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Amlodipine 10+ side effects | Things to be aware of while taking

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Amlodipine belongs to a group of medicines called calcium channel blockers.

And lotuping side effects coming up hi everybody it’s your pharmacist sunki here today we’re going to talk about enlarging make sure you stay until the very end so you don’t miss out on any important information everything i say today is of general nature only it does not replace the need to see your local healthcare provider let me know down in the comments below

What other topics you would like me to cover now if you haven’t already subscribe to my channel hit the subscribe button and thumbs up without further ado let’s rock it what is amlodipine amgen belongs to a group of medicine called calcium channel blockers what is it used for embroidery paint is used to treat high blood pressure also known as hypertension for

Adults and children 6 years and above it is also used to treat angina how does it work it lowers the blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels so the heart does not have to pump so hard high blood pressure is a silent killer there’s no symptoms and you feel absolutely fine but if it’s left untreated it can damage your blood vessels and this may lead to a

Stroke a heart attack heart failure kidney failure or loss of vision and lotion is best known for its original brand norwesk depending on which country you are from and lodopen comes in liquid or tablet form when you must not take amlodipine do not take amlodipine if you are allergic to it or allergic to any ingredients listed on the left lid or allergic to

Any calcium channel blockers in the past if it’s your first time taking it you only know after you take it symptoms of allergic may include shortness of breath wheezing difficulty breathing swelling of the face lips tongue or other parts of the body rash itching or hives on the skin if this happens to yourself you need to send yourself to the emergency department

Of the hospital immediately note there are the brands of amlodipine so if you’re allergic to a certain ingredient in one brand your pharmacist can find you another brand that does not contain that ingredient now before you start to take it tell your doctor if you have any of the following if you have had any liver problems if you have any heart disease or heart

Failure tell your doctor if you’re pregnant plant likely or become pregnant you need to discuss the risk and benefit involved before deciding to take this medication tell your doctor if you’re breastfeeding the doctor will determine on a case-by-case basis if you should be taking amlodipine while breastfeeding the doctor might swap you to another medication

Medicine interactions amlodipine can interact with many other medications to name a few simvastatin your brand name zokor this is a cholesterol tablet taking a lot of pain with sympathetic can increase the blood levels of sympathetic leading to an increased risk of sympathetic side effects and some of the side effects are very dangerous such as rectomyolysis

Where breaking down of your muscles occur rapidly which could lead to kidney failure and death so to avoid this your doctor will either choose to reduce the dose often vested in or swap you to another type of setting or change and load up into a different type of medication another interaction of amlodipine is with a class of medication called c3a4 inhibitors

These are like your anti-fungal medication ketoconazole brand name nizoral and astroconazole brand name is sporonex amlodipine can also interact with anti-seizure medication such as carbon mesopine brand name a tegritol phenytoin brand name dielentine now these are not the only medication that interacts with embodied paint so make sure your doctor and pharmacist

Know all the medication you are taking this includes all the herbal supplements vitamins that you buy without a scrape from the pharmacy health food store or the supermarket how much to take dependent on your condition and whether you are taking other medicines your doctor will prescribe you the most appropriate dose the usual dose is 5 to 10 milligram daily

How to take it swallow the tablet with a full glass of water take this medicine at about the same time every day this will also help you remember to take it it does not matter if you take it with or without food take this medication as long as the doctor tells you to amlodopine does not cure the condition but only controls the condition so this is likely to be

A long-term medication for you make sure you have enough supply of medication for weekends and public holidays you will need to go back to see your doctor regularly to get new scripts and during that time the doctor will monitor your condition it is also a good idea to purchase a blood pressure measuring machine and have it handy at home remember to have your

Blood pressure machine calibrated yearly to make sure that it is measuring an accurate blood pressure check with the manufacturing company there are some companies that give free calibration yearly if you can’t afford a blood pressure machine many pharmacies offers a free blood pressure measuring services you can make use of them now because high blood pressure

Doesn’t show any symptoms it’s easy to forget anything that you’ll find without it until it’s too late so you need to drill it in mind to make it a habit to take it every day make sure you have enough tablets to last you the weekends and the public holidays what to do if you forget to take it if you forget to take it if it is almost a time to take your next dose

Skip the dose you missed and take your next dose when you’re meant to otherwise take it as soon as possible when you remember and then go back taking the medicine as you would normally do not take a double dose to make up for the missed dose as it will increase the chance of you experiencing side effects if you’re not sure what to do talk to your doctor or

Pharmacist if you have trouble remembering to take it set an alarm clock at the same time every day to remind you things to be careful of be careful when you’re driving or operating machineries until you know how embodiment affects you enlarging may cause dizziness or drowsiness in some people and affect your alertness if you have any of these symptoms do not

Drive or operate in machineries or do anything that can be dangerous avoid eating large quantities of grapefruit or drinking large quantities of grapefruit juice grapefruit juice can alter the metabolism of amorphopen drinking very large quantities over 1.2 liters of grapefruit juice each day while taking amlodipine may increase the side effects of amlodipine side

Effects amlodipine is a very widely used medication many people tolerate it very very well without any side effects some of the common side effects are headache headaches should only last for one week if it goes longer than that or if it’s severe see your doctor things you could do within this week is have lots of rest drink plenty of water avoid drinking alcohol

And ask your pharmacist to recommend you a painkiller dizziness if this happened stop what you are doing rest sit down or lie down until the dizziness goes away do not drink alcohol do not drive or operate machineries or do anything that could be dangerous flushing cut down on your coffee tea and alcohol keep your room temperature cool using an air conditioner

Or a fan you could splash your face with cool water run a tower under cold water and place it on your face to take the heat away you can also sip cold or iced water some other common side effects are stomach pain or nausea all these side effects are usually really mild and short-lived if it doesn’t go away or if it gets severe see your doctor now what are some of

The serious side effects if you experience any of these serious side effects you need to tell your doctor immediately indigestion sexual problems changes in heartbeat either fast or slow swelling of the ankles feet face or hands swelling of the feet and ankles is also one of the more common side effects of amlodipine the higher the dose the more likely that you

Will get it research have shown that 10 percent of people taking 10 milligram amlodipine will get this side effect and it happens more in women other side effects that you need to notify your doctor are tingling or numbness of the hands or feet upon standing from a sitting or lying position unusual tightness or weaknesses muscle cramps or eggs joint pain eye

Pain vision changes mood changes feeling anxious or nervousness itching yellowing of skin and eyes dark colored these are signs of liver diseases called jaundice unusual movements including trembling and shaking of the hands and fingers twisting movements of the body shackling work and stiffness of the arms and legs now if you experience any of the following stop

Your medicine immediately and send yourself to the emergency department of the nearest hospital an anaphylactic allergic reaction symptoms include shortness of breath wheezing or difficulty breathing swelling of the face lips tongue or other parts of the body rash itching or hives on the skin a fast or irregular heartbeat chest pains fever severe upper stomach

Pain often with nausea and vomiting more side effects information can be found on the leaflet of the medication i will also put a link down below for you so you have access to them now even then list of side effects there are not complete new side effects can pop up so if you experience any side effects that is not listed there you can always report it to your

Country’s medicine regulatory agency in the u.s it’s called fda map watch in uk it’s called yellow card and in australia it’s tga in this channel i’ve also made other medication and health related videos to help keep your body strong and healthy it is a growing library of medication and health information besides a pharmacist i’m also a singer songwriter music

Producer and an actress if you’re interested in knowing my other life check me out all my other videos in my other playlist now if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel hit the subscribe button now and thumbs up and follow me on facebook and instagram my handle is sunky official and it’s our famous cynthia with lots of love see you around you

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