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Amlodipine, What Is It?

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Hey youtube family welcome to in an episode of the casual pharmacist it’s a channel where we talk about prescription drugs over-the-counter drugs and really in their hot topics that pertain to the world of pharmacy as something that interest you that subscribe button down below and then without further ado in the video so the topic today’s video is gonna be about

The drug norvasc or the brand name for am a loaded pain now one way you might have found my channel is you may have been recently given a prescription for this drug if so you may be kind of wondering why did the doctor give you this medication or prescribe it to you and so i’m gonna help you try to break it down for you today i make a little easier for you now

Norway ossicles religion originally discovered and patented back in 1982 by the drug company advisor before it was officially available to the general public in 1990 now norvasc has become one of the most commonly prescribed drugs and it comes to controlling hypertension and high blood pressure so norvasc is part of the drug class of a calcium channel blocker so

Such it what that means is after you take it it actually prevents the calcium from binding to certain receptors in your blood vessels and in your heart this actually causes the blood vessels to relax as well as the kartik or the cardiac and the heart muscles to relax as well thus decreasing your blood pressure so a lots actually changed such a graduated forms to

School when it comes to the guidelines for controlling high blood pressure these guidelines kind of get looked over reviewed tweaked every other year or so and so you always hit this stay up to date and make sure you’re on top of it and the biggest one the biggest changes i’ve noticed since i graduated is just how much more control at how more tightly regulated

Those guidelines have become so now we’ve always ordered that the best pop pressure to have the best blood pressure to have level is around as less than 120 over 80 which is still holds true but now p work taking much more aggressive step and helping to control it now when it gets a little higher than those little levels now people have blood pressures ever 1 over

130 over 90 or greater than 140 over 90 this is when these kind of medications to become more applicable to you and so chances are your blood pressure ratings have been more or have been greater than 130 over 90 for the past 3 to 6 months or so and so your doctor now has deemed it necessary for you to get this medication and so by now you’re probably wondering well

What are some of the side effects of the drug well i got the answers for you right here some of the more common side effects of drug or actually dizziness low blood pressure and flushing now obviously duh you know you’re gonna have a lower blood pressure taking this medication but you always need to become more careful when you first start out with this drug because

Until your body kind of adjusts to it you can be a little little unbalanced a little dizzy obviously when you stand up chances are there’s always a possibility could fall over and it says you know be awesome more dangerous for those who are a little older and already have bad equilibrium now one of the more serious side effects is actually peripheral edema which

Is the swelling of your arms or legs now this does happen you need to stop taking the medication and doctor doctor immediately so i wrapped today’s video i hope you all enjoyed it it was kind of educational if y’all like the content remember you’re always subscribed down below at the notification bill so you’ll always be aware of my future content and always that

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Amlodipine, What Is It? By The Casual Pharmacist