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Alternative Solutions to ADD/ADHD WOWS #21

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If your child has being medicated with Ritalin, Adder-all, Dexedrine or others, there may be better non-drug therapy available.

Welcome to window on well street a program that shares information about delayed food sensitivities sensitivities that may cause symptoms like headaches irritable bowel syndrome fatigue stress and even a dd or adhd just to mention a few i’m robert chesney your host and in today’s program we’ll be discussing the immuno blood print now this is a simple blood test

That identifies foods many of which could be this cause of these symptoms we’re so happy to have with us today from her practice in fresno california dr. michael parsons welcome dr. parsons thank you for allowing me to be here in your practice you spent a lot of time with parents and this whole problem of a dd and adhd it’s been quite a challenge as you well know

The media’s reported issues with taking medications particularly for children like ritalin adderall dexedrine and others so what what i understand is that you’re finding in your practice prescriptions and medications are not always the best answers can you share some of your experience absolutely let me go back years ago when i was just starting out in practice i

Was working with actually a massage therapist of mine who had children and she was sharing with me that her son would go through these bouts of being crazy bouncing off the walls at times he would be aggressive and she couldn’t figure out was this a disciplinary problem or reserve something else going on and i encouraged her to bring him in and we did a workup and

Discovered that he had some sensitivities and for him what it did was it created this adhd hyperactive problem for him now she followed through eliminated the foods that were contributing to this and he’d been off of them for maybe three or four months and he was six years old at the time and he felt better he behaved better everyone around him enjoyed being with

Him where before it was a problem and they were at an event mom wasn’t prepared and he ended up eating some of those things that he was sensitive to i get a call at 10 o’clock that night she was panicked he was out of control she didn’t understand why i had them come in the next morning and this little six-year-old who was just a doll walked into my room picked up a

Stool and was going to throw it through the glass window this was not his typical behavior he was out of control that is the power of some of these sensitivities for these kids and with children they are going to act out instead of saying mommy my tummy hurts it affects them on a brain-based level so for a lot of these kids they’re in these schools and their teachers

Are pulling their hair out because they they they think that he needs to be medicated when in fact his diet just needs to be changed so for people who are wondering you know am i gonna have to drug my kid to get him to calm down don’t go there that is not the first avenue of defense there are many other things that can be done and checking their sensitivities is

Absolutely a must that’s very helpful to us dr. parsons i’m sure that before testing you hear many parents say well dr. parsons i feed my children good food i mean i eat meat bread eggs every day in fact they even eat fruit and i control the amount of sweets they eat i just can’t understand how a sensitivity with food can occur especially when they’re eating good

Food one of the things that’s hard for us to wrap our brains around is we have all of these wonderful healthy foods food is not supposed to be our enemy but because we live in such a chemically laden world were under stress the game changes because our body chemistry has changed so for some people these healthy natural foods really act as an enemy in our body and

When that happens then it’s going to manifest in a symptom so just because something is deemed healthy does not mean that it’s healthy for you now the nice thing is once you eliminate those sensitivities when you get to the reintroduction phase many of those things are going to be able to reintroduce into the diet and by properly rotating your foods and eating

A variety of foods the chance of becoming sensitive to that again definitely goes down but just because something’s healthy doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for everyone dr. parsons it could be that a parent would say to you gee i don’t want my child singled out as a weirdo just because they have to eat certain foods how would you suggest parents offset that that’s

Probably one of the biggest challenges i see in dealing with my pediatric patients it is very very difficult i have my health coach here in the office she has four children and at church in one of the sunday school classes the leaders of that sunday school class didn’t have a problem with giving all of the kids root beer and candy as a snack she did she’s been

Kind of targeted as one of those crazy people how crazy is it to want to feed your children healthy natural food we really have been skewed as a society due to marketing so the best thing that you can do is show your child how they feel on and off of those offending foods usually by the time a child is five or six years old they can comprehend how they feel and i

Really work with my parents in showing look susie when you eat this you remember you get a headache when you have this you get a tummy ache whatever the issue is that child will then take control over their foods so when the child is on board and they take ownership and they’re going to play at sarah’s house and sarah’s mom says here have a snack and they ask does

That contain corn wow that parent takes a step back because most kids are going to grab and eat not even think about what it is they’re putting in their bodies but when you take it down to the child’s level and start coaching them yeah it’s awkward yes it’s uncomfortable the worst case scenario is you were going somewhere unprepared so they feel left out but as long

As you bring food along with them and know ahead of time what’s going to be fed then you’re going to have much more control and ultimately you are responsible for your child in your child’s health and if more of us start to become more firm and protective over what we’re allowing our children to have we’re going to have a lot healthier population and the childhood

Illnesses are going to start to decrease you’ve been so helpful to us dr. parsons if it may ask you just one last question what would you advise a parent that seeing a family doctor and they’re noticing signs that there could be something wrong with their child but their doctor says oh don’t worry about it there’s no problem and and this food sensitivity thing i

Don’t believe in it anyway how would you advise them well i hear that a lot one of the things is follow your intuition you know that child better than anyone else and if you intuitively feel that something is off follow through with it there’s a very rigid mindset when it comes to allopathic physicians and it’s just because of their training they are trained to

Wait until you get a disease what we’re seeing clinically are things that aren’t necessarily a disease but it has a negative impact on someone’s health so if you go to a practitioner and they say you’re crazy or you know you you need to quit worrying you’re you know nervous nellie go to someone else you have every right to get a second third or fourth opinion now

If you go to a health care practitioner and they do testing and there’s nothing wrong then that’s a blessing but what if you stopped and you didn’t pursue it further and five or six years down the road you realize oh my gosh sara is allergic to dairy that’s five or six years of damage that has been done and at some point that can become irreversible so follow your

Intuition go for it seek out help and make sure you’re doing everything you can to get everyone in your family healthy well dr. parsons thank you so much for joining us and we wish you much continued success in your practice will continue with window on wells street after the break but i want to encourage those of you watching who may have family member friend

Or even a co-worker who’s experiencing similar health issues forward the link to this video to them they’ll be so grateful and if you haven’t had your immuno blood print please learn more about it and get yourself tested i did it’s made a tremendous difference for me remember there’s a hidden link between what you eat and how you feel i’m robert chesney and we’ll

Be right back with more window unwell street

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Alternative Solutions to ADD/ADHD WOWS #21 By Robert Chesney