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Amgevita Injection

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Here’s a quick(ish) video to show the biosimilar injection Amgevita. When I was told I’d be going on Adalimumab treatment, I could only find negative information online…here’s some positivity to put your mind at ease!

Hi so i just wanted to do this quick video i say quick it might not be and i’ll see how it goes but yeah i just want to show how to do the injection a little bit more in-depth and do it face on so that you can see i’m not okay in pain or anything like that and i was really worried when i started the introductions that i’d be paying for because there’s quite a few

Forums like kind of his humera john key’s for example and there’s quite a few people who say how painful it is and things like that and i got myself really worked off and oh i wish i hadn’t it doesn’t there at all for my perspective i know some people find that stings and mine doesn’t put in the grand scheme of things that’s kind of the pain we have to put up

With when were flaring up for like 10 seconds it’s worth it to get in remission you know but yeah i’m just gonna show how to do it really and so i opted for do mine and my thigh you can do it you stomach my biosimilar is i’m javita it’s back to front on here but um yeah just this little cute thing here and i’m on one injection weekly now i was on bi-weekly and

But i’m still technically flaring up and so we’re hoping that switch it’s a week for you all get me a remission and if not we’re probably gonna be looking at inclusions but in the meantime we’re sticking with this and so before i do the injection wipe it with alcohol wipe i already done that because this didn’t really want to do that on the comb brooks think we

Quite weird just chilling my family and i’ve got shot son actually my boyfriend’s cuz i don’t have shorts and now i alternate as to what i am doing and so last week cut on this thigh and i’m gonna be doing this burn thigh and what i’ve got is some tissue in case it bleeds it’s kind of 50/50 when it really needs if it does a little bit and have these really cutesy

Little plasters that i use afterwards then i just pop them and so this has been out the fridge now for about half hour and a lot of advice online is to get out the fridge before you do the injection when i said it as well and just yeah it’s less likely to hurt when it’s at room temperature so we’ve got that know one thing i have to check on each one and you know

I’ll tell you all this information but making sure that the expiry date and we’re still within that range just to make sure here it’s nice and clear good now this is kind of a good little safety latch i guess and that’s already on so we just take that off like so and it comes off like that and i’m not sure this is gonna show you can see a little bit but like the

Tiniest of needles like a hair grip is thicker than this honestly it’s like nothing and so i just kind of hinged the skin pop that down like that oh there’s my cat yep so pop that down and now i make sure it’s on a firm surface and if you can see that there now there’s a big lovely bottom so i just cooked that in now so i’d do that and then count to ten probably

Being that was a click now it clicks as well but just for good measure i like to just wait a little while and a good way to know that all the good juices are in it’s in the way that it’s gone yellow so i’m just gonna lift that up and not really bleeding odds before so i’m just gonna move that so you can see it’s teeny bit but yeah so just jabbered lovely here and

Then pop this summer shouts bucks we get but yet literally like that’s done now and now what i’ve been doing is i’ve tried doing it different times in the day and what i found works best for me is just progress and i won’t lie i do feel the next day really just done in quite tired and and fuzzy as worth of the best way back describe it and i still do try and just

Kind of chair but what i have found that helps is doing the injection just progress bad because i kind of sleep through the effects an extent and but bear in mind have any being on these now for there’s no nearly two months and this is my first weekly injection so the more it’s in the system you know i might be fine heaven side-effects and i was on either pi over

Five years and the first a couple months i was on there me i really just didn’t like it and very nauseous but that worked for a really long time and it’s hope it’s the same with these ones but yeah and so it’s a little a moment i can’t say it halima bob and but it was commonly known as humera before and they were able to do biosimilars and so i’ve got the angie

Meter but yeah honestly doesn’t hair i just hope this kind of reassure with anyone who’s starting the treatments or its changing over to and back from a biologic to it by a similar it just doesn’t hurt you just kind of have to be the right mindset about it and but you had the needles tiny as well nothing to worry about on that end either but yeah i think it’s for

The grand scheme of things if it gets as a remission it’s just a little needle and yeah pain-free i yeah but that would be helpful

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Amgevita Injection By AliciaRDillon