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Amoxicillin (Amoxil) : Meds Made Easy (MME)

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What is this drug used for?

Hey guys what’s up it’s tarun with telfair specialty pharmacy welcome to meds made easy today we’re gonna talk about amoxicillin also known as amoxil also known as the matzah tag and frankly could be like a million other names to it they’re always reformulating it and adding this and that jazz to it it’s an antibiotic chances are you’ve probably had it or you’ve

Given it to kids very very common very very easy antibiotic to take so what is it generally for i wish i could tell you it’s for all’s a lot of different things out there it’s a broad-spectrum antibiotic meaning it can cure anything from sort of any ears nose and throat infection to skin infections and then there’s a bunch of off-label uses but it’s an antibiotic

Nonetheless so as far as dosing goes i don’t want to get into that there’s literally a million different ways you can take amoxicillin that all kind of comes from your doctor depending on what you have so i’m just gonna skip that part altogether if you have a sensitive stomach always make sure that you take these antibiotics with food and then also any vitamins

And minerals that you’re taking or any herbal supplements you’re taking make sure you run them past your local pharmacist or your doctor but really you want to make sure that you take the vitamins and minerals one hour before your antibiotic or two hours after an antibiotic so that they don’t interfere with each other beyond that if you have a penicillin allergy

Make sure that your doctor knows because penicillin amoxicillin penicillin amoxicillin they sound alike because of cousins of each other so if you have a penicillin allergy you probably cannot take amoxicillin unless it’s a very mild allergy and you have to have amoxicillin again that stuff that your doctor should go over with you beyond that here’s a list

Of the common side effects a lot of the same kind of side effects you see with most antibiotics if any out of the unusual happens like an anaphylactic reaction skin rashes hives call your doctor stop taking the antibiotic immediately or your local pharmacist and then go from that because you probably need to be switched on to a different antibiotic so number

One question that i get asked in the pharmacies i’m sick how quickly is this gonna kick in for antibiotics for immediate release formulations it’s generally about an hour give or take a little over if it’s an extended-release version you know you’ll fully really be feeling the effects in about three hours it doesn’t it generally kind of wears off pretty quickly

Which is why mock sicilian is dosed you know twice a day three times a day depending on what you got i think covers everything i think the the main caveat to beyond that is to make sure that you finish taking an antibiotic please do that guys even if you feel better after about three or four days and you’re supposed to take over ten to 14 days or whatever finish

Taking the antibiotic trust me what happens is that the antibiotic starts kicking in it starts doing its job but that bacteria is still in your system and if you stop taking the antibiotic the antibiotic goes away but then that bacteria goes heavy the antibiotics leaving we can go back to doing what we’re doing and grow and replicate and then you get sick again

Right and then and then it messes with your immune system so don’t do that make sure you finish all of your medication and another big thing that i have to throw out there is and i get this a lot in the pharmacy is i’m sick they don’t know what they have because they don’t want to go to the doctor but they have some amoxicillin lying around from some time that

The doctor gave it to him don’t just take it if you’re sick i know i said that it’s a broad-spectrum antibiotic and chances are you you know if you take it probably it would help but don’t do that i just think called antibiotic resistance that we’re fighting and then also it’s just it can lead to more harm than it is good and just please don’t do it okay a lot

Of people don’t want to go to the doctors we get it we get it call the pharmacist call a nurse that you know if you really have to but don’t just start taking antibiotics that are sitting in your cabinet if you get sick we really need to know what you have so that we can give you the best antibiotic to fight it otherwise you’re just weakening your immune system

By taking antibiotic that doesn’t help so guys i hope that really helps that’s a monster cylinder nutshell again there’s so much some oxacillin make sure you talk to your doctor if you have further questions or your local pharmacist or if we’re talking about amoxicillin for children and the suspensions and the different types i’ll do another video later on for

Augmentin which is amoxicillin plus another addition in there which kind of gives it a synergistic effect it makes it even better i’ll call doug benton but we’ll go through that in another video but as always please call your other resources or call us yourself or specialty pharmacy we’re always glad to talk to you alright guys thanks make sure you subscribe

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