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American Justice: Woman Poisons Mother of Ex-Boyfriend as Revenge | A&E

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Woman takes out her revenge on the mother of her ex, in this clip from Season 15.

Monday july 20th starts as a typical day for mary oder she gets up huts the office she sees her first patient somewhere about 8 a.m on that day she’d planned to go have lunch with her mother however when she got to her mother’s house her mother had already eaten so she comes back to the office and she has a shake that afternoon protein shake and that would have

Been her lunch by the end of that day she’s calling her husband bill saying don’t get dinner ready for me because i feel horrible right now i’m not going to be eating that night mary barges through the door running for the bathroom vomiting she has diarrhea by morning she just looks like she’s on her deathbed and he says immediately i put her in the car and we

Head off to the emergency room they ran several tests it wasn’t the flu it wasn’t any of the comic stomach bugs going around starts having cardiac events in the middle of the night they resuscitate her with a defibrillator that goes on several times where they actually restart her heart and bring her back mary yoder went through living hell for the last 36 hours

Of her life present at the hospital when mary does pass away as her husband bill all three of her children along with caitlin conley who’s the office manager and her son’s on-again-off-again girlfriend the question is immediately what happened and doctors go to bill yoder and say listen this is really strange and we want to get your permission to send her body

For an autopsy and bill says right away absolutely i want to know what’s going on here the autopsy was performed by dr kenneth clark out of the onondaga county medical examiner’s office and as he’s looking under slides of cells from her individual organs the cells appear like they are killing themselves and that is his first clue that something may have been

Introduced into the body that actually caused this death so dr clark initially orders blood tests on certain heavy metals and the typical poisons like an arsenic cyanides and they all come back negative now he’s baffled he knows that she’s been poisoned but he doesn’t know how and that’s so important by this time mary’s body has been released back to the family

And cremated dr clark has only one vial of her blood that can be tested he needs to make it count he reaches out for upstate poison control and dr gina marafa and based upon the timetable of events of when mary becomes symptomatic to the time of death along with the cardiac events she is leaning on that is a typical colchicine poisoning cochiseen is a medicine

Commonly administered in low doses to treat gout but in higher doses it can be lethal with the last vial of blood they do attach almost two months after mary’s death they get the results it comes back positive for colchicine it’s definitely a unique intoxication or poison death so to have something this unique is a little bit odd two letters show up one shows up

To the medical examiner’s office one shows up to the sheriff’s department it’s the same anonymous letter the letter directs us to one person and one person only and that’s adam yoder mary yoder’s youngest son he said now the culture scene container is under the front passenger side of his jeep that’s where he said it was until he figures out where to dispose of it

Next that letter specifically blamed adam yoder so our people of interest in this case are bill yoder and obviously once we receive the anonymous letter it becomes adam yoder then amy believes the author of the letter knows more than they are letting on i make a phone call to adam tell him that i’m investigating the death of his mother and ask him if he’ll come

To the office for an interview we actually watch for him arriving at the office he does drive the jeep that’s mentioned in the anonymous letter adam yoder and his mother mary were extremely close adam loved his mother his mother loved him that’s clear approximately a couple hours into the interview we explained this scenario about how we receive this letter and

We want to look in his jeep another investigator investigator simmons is searching in the exact spot the letter tells us under the front seat adam is smoking a cigarette watching and all of a sudden investigator simmons pulls out the bottle of colchicine adam was standing there and i think the cigarette almost fell out of his mouth he was definitely surprised he

Didn’t expect us to go out there and find anything in his vehicle the bottle of culture scene was in a cardboard wrapper there was also a receipt next to the bottle of coaches scene the receipt contained a lot of personal information about adam yoder the address that it was shipped to the chiropractic family office his parents own they also find an email address

On the receipt mr adam yoder 1990 gmail address he goes but that’s not my email address we then go back into the interview room and continue asking him questions adam denies any involvement in his mother’s death he says he wasn’t even in town when she got sick we had subpoenaed his easy pass prior to that and when he gives us his explanation of where he was it’s

The exact same as what the easy pass identifies when i ask him you know if anybody who would want to cause harm to your mom he does not point the finger at anybody he seriously does not believe that anybody would want to cause harm to marry odor we ask adam is this something you think your dad might be capable of trying to frame you and adam was like absolutely not

That would not happen to learn more about bill investigators turned to marion bill’s office manager caitlin conley she was adam’s girlfriend and she integrated herself into the yoder family caitlyn says she doesn’t think bill had anything to do with mary’s murder but she doesn’t know for sure there is someone else though whose behavior she has found troubling we

Start specifically talking about her relationship with adam it becomes clear to investigator van namey that caitlyn and adam have a difficult and stormy relationship she talks about how you can’t protect me and how she’s scared of adam and that’s specific to what the letter mentions and it light goes off in my head and at that point i ask her if she’s the author of

The anonymous letter when she didn’t give me a no as an answer that’s an automatic flag for an investigator to ask the question again i again said if you’re the author we need to know did you write that anonymous letter that we got and she stated that she did and then she went from a witness to all the way to a suspect one of the things that we found immediately

During the examination of caitlyn conley’s cell phone was the mr adam yoder 1990 email address had been added to her personal cell phone as an account on the phone this was the same email address used to purchase the culture scene found in adam’s car the final piece of evidence is the dna on the cardboard wrapper around the colchicine bottle comes back

To caitlyn tomlin nobody else dna from the stamp on the anonymous letter also matches caitlyn connolly investigator van naemi has no witnesses to point to his prime suspect all his evidence is circumstantial but with the dna hits on caitlyn conley he’s ready to bring charges nearly a year after mary’s murder police arrest caitlyn and a grand jury indicts her on

Charges of second-degree murder the community’s reaction to katie’s arrest some of them respond to this by saying oh my god there’s no way this young 22 year old pretty girl could have done this they’re just astonished we could find that that letter was composed on one of the computers at the chiropractic office and we can show iterations of the letter we can

Show when it was only a paragraph long we could show when it was two paragraphs long we could also show that it got edited the original form of the letter is not the form it took at the end the letter is the first piece of evidence the prosecution presents the receipt for the culture scene that was found in adam’s car has a lot of information on it we know that

It was purchased from art chemical they actually are able to interview the actual person that processed that order she had to reach out for the person that was placing this order and that when she made the phone call to the business she spoke to a woman a young woman with a very soft voice we know that the culture scene was purchased through a gmail account mr

Adam yoder 1990 every time that gmail account was created accessed or terminated it was through a device that was connected directly to caitlin conley that circumstance of her phone being connected to culture scene in some way shape or form becomes much less important when other people have access to it when she saw that he really was moving on and

I think it was at that point that she just decided i’m going to take from him what he loves most in this world which is his mother we know that mary would have had a protein shake for lunch we suspect that she either prepared that protein shake for mary and gave it to her or maybe put it in the protein powder i wish that i could tell you that the office of

The district’s attorney had some motive attributable to katie but there simply was none nobody truly knows exactly what happened or how it happened to mary only that person that committed this act knows what happened and that alone equates in my mind to reasonable doubt jurors spend an intense five days pouring over the evidence but they still can’t agree on a

Verdict the judge is forced to declare a mistrial because the trial ends without a verdict the prosecution can try caitlyn again within weeks district attorney scott mcnamara announces plans for a second trial six months between trials also gives the prosecution time to hunt for more digital forensic evidence i knew that the case was going to rise and fall on

The forensic evidence between the two trials one of the things we examined in more depth was adam yoder’s laptop and one of the things we found on his laptop was a backup of caitlin conley’s phone from a time period just after mariota’s death but before the phone had been seized by the sheriff’s office the new evidence included caitlyn conley using her phone to

Conduct research on lethal poisons also accessing articles that showed the mathematical formulas computing mary yoder’s weight in pounds to kilograms and then determining the amount of colchicine that would be necessary to kill someone of that weight there was an actual note in her phone that said under the seat so we could see through the notes in her phone that

She was deciding where she was going to plant the culture scene bottle and the receipt in adam yoder’s car investigators had also discovered the gmail password used to purchase the culture scene one of the things that they found was this password adam is gay and so it just didn’t make sense to us that adam would make that his password but it made perfect sense

To us that a girlfriend that he had been in a toxic relationship with would make that the password she deleted thousands of images from her phone so she did take a pretty significant amount of effort in ensuring that the research that led up to mary oda’s death was no longer present on her phone after the second three-week trial the jury begins deliberations i

Was angry quite frankly because i knew that that conviction was infirm it was not possible given the evidence two and a half years after murdering mary yoder caitlin connolly is sentenced to 23 years in prison i am firmly convinced that the justice system does work and that it did work in this case and that finally we were able to get justice for mary oder you

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American Justice: Woman Poisons Mother of Ex-Boyfriend as Revenge | A&E By A\u0026E