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Allergy: Senior Pharmacist Tara speaks about Allergy Management in Pharmacy

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AllergE by Oriental Botanicals, APO Health Antihistamines, Fess, Flo & Nasonex, Albalon A, Naphcon A, EyeZep, Zaditen and Livosin ans their place in management of Allergy Symptoms

Hi guys i’m just uh here to speak to everyone about um some of the products that we have at the moment for hay fever and allergies as these few months are going we are going to be seeing a lot of people coming in and presenting to with these symptoms so this will include tablets sprays eye drops and so on um i’ll start off with the sinus care products that we

Keep the flow is one that i’ve selected but we’ve got the fest as well so we’ve got the bottle and the review packs this is to be used twice a day as needed and ongoing as well it’s a good opportunity to sell this product with our prescription medications such as diamista or just by itself as well it’s safe to be used in all um cases so that’s a good opportunity

For the pharmacist and even the assistants to intervene and speak to the customers about this it’s very very good and it does provide a relief especially if used continuously the next product is the first so this is the twin pack fest we’ve got it’s the um original one but there is other sinus in the eucalyptus and in the sensitive noses so that’s also good

To use um they can use an ongoing as well with this one um as well as other if they’re taking other medications again this is a good opportunity for them to use it um other things they can use antihistamine tablets while they’re all on this um this is a twin pack so they get you know better for their price um if they buy the twin pack and in addition they can

Use the nasonex um spray with the fence this is the twin pack as well we’ve got the individual as well as the twin pack um this spray can be used for hay fever allergies dust allergies any symptoms that they come in with sinus issues you can recommend this to be used um if you they’ve used this and it’s not working then you know that’s the opportunity for the

Pharmacist to be involved and maybe recommend another product including a prescription item such as diamist if needed um the next product which we’re all aware of is your antihistamine tablets like telfast um this is the 70 tablets one i think it comes as um 130 and maybe 10 as well um you know that’s just we all know about this it can be used ongoing it can be

Used as needed um with other medications as well that’s fine um the other antihistamine is our loratadine lyratogene is another medication and histamine for hay fever and allergy which we see you know very very commonly um people experiencing these symptoms that and that they can benefit this from so that’s another thing to keep in mind so another option to

Have for the pharmacist and the assistant then we’re gonna go on to our eye drop so we’ve got a a few types of eye drops for our eyelid and histamine eye drops which are very very good and effective so we’ve got the isep which is the last scene that can be used twice a day for up to um i think it’s up to six weeks that they can use it if symptoms persist after

The six weeks then we advise them to see the doctor um so it’s really important with eye drops to actually check if the patient knows how to use it if not you know there’s the opportunity for the pharmacist to come in and explain that um they’re you know for red itchy allergic watery eyes all the antihistamines are pretty much used for that purpose so we’ve got

The nafcon a that’s got the combination naphazolian fenerami so that’s a decongestant and antihistamine together that’s a very good one and then the other combination is the albilon a that’s also really good one it helps with the allergies as well as helps with lubricating the eyes that can be used as an alternate then our individual eye drops as i mentioned

The isep the levestine and zyrtec they use if um needed with the same problem if someone has used a type of eyedrop an individual one and their relief is not as good as they expected then there’s the chance for the pharmacist to recommend a dual antihistamine possibly and maybe further recommendation into other products such as maybe tablets or a spray um the

This one comes as a nasal spray as well the eyes it so that’s a really good combination it’s actually one of the really good products that we can um look into i’m just speaking from experienced use and then our last product that we really want the whole team to concentrate on is called allergy it’s an oriental botanicals brand it’s a combination of chinese herbal

Medicines that’s been used i think for like more than 3000 years um they’ve used it to help with uh relieving symptoms of hay fever allergies skin allergies like mild eczema as well as food intolerances such as digestive discomfort bloating and these kind of symptoms so they’ve the korean ginseng is one of the ingredients in there that’s been you know it comes

In a lot of products that we already know of in this case it helps reducing that the symptoms of an allergic or allergy reaction such as like skin irritation um flare-ups and like mild cases of also uh eczema they they can use it so they recommended it dosing is two to three capsules up to twice a day and this medication can be used for kids but not under two

Years old with children they can also open their capsules and put in honey or syrup so they can tolerate it better and with just with pregnancy and breastfeeding we just want to talk to the pharmacist about it before we recommend it for our assistant but it is a very very good product it’s actually like a really good combination that has evidence traditional and

Political evidence behind it so that let’s try and use that to uh increase the sales of this product it does come as two two bottle sizes a 30 and a 60. the 30 is 29. i said it’s 19. oh the 30 is 19 and this is the 29.95 one so that’s a really really good um price for the product they can use it ongoing and until they they felt better they can continue afterwards

As well if treatment is not if not sufficient with this product then you know that’s that’s another just like one of our other products we can recommend an addition to it or change over to something else this just reminded me there was another product in the oriental botanicals called cynically it’s also a traditional chinese medicine combination that they can

Use specifically for sinusitis so mild sinus issues if any of our stores keep it please recommend it with this it’s really really good combination quite safe to the extent that even children can use it so um you know just get them to try it and review them and see how they go otherwise there’s always opportunity for the pharmacist to recommend other products

That we’ve mentioned today or anything else outside of the video anyways um thank you for the video and um i will see you guys on another video take care

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Allergy: Senior Pharmacist Tara speaks about Allergy Management in Pharmacy By Ramez Mattha