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Am I having a side effect from Jardiance (empagliflozin)?

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I don’t feel well is this a side effect of giardians in order to answer this question first we will review the common side effects of giardians next we will talk about how you can tell if you’re having a side effect from a diabetes medication and what you can do about it i will give you a step-by-step way of doing it in a few examples let’s first review the common

Side effects of guardians giardians makes you urinate more so you may have frequent urination and you may feel thirsty from the dehydration in addition giardians also makes you urinate more sugar and bacteria love sugar so you’re more likely to get urinary tract infection and when you have urinary tract infection people tend to have pain or burning when you

Urinate or you may see blood in urine or even fever also you are more likely to get genital yeast infection which means the infection of the private parts so you may have itchiness or even discharge from the private parts now let’s talk about how to tell whether medication is giving you the problem and what you can do first of all review the common side effects

Of this medication find out if what you’re experiencing is a common side effect of the medication if it is a common side effect of the medication then stop the medication and you may need to switch to another medication for diabetes if what you are experiencing is not a common side effect of the medication then your symptoms is likely because of other medical

Conditions or other medications however if you cannot figure out what else can do it and you still feel strongly that the medication is the problem then suspend the medication for a few days and see if you feel better for those once a week medication skip it for one to two weeks and see if you feel better if you do feel better after suspending the medication

Then it is possibly a side effect of this medication switch to a different one however if you still do not feel well do not feel better after suspending the medication then probably what you’re experiencing is not a side effect of this medication and you should look for other causes let’s look at example this is the gentleman who recently started to take trulicity

He felt very nauseous what should he do by looking up the common side effects of trelicity he found that nausea is one of them therefore his nausea is likely related to trulicity the naji is too much for him so he stopped the medication and felt better but then his blood sugar went up so i prescribed him another medication for diabetes in this second example a

Lady started to take metformin recently then she felt short of breath is metformin the reason for this by looking at the common side effects of metformin you will notice that shortness of breath is not a common side effect of metformin therefore her problem is likely from other medical condition or medication since shorter breath could be life-threatening she

Went to the emergency room and they found that she actually had a flare-up of heart failure from this example you can see that you should look for other reasons if your problem is not a common i would like to emphasize the word common side effects of this medication otherwise you may miss some serious medical condition the next example is a lady who started

To take insulin atlantis recently and she had a rash on her arms rash is not a common side effect of lantus solantus is unlikely the cause of her rash however she still felt strongly the lantus is a problem because she injected lantis on her arms we switched to a different type of insulin and injected in her abdomen but the rash on the arms persisted solantus

Should not be the problem here then she remembered that her laundry detergent was something new so she stopped it and it turned out that she was allergic to her new laundry detergents important points for your safety first most side effects happen within a few days after you start the medication if it happens much later let’s say two months after you started the

Medication it is very unlikely to be a side effect of this medication second monitor blood sugar closely after you stop a medication at least every day as blood sugar can go up and you may need additional medication and i do not suggest stopping insulin all of a sudden because your blood sugar can jump very high and put you in danger instead switch to different

Type of insulin and see if the problem is still there the third point is very important if you feel very sick then regardless of the reason for that go to the emergency room don’t wait if you would like to learn more about various types of diabetes medications you can go to and type in what medications are available for diabetes you can also

Search for individual medication for example if you want to see whether medforma is a good medication for you then you can just type in for example pros and cons of metformin and click financer

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Am I having a side effect from Jardiance (empagliflozin)? By Help My Diabetes