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Amlodipine Side Effects | Does Amlodipine cause weight gain? | Does Amlodipine cause swelling?

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Pharmacist answers some of the most popular Amlodipine questions:

Hello guys welcome today i want to answer a few questions that have come up since a video that i did on amlodipine in that video i did a complete review where i looked at the side effects that uses the mechanism of action and so forth and a couple of questions seem to be caring so i just thought i will gather them a recurrent i mean the top ones i think there were

Seven or so of them and answer them so everybody would have access to it and i don’t have to keep you know responding individually by the way my name is quick crew on this channel i do medication reviews and i discuss healthcare topics that are of interest to a lot of people so if you’re new around here please do also hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to

Hit the notification bell as well so you get a letter when i release new content so i’m not a pain the questions that have been on carrying the number one question that seems to keep repeating itself is can i take calcium supplements if i’m taking am loaded pin and √•lesund where this question is coming from because in the video i explained that i’m loaded pin is a

Calcium channel blocker and it works by inhibiting calcium ions into the cell and in so doing it relaxes the muscles the blood vessels are able to be dilated and because the blood vessels become dilated the blood is able to flow easier because there’s less resistance leading to a lowering of the blood pressure so the question is what calcium supplements compromise

This process there the answer is no studies have shown that dietary calcium or supplements are not enough to impede this process or in people’s mechanism of action of amlodipine so it’s okay if your doctor has determined that you are low on calcium and has prescribed comes some supplements for you it’s perfectly fine to go ahead and take your calcium supplements

The doses that we get from the over-the-counter or the supplements do did they are not high enough to impede the activity of amlodipine on the other hand people getting high doses of say intravenous calcium those people have stomach of it affecting their i’m not a pain so in those people usually maybe you’ll make a deuce adjustment or something but that is rare

It’s very rare to see people getting calcium supplements intravenously anyway but that’s it so yes you can take your calcium supplements if you need them the second question is can i’m not a pain cause weight gain technically yes i’m not a pain can cause we gain in a very small percentage of the people about one percent usually this weight gain is due to fluid

Accumulation which has to be taken care of anyways so anytime you take unloaded pain and you see that you’re getting with especially if you’re getting it rapidly or if you notice you can actually identify that you’re retaining fluid it’s a good idea to have a discussion with a doctor because what happens is that such fluid retention and weight gain is usually

Those dependent that means that the higher your dose the more likely you are to see such fluid retention so in most instances if that is the case they may do a dose adjustment another tip though is that you may want to also want to watch your sodium intake because definitely anytime you have high sodium in the diet or high sodium in the blood it tends to accumulate

Fluids so if you take a lot of pain and you notice any kind of fluid retention aside talking to your doctor in the interim watch your sodium intake and reduce it another question that kept coming up is it’s a lot of pain harmful to the kidneys and the answer is no on the contrary i’m not a pain that overdone matter any blood pressure medication that reduces your

Blood pressure actually protects your kidneys and reduces your risk for developing chronic kidney disease in the long term so know there is no proof that i’m not a pain actually aggravate you know any kind of kidney problem on the contrary it actually protects your kidneys because anytime you lower your blood pressure you are giving your kidney protection if i

Can use those words cautiously and to delay or even stop chronic kidney disease the next question is what time of day is best to take my opinion well it doesn’t really matter i’m not a pain can be taking irrespective of the time of day you can take it at bedtime you can take it in the morning the most important thing is to be consistent so if you decided you’re

Gonna take it in the evening stick to the evening dose because you don’t want situations where sometimes you take it in the evening sometimes you take it to the morning you wouldn’t get the maximum benefit out of it so it does decide the time when you are most likely gonna remember and then just stick to it it doesn’t matter if you stick in at night or during the

Day another question that i saw was there’s a lot of pain cause swelling of the gums and the answer is yes it is one of the very rare but potential side effects of calcium channel blockers in general not necessarily limited to a lot of pain it’s a condition they called janie duvall hyperplasia where you actually see swollen gums in people that click on body pain

Or some calcium channel blockers unfortunately if you are one of those that develops this usually your doctor may want to switch to a different medication so it’s just what it is there are other alternatives you don’t have to suffer through one if a medication is causing your problems and then you all have your place here can be serious american obviously deform

Your gums and stuff like that so yes if it happens rare though but if it happens it would be a good idea for the doctor to switch to something else and then another question that i get is what do i do we find miss a dose you know people are sometimes concerned if they should double up or they should wait to the next do is you don’t want to double up on loady pain

If you miss a dose if you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember but if you if you notice that that time for your next dose is closer then just go ahead in and skip that dose and take the next dose and then just continue your cycle like that so for example if you remember that you miss your dose you normally take your dose say maybe 7 o clock in the morning

And then you remember 10 o’clock in the morning that you miss the dose yeah just go ahead and take it right there and then however if you didn’t remember like 9 p.m. at night or at bedtime you’re gonna go to sleep then obviously the better option in that circumstance it’s just to wait and then just take it in the morning when you wake up and then just repeat the

Cycle and continue like that another relatively common question is when can i stop ticking i’m loaded pin in other words when can i get off i’m loaded pick this question sometimes gets me a little concerned because once people’s blood pressure gets controlled they deem it that it’s time to get off the medication forgetting that it is actually the medication that

Has kept the blood pressure in control so to answer the question when can i stop taking i’m not a pain you may not want to hear this answer but chances are that unless something drastic has happened some miracle of some sort or some underlining cost of your blood pressure has been found and taken care of you will need i’m not a pin to maintain your blood pressure

Within the limits that it is doing then the risk is that if you stop taking any blood pressure medication for damata you risk what is called a rebound hypertension where your blockers i can go to the roof and it could be life-threatening so the answer to that question is definitely work with your doctor if you have to quit a lot even of course if you’re having

Some reaction or a side effect unbearable you can discuss with the doctor and go of it you know your tip are you off or replace it with something else but do not on your own accord stop taking amlodipine or any blood pressure medication for that matter so those are some of the more frequent questions that i’ve been receiving i’m open to answer more if you leave

Them in the comment section but in the interim these are some of the most recurring ones that i have seen so let me know if you have additional questions i’ll be more than happy to take a look at them and address them as i have the opportunity thank you so much for staying through again and if you haven’t subscribed already do well to do so and i’ll catch you on the next one

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Amlodipine Side Effects | Does Amlodipine cause weight gain? | Does Amlodipine cause swelling? By Pharmacist Conversations