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Animal Revenge: Ironic Ailments from Eating Animal Products

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Whether you believe in karma or not, the way that animal products cause disease cause have an uncanny precision.

I’m mike and in this episode how animals dish out payback in uncanny ways causing health ailments that are astoundingly precise in other words how animals get revenge in words of contemporary scholar and artist jt what goes around goes around goes around comes all the way back around firstly closing your heart off to animal suffering and eating animals well

Then result in a buildup of cholesterol and a heart attack and cholesterol is only found in animal products next we over feed and sometimes force-feed animals and as a result we end up getting obesity as this chart shows the more animal products you eat the more likely you are to be obese stealing milk from the breast of the cow can result in one losing their own

Breasts this is because the more estrogen we are exposed to over our lifetime the higher incidence one has of breast cancer and sixty to eighty percent of estrogen is consumed through dairy products it turns out we rape virtually all farmed animals through artificial insemination the cholesterol of the offspring of these raped animals then builds up in clogs are

Penile artery causing erectile dysfunction see what see what i do that right before slaughter and don’t worry no graphic images we shoot cattle in the head with what’s called a captive bolt pistol is an air-powered pistol and you can imagine that there’s all sorts of horrible things later the cholesterol from these same animals clogs the arteries in the brains of

People leading to stroke and alzheimer’s in other words total brain vengeance now for the creepy ways that animals get the revenge in order to understand this you first need to know about molecular mimicry and autoimmune diseases it starts with animal proteins from milk or meat making their way through your gut wall or epithelium this is also known as a leaky gut

Which can be caused by preservative drugs aspirin bad die in general even vegetable oil and for celiacs it’s caused by gluten this is where animal proteins enter our bloodstream and our immune system creates antibodies these antibodies record the specific amino acid sequences of these proteins and they go around looking for these proteins and they just snip them

Up and destroy them the problem is we too are animals and we also have a lot of these same amino acids and just general animal proteins that the animals that were eating has for example the cells that make insulin on our pancreas had the exact same sequence of 17 amino acids as milk protein here’s a study showing quote the association between insulin dependent

Diabetes and early consumption of cow’s milk may be explained by the generation of a specific immune response to beta casein casein being a cow’s milk protein so we steal away baby cows and turn them into veal and as a result when we feed our own children cow’s milk they then get type 1 diabetes now imagine you’re eating sausage or hamburger or some mystery lunch

Meat when they literally ground up the entire animal and it’s got proteins from all sorts of parts so wood proteins in animal skin and joints cause diseases like psoriasis and arthritis let’s take a look well from studies we know that quote certain non-human proteins such as casein may become deposited in the skins of people and we can see a high level of these

Antibodies in people with arthritis but when you put them on a plant-based diet you see a lot of changes moving on in theory you might be able to get autoimmune thyroiditis or hashimoto’s from eating thyroid of pigs but we know for sure that when you’re actually eating the pig thyroid hormones in things like hamburgers then you can end up with thyroid disease

That’s why it’s called hamburger thyrotoxicosis and to drive at home the pain that is experienced by confined factory farm animals which is 99% of animals can be echoed by the pain of diabetic neuropathy which is like a constant pain burning that is caused from the damage of the blood vessels in the herbs from eating animal products and that can be backed up by

This study showing that diabetic neuropathy can be entirely cured within just a few days on a plant-based diet even the act of literally eating animals with your mouth can lead to periodontal disease as this study shows and there are so many more ways that animals exact their vengeance i could go into diabetic amputations but i think i’ll spare you so what does all

This mean is that one animal a day that omnivores consume staring down at them and exacting their revenge karma from heaven it’s impossible to know as the course of karma is unfathomable according to the bhagavad-gita but it’s pretty obvious that you can avoid all these horrible painful health and spices not harming animals in the first place so in conclusion save

The animals and in turn save yourself by going vegan

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Animal Revenge: Ironic Ailments from Eating Animal Products By Mic the Vegan