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Amzeeq Acne Treatment for Teens Morning Skincare Routine | DNVlogsLife

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This is my 13 years old daughter’s Amzeeq Acne Treatment for Teens Morning Skincare Routine

Okay they just delivered my daughter’s acne medication so now we can show you guys how she uses it hey open your open it let’s see yeah okay you’re not dressed up he naked you’re not naked so they just delivered acne medication fancy wrapping the wrapping is so cute oh my goodness so this is what the acne packaging looks like that’s what it looks like so

We got the um i’m wreck um what’s that mg mz and actually and a cliff so this is what it looks like yeah and it has all the instruction of how to use it like thick pieces right there oh my gosh thick paper so this is it so these are the two products that she’s going to be using so this today she has been using this sample today today is day number what’s the

Day day number four so these are face keeps them this is a face right now what it looks like so she’s just gonna continue using it and we’re gonna show you the procedure so hi everyone today i’m going to be showing you my new updated facial routine since the dermatologist appointment so this is my face right before washing it so first i’m going to start

Off with the wipes i got from the dermatologist office this wipe or from the brand of the office i went to so i got this one for free so i just open it and take the first layer you you always have to check if you take like one or two because usually it picks up more than that so i just wipe it all over and make sure we get every part and yeah so after i wipe

My face i go in with the neutrogena oil-free oil-free acne brush and yeah i just do one pump add a bit of water and then all over my face and usually after i rub it on my face i make sure you get everywhere i let it sit for like a minute or two because i heard that helps so so now i finished um washing my face i have to wait 30 minutes before putting

On my medicine which is amazing so yeah let me start the timer so while i’m waiting for that i do my lip routine first this might be outlandish but i use a toothbrush and i brush my lips not my teeth my lips so i just you know scrub it if you’re not brushing your lips i don’t know what you’re doing but yeah it makes your lips softer so after i brush my

Lips i go in with this la girl lip scrub i actually need to buy more because like it’s running out i can already see the bottom but i just take a little bit like this and all over my lid and just scrub it again so now i take water and just wipe it off and you’re not supposed to use water on your lips but i don’t know i always done it so after that i go in

With this rosy lips vaseline lip therapy so i just open it up it’s kind of hard to open up for me when my hands are wet but i’ll get there and i just i don’t take a lot because if you take a lot it’ll run out super quickly so i just go around the edges just a little bit about this much everywhere i kind of took more than enough but that’s okay so it’s

Been 30 minutes um since i already washed my face and got all the water stuff out of the way i put on my outfit for the day so now i’m gonna go in with the mz so i just take off the top and get like a small amount it really you really don’t need a lot so just like that just all these medicines i use they have like full coverage on the face it gets everywhere

Even with a small nail so after i do that i go in with my moisturizer for now my moisturizer is the neutrogena hydro boost gel cream for extra dry skin with hydro hydraulic acid but these are only samples so so i since there are samples i don’t take a lot i take a small amount just like see this one’s even running around like that much let’s put it all over my

Skin and even once it touches my skin i already it already feels really hydrating you know moisturizing since it’s a moisturizer and yeah i just put it all over last but not least i take the neutrogena healthy defense daily moisturizer with sunscreen um this is a sample i have the full one right here but i use samples first before i use the actual one because

You know i don’t wanna like i already have some so i like always take a small amount just like that and then a small amount goes a long way with this and i feel like that goes for sunscreen in general so i just rub it all over my face even though my skin is pretty dark sunscreen is still good for you know not only summer like in general so this is my full

Skin routine thank you so much for watching this is how my face looks afterwards there’ll be a before and after kind of thing but yeah this on my face looked after and yeah thank you so much for watching make sure to like comment subscribe and we’ll see you next time bye

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