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Amphetamine Experience Report

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An experience report on Amphetamine

Can attempt to do an experience report on amphetamine but have fairly limited experience with them and for them in itself as a compound and have only had this sticky / gooey variety if that makes sense to you i’m aware that it comes in powder form as well and did at the time have supplied to it i just previously had had the sticky stuff so i thought sticky stuff

Again a second time and so on yeah i remember taking like a fairly large amount of unfetter mean the first time i had it probably like quite a bit on my finger and taking that orally i remember the effects not really hitting me immediately i remember feeling anticipation and thinking that the effects would be similar to say caffeine but um you know i waited for

The effects and i felt like kind of a little bit of a body but it’s not much of a body but it’s just a little bit as i was first coming up i remember feeling a fairly intense sense of just well just being relaxed essentially like kind of rather than what i expected which would be an anxious edgy high i felt quite calm i felt quite good felt awake definitely would

Say awake i felt like i had a lot of energy didn’t feel like him i needed to use the energy necessarily just felt like had quite a bit of energy just felt comfortable to me and faults were easy to come by concentration was much better was easier to sort of function and put complex plans together i found less irritation with menial chores for example a lot of people

Say that they have fun cleaning the house while they’re on that means i never really understood that until i took em for me and i kind of see how menial stuff becomes more fun much less challenging i found that counting in mathematics and studying were much more fun i find that on some stimulants like you don’t really want to study you don’t want to do anything

Productive but i felt like unfetter mean made me slightly more productive in both my mindset and physically maybe just a little bit sharper made me happier definitely felt a sense of comfort on up that means felt a little bit fidgety a little bit warm not too fidgety definitely felt a lot of energy but i didn’t feel too much of a need to expel it but there was some

There when i was starting to get more into the out famine itself i’m going to hire us a different time remember i’m when i was looking at stuff stuff didn’t feel real like i knew it was real but it didn’t feel like it matters much it just felt like everything was just an action rather than an action with meaning but it wasn’t a bad feeling of meaninglessness it

Wasn’t like safety tripping you you feel meaningless and it feels depressing it was more like oh yeah this is not meaningful that’s that’s okay and we’ll continue this functional activity we doing i found them i found i would repeat myself from time to time get stuck in a bit of a loop on amphetamines but not because i was actually stuck just because i found this

Was a good way of going over and clearing a plan in my mind i felt more focused and more into goal orientated activities with seeable outcomes and yeah overall i feel like an unfit i mean is a pretty good chemical my personal recommendation for me so i could it’s so sharp i just don’t have that much experience of um that means is that i would probably take this as

A study aid and an aid for menial tasks but i don’t feel like it would be something i’d do for days and days on end because when i came off the unfair means i didn’t feel bad or i just kind of felt a bit tired or a bit like just a bit away from the world just a little bit away with the fairies so yeah sorry for say i’m short and not fulfilling experience report

But there’s just not that much i’ve done without that means really anyway thanks for listening

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Amphetamine Experience Report By Akroma Jones