out yeah but if you just have a cup of glass of wine with dinner it feels nice oh i

Know lubricant you have fun with friends start laughing and joking around but you don’t have that ability to stop there is that i could for a few months and then it would trickle into it’s just exactly the voice you at every people are listening and i know you relate to this of you go i’m just gonna have to tonight but then that person and you go promise yourself

You’re just gonna have to but then you get that voice drunk and that voice is like have another come on you can’t talk to yours you can’t plan for how you’re gonna feel two drinks in because you get drunk and then you it just keeps going you miss it man even i have a bit about that about drunk driving the problems not the problems not whether or not you can drive

Drunk the problem is even thinking you can drive drunk because when you’re drunk you don’t know what the you can do or can’t do yeah i think that’s why guys getting fights is people way bigger than them when they’re drunk and they don’t even know how to fight you’re you’re stupider yeah when you’re drunk you’re a when you’re drunk so the idea that you could

Drive drunk like i’m fine like you don’t even know if you’re fine that’s the problem yes the problem is you’re drunk and that’s a big part of the book is talking to people about this liquid courage that everyone cites i mean link i need a drink because i can’t go onstage if i don’t have a drink i need a drink to talk to the girl and it’s not courage what you’re

Doing is you’re making yourself more stupid

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All it Took Was One Book for Nikki Glaser to Quit Drinking By JRE Clips