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Angina Prescription Could Help Some Patients with Diabetes

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A recent study of a medication used to help patients with angina could also help those with diabetes. How much of a benefit it can provide remains to be determined.

And my second talk was on rotolos tation used to treat angina and miles that have been carried out before without agent there had been some lowering of hemoglobin a1c so it looked like it may have a benefit in patients with diabetes so might ask there was a kind of in one of the selected papers from diabetes care to present data on ranolazine is mono therapy

In patients with diabetes or as a combination with glimepiride assaulted area or in combination with metformin a commonly choose drug to treat type 2 diabetes and the bottom line they’re analyzing works alone the lower a1c by point six point five point six percent ranolazine works on top of quad member id with about a point five percent lowering of a1c and with

Metformin there was no benefit and the reason for that we think in part relates to the reduction in metformin dose that was necessary in the reynolds in group because of the effect of ranolazine on metformin metabolism and other words metformin levels are higher so the dose of metformin was reduced to accommodate the drug drug interaction and the thought there is

The lack of benefit was due to the fact that the metformin dose wasn’t adequate so the trial simply looked at three options alone or with glimepiride or with metformin and again two of those three worked and the idea here is not necessarily to think ranolazine is going to be another drug to treat diabetes with it’s just people with an jenna who who take the drug

It would appear to be maybe a reasonable choice if they have diabetes maybe they use that drug for both combinations for angela but you know the fda you know i’m not sure what the company is going to do with this was an interesting study gilead sciences support of the study but we weren’t part of the study so myself jay skylar from miami and bob henry from san

Diego where we teamed up on the science without any remuneration we weren’t paid for this we just thought the data needed to be published and gilead wanted our assistance and bringing the data for words no safety concerns at all i mean the usual side effects of ranolazine are modest and they were on all three components of the trial the minimal hypoglycemia but

Nothing serious so really nothing to worry about there well lipid devices are only really utilized in an extreme cases where ldl can’t be adequately lowered because of statin intolerance or genetic diseases that put the ldl cholesterol very high and there are devices or ldl apheresis which the way to mechanically remove the bad cholesterol out of the bloodstream

That’s a rare patient but we have 23 being done in denver right now now devices in diabetes i mean the question is is a pump therapy glucose monitoring all these kinds of things were doing going to be beneficial i think so is it release day 1c lowering and you know not all studies have shown that that many have the use of a sensor and or a pump may be better than

Having neither so outcome studies for cardiovascular disease clearly or not before acid or going to likely happen in the near future with those kinds of inquiries but you know the artificial pancreas where this intrinsic control system between glucose and insulin delivery is another question because there i think we can control diabetes as if the disease wasn’t

Present if everything is optimal in terms of how it functions

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Angina Prescription Could Help Some Patients with Diabetes By HCPLive