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ANTI-AGING MELATONIN SKIN CARE 😮 ISDIN MELATONIK REVIEW 😮 DERMATOLOGIST @Dr Dray reviews ISDIN Melatonik Recovery Night serum and ISDIN Age Contour Face & Neck Cream. Top rated anti-aging skin care from ISDIN with melatonin and vitamin C. #antiaging #skincare #dermatologist

Well hey guys get excited because in this video we’re going to be doing a deep dive on two antioxidants and skin care melatonin and vitamin c specifically i’m going to be reviewing some products by isden that i purchased and have been using for the past six to seven weeks give or take but before getting into the video definitely give this channel a subscribe if you

Like skincare content from a board-certified dermatologist hit that little bell icon because that’s going to alert you when my videos go live give me a follow over on tik-tok and instagram i’m pretty active on those platforms as well several months ago i put out a video on this channel about the anti-aging benefits of topical melatonin i’m not going to reiterate

Everything from that video but melatonin as a reminder it is a hormone that our body produces to help regulate our sleep wake cycle melatonin however is also an antioxidant and there is compelling research to suggest that applying it to the skin can have some anti-aging benefits by helping to diminish the burden of damage that our skin has to deal with on a day-to-day

Basis as a result of exposure to environmental stressors like ultraviolet radiation from the sun visible light from the sun infrared radiation pollution outside forces negatively impact our skin by creating free radicals and that leads to the damage of proteins lipids and dna in our skin and our skin cells we have our own antioxidant systems but they become depleted

And applying topical melatonin not only is it itself an antioxidant that can help diminish some of that it is an indirect antioxidant meaning it works to boost up your body’s natural antioxidant systems and that boost is sustained at least 24 hours it’s lipophilic meaning oil loving and therefore it has a good chance of traversing the waxy barrier of your skin and

Getting across cell membranes there is even evidence to suggest that melatonin is a stronger antioxidant in comparison to vitamin c and vitamin e speaking of vitamin c probably heard that vitamin c is an antioxidant that when applied to the skin can have some skin benefits it is a fickle ingredient not the most stable ingredient specifically ascorbic acid it’s not

The most stable ingredient it’s tricky to formulate into products not only so that it remains stable but that it actually gets into the skin because unlike melatonin ascorbic acid vitamin c is water soluble so it’s difficult for it to traverse the skin barrier now that’s not to say that it’s not a beneficial ingredient it’s just kind of the devil is in the details

And you have to rely on the manufacturer the presence of things like vitamin e and other antioxidants in a formula may help further stabilize ascorbic acid now there are a variety of vitamin c derivatives that are a lot more stable many of them are oily loving so they have a better chance of crossing the skin barrier but those forms your skin has to convert to the

Active form of vitamin c and there’s limited research to suggest that that actually ever even happens regardless to say there is a massive landscape out there all that to say here we have some products by a brand that has a really good amount of r d behind it and that is is den i reviewed their sunscreen so definitely check that out they have dna repair enzymes

In that in them and i go over the research behind dna repair enzymes and skin care products so definitely give that video a watch after this one but all that to say isn’t is a reputable company a reputable brand with a lot of r d behind their products isden does have two products with melatonin which i’ve been giving a solid go now for a few weeks let’s talk about

Melatonin actually this is one of their most popular products most highly rated i think it won some awards whatever i decided to purchase it 165 for the overnight recovery serum with melatonin in addition to melatonin though this product also has a few forms of vitamin c it has ascorbic acid which is the water soluble form that’s been shown to have a lot of benefit

For the skin including improving collagen synthesis minimizing wrinkles and fine lines improving hyperpigmentation however ascorbic acid is not the most stable ingredient and it’s difficult for it to traverse the skin a scorable tetra iso palmitate that is a lipid loving so non-water soluble pro vitamin c so it has to it can likely get into the skin but your skin

Has to convert it to ascorbic acid to what extent that occurs not a whole lot of research there but it is a very stable vitamin c derivative and this has a scorebill palmitate ascorbial palmitate is a lipid-soluble form of vitamin c so there is a good chance that it can actually cross your skin barrier so you’re getting a few forms of vitamin c in this product

In addition to melatonin this product also has tocopherol or vitamin e and we already know that there are vitamin c serums on the market that do have good research behind them namely the skinceuticals one that uh utilize tocopherol to help stabilize ascorbic acid so that is in there as well then we have boccuccio but buccuccio is another kind of i don’t want to

Say over-hyped ingredient but people kind of make far-reaching claims about it boccuccio comes from a plant sorrelia corylofolia it’s an extract from that plant and boccuccio is an antioxidant again antioxidants can help reduce the extent of oxidative stress that would otherwise damage proteins dna lipids in our skin and contribute to destruction of collagen and

Premature skin aging by helping to reduce oxidative stress in the skin you also can expect some benefit in terms of helping clear up and prevent hyperpigmentation this product has squalane in it as well which is an emollient it gives the skin a nice luminous glow and i find it’s a very nourishing ingredient personally i enjoy it in skincare products it’s non-greasy

So oily skin types tend to like it but it does give the skin a nice radiant glow this product unfortunately does have fragrance fragrance and skin care is the most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis to skin care products now do you need to avoid a product because it has fragrance if you are allergic to fragrance absolutely if you have eczema it’s a good idea

To stay away from fragrance people with eczema are more likely to develop an allergy to fragrance and fragrance can be very irritating you know i prefer fragrance free products and i do have a video going into more detail as to fragrance and what’s the deal with it in skincare so definitely check that out it’s fairly recent video anyways this does have fragrance

Now the scent to this product is not particularly overwhelming overpowering uh it doesn’t linger on the skin what was my experience actually using this i like i said i’ve been using these products for six six to seven weeks uh six and a half weeks i’ll say and for me personally this product was a challenge i had a hard time with this and i got a lot of discomfort

Using this and a lot of redness bits of irritation my face feeling very red warm these symptoms that i’m describing to you were short-lived meaning after i applied the product the symptoms appeared and then went away i had no long-lasting sustained adverse effects of using this product but it was very difficult for me to tolerate and that’s surprising i don’t have

Very sensitive skin i try out a fair amount of products on this channel and i really don’t often encounter issues for serums typically you want to apply anywhere from three to five drops dispensed and spread on the surface of the face and the neck i found this product i really should only be using three to four drops when i got into the five sometimes six drops

A little heavy handed with the dropper that is really when i experience a lot of irritation so i was able to get very good coverage with just three to four drops on my face and neck and that helped cut down on that sensation of irritation but yeah all that to say i did have a difficult time tolerating this i did experience discomfort with this whether or not you

Will experience that it’s going to vary from person to person but given that i don’t have particularly sensitive skin it’s hard to say i purchased this from the website but i went on amazon and i did see someone leave a review endorsing similar symptoms of redness irritation discomfort now because this has melatonin you want to apply this at night ideally that’s

The best time to use melatonin in your skincare routine is at night why that is when melatonin levels are actually highest in the skin is at night time that’s when the skin repair and healing processes occur and that is when permeability of the skin bearer is greatest so you’re likely getting better penetration by applying melatonin in the evening before bed you

Know in your nighttime skincare routine did i see any benefit with this um outside of the irritation thing i did actually start to appreciate around three to four weeks just feeling like my skin looked overall smoother shinier more radiant glowier healthier and that irritation piece was not sustained but i’ve tried many antioxidant serums over the years you know

To what extent this was superior to those i really didn’t appreciate like anything that wowed me given the price point 165 dollars i don’t know this is not a product that personally i would repurchase but i do have pretty good confidence that if you are seeking melatonin in your skin care this is a product that you would likely derive the benefits of melatonin from

I do think it is well formulated aside from the fact that it was irritating for me now let’s move on to the other product the age contour night cream i had better success with this product this is a thick moisturizing cream it’s a great consistency if you have mature skin dry skin but it’s also suitable for oily skin types it has melatonin it also has the peptides

That constitute matrixyl 3000. matrixyl 3000 is a proprietary blend of two peptides in industry studies shows improvement in elasticity skin texture wrinkles and has kind of a firming and lifting effect you have to take that information with a grain of salt but it is out there and these peptides they are frequently found in skincare products anti-aging products

A lot of brands out there utilize matrixyl in their formulas so there’s a good chance you have used a product with it before whether or not these peptides actually do these things we need better studies but at the end of the day peptides and skin care products they do have a very hydrating effect they help to pull water into the stratum corneum and that can have

A wrinkle smoothing effect this product also has hyaluronic acid in it a humectant it has niacinamide which i know many of you do not tolerate so be aware of that this has niacinamide for me i enjoy it in skincare you know it’s got anti-redness effects it’s good for an anti-aging benefit it’s another antioxidant it’s helpful for oily skin hyperpigmentation many

Benefits to niacinamide but some people simply do not tolerate it now this moisturizer also has ascorbic acid in it it also has a scorpio palmitate in it a scorpio palmitate as a reminder it has better success in penetrating the skin but your skin has to convert it to ascorbic acid anyways you know these forms of vitamin c they may be more beneficial in the product

For stabilizing some of the other ingredients this has a plant extract i had never heard of heliochrism extract allegedly contains a lot of antioxidants flavonoids things that may help with healing repair regeneration of the skin barrier and this product has carnosine in it now carnosine is interesting it is actually a peptide that your skin is present in your skin

But applying it to the skin may help fight off glycation i have a video all about glycation or you know sugar in the diet can contribute to uh formation of what’s called advanced glycation end products basically damaging collagen and contributing to wrinkles and fine lines this particular ingredient carnosine may actually help to slow that down but you should know

That carnosine as a peptide is water soluble so to what extent it actually gets into the skin to help fight off glycation yeah seems seems doubtful all that to say is this product good i personally had better success better luck better a better experience with this product versus the melatonin uh serum and i i would definitely reuse i would definitely use this again

Um the b-roll footage that i’m showing you of the consistency was taken like the day of or the day after i started using it but you can see i have made my way through pretty much 97 say of this product and i have actually really liked it it does have the same fragrance this particular product i’ve never experienced the discomfort the irritation i did actually

Layer it over the serum once i kind of you know tried out each product alone by itself a bit i did start layering them one on top of the other isden suggests that you layer the few drops of the serum underneath the moisturizer so the moisturizer i already mentioned it’s a very thick nice rich consistency it has a very emollient look on the skin which i actually

Like a lot it makes your skin look very shiny this again is a product to use at night it’s meant for the face and for the neck which is where i used it but it does make your face look pretty shiny which you may or may not like if you have very oily skin that may put you off but if you have very mature skin or if your skin leans towards the dryer side of things you

May really enjoy that like i said i never really had any issue with the irritation symptoms with this more so with the serum and i found when i backed down to just a few drops of the serum i was able to tolerate it and then i was able to layer these two together um to use them that way do you need to use them that way i don’t know you know i have my doubts that’s

What they recommend but sometimes you can end up getting more irritation by layering same versions of the ingredients on top of each other in different products like to what extent you need to be layering ascorbic acid from the serum with ascorbic acid in the moisturizer is that going to end up being just too irritating for you i will say the night cream i have

Gone through most of it already in less than two months the good thing about this serum is even though it’s so expensive like i already mentioned you only need three maybe four drops of it to get to the fit cover the face and the neck more really did give me a lot of irritation it’s good 12 months after opening so it should last you the whole year so i would say

This is probably going to be a better value for you if you want to incorporate melatonin into your skincare routine but do be very conservative and know that using more than a few drops at least for me it was very irritating i really wish there was a product out there that did not have fragrance in it and that had melatonin because again fragrance can lead to to

A lot of irritation for many people as i discussed in my recent video on what’s the deal with fragrance but i do think the serum ultimately is a better value if you’re looking to incorporate melatonin into your nighttime routine it’s not that common in skincare products so far i’ve found this and the milk makeup makes this a weird stick with melatonin in it and

Then as far as body products actually one of the best that i have experienced to date is the gold bond overnight moisturizer it has a lavender fragrance but that is a great product if you want to incorporate melatonin at least into your body routine i don’t know how well it would hold up on your face may be very irritating on the face heavy but as a nighttime

Body moisturizer that one is really good actually if you just want a facial cream that is this consistency though i find the consistency and look on the skin of this product it’s very similar to the pyeongchang yule nutrition cream which i’ve raved about in other videos before that is a korean brand that i really like it doesn’t have melatonin in it or anything

But it’s a very good moisturizer same consistency and looks the same on the skin all right guys so those are the products by isden the melatonin products my final thoughts i do have a lot of confidence that the melatonin the vitamin c the peptides the from the formulation perspective i have a lot of confidence in indian as a brand they’re r d i think it’s very

Good so from the ingredient perspective i do think that the products are well formulated aside from the fact that i had a difficult time with the serum i was able to adjust in terms of making sure i was very conservative with the volume that i was using and things got better i did appreciate some skin textural improvement overall brighter skin tone and i so i do

Think that they are good products from that perspective however i wouldn’t say these are a like strong strong strong recommendation for me a because of the price point and b i have gotten similar results with products that are much more affordable however some of the benefits that you might hope for from melatonin you’re not really going to necessarily appreciate

In total simply from the appearance of the skin it’s going to be things down to the molecular level of reducing dna damage and that’s going to take a long time cumulatively to make a difference in your skin but you do appreciate you know an improvement in tone texture with these products just like the kind of selling features of melatonin you’re not likely to

To really notice because it’s happening under the surface of the skin at the molecular level and cumulatively that’s going to take time to to make a difference personally i would really hope that in the future more brands would come out with some well-formulated melatonin-based products because i do think it is a very underrated ingredient it does have a lot of

Potential and it really can expand the horizon beyond vitamin c serums you know it’s lipophilic so it likely can get into the skin well if it’s easier to work with on the part of the cosmetic chemist i honestly don’t know why more brands don’t entertain this ingredient as opposed to always trying to come out with another vitamin c serum given all the limitations

With vitamin c i don’t plan to repurchase these products but i do plan to finish using this and i’ve already finished the moisturizer and so i you know but i don’t think i will be repurchasing either of these let me know in the comments so if you have tried these and make sure you stay tuned because i’m also going to be reviewing in a separate video mellow clear

This is a vitamin c product for hyperpigmentation so definitely make sure you check that video out i’ve been trying this out as well on the end slate i’m going to put my recent video reviewing their sunscreens which i’m still using and loving so check that one out if you’re interested but if you guys like this video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends

And as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow bye you

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