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Anti-Arrythmics classification simplified

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Most anticipated topic for fmge (VW classification)

Hello everyone so today we’ll be talking a very important topic for mca so the topic is classification of arrhythmia robin william classification of arrhythmias so these are basically the drugs that are divided into classes for trading different types of current mia so you’re not going much into depth of those drugs well just try to memorize them and their classes

Because that is the basic execute that you must know when you’re sitting for the firm g so this we w classification is basically of class 1 2 3 4 & 5 in this class 5 is miscellaneous so as a first point that you need to know so this is a miscellaneous classification so other than this class all the other 4 classes you should expect execute so knowing the names

Of the drugs is very important so let’s say for class 1 is nothing but sodium channel blockers first channel class 1 is fast and a blockers blockers then you will directly go for the drugs names class 1a drugs or quinidine procainamide and d so daiso pyramide so we’ll be taking out this as maligne soak we need a procainamide i separate my fire my door important for m

Secures plus 1 b is going to be lidocaine maxilla time and cocaine a took a night plus 1 c is going to be in k night flecainide propafenone and mori season sort of which in canaan is not much important when it comes to fm fm z aram sickest class 2 is going to be beta blockers everything that ends with l o l weight of a car with a loyal propranolol a small team alone

Everything there’s only one exception that is going to be sought a lot which comes in class three so i made around certain long e bootle i’d do 50 light and drawn it around so these are class 3 class 4 is going to be calcium channel blocker vera / milton diltiazem classify this miscellaneous rooks are innocent digoxin magnesium sulphate so if you remember the first

Four classes that should be fine for um secure so how to remember them i have made a mnemonic so that we can remember these drugs the first line in the primer i guess there’s a pyramid inside the pyramid queen and prince dice queen and prince dies in pyramid so if you see this class 1a is going to be queenie died procainamide and dies so why i might die so where am

I so quinidine and procainamide i mention them as queen and prince so queen and prince they both died inside pyramids egypt ii and turban they both died inside pyramid so die inside pyramid dies in pyramid so i put it as an image so that you can remember quinidine procainamide die so pyramids in pyramid isothermic there is another way of remembering it queen queen

Proclaims the pyramid queen proclaims the pyramid queen proclaims pyramid in that way also you can remember quinidine procainamide and daiso pyramid die sakura but i know keep fine so that is the first thing now a mexican who’s standing near the pyramid you can say this is a mexican who’s standing near the pyramid so he’s watching this thing he’s having a tacho

In his hand tacos in his hand and he’s licking it mexican licks tacos that’s the next thing so this mexican is looking at this thing the queen and prince are dying in the pyramid and he’s looking that very cool he is just having a tacos in his hand and he’s licking it so that’s the next set of pneumonic that i would like to say so one b is going to be lidocaine

Mixel a diamond token and mixel at nine is for mexican cocaine tonight is for tacos that he’s having in his hand taco and lidocaine is licking so make mexican licks taco okay now then what he does he is still hungry so he eats he properly eats more rice properly eats more price p e– p e-m-f so this is virginia trimble properly eats more rice so one c is gonna be

Placated p is for propafenone yz4 nk night am more fries so m is for maurices in f is for flicking it morris is in and freaking out so these words are important okay then what he does now his his tummy is full say has eaten enough now already the queen and prince are dead in pyramid so this is one a there’s one b is 1 c so after these events this guy is burying

Their bodies so that is beta blockers bb beta blockers buried their bodies so this is going to be to class to castro is beta blockers i hope i’m clear till now then what he does so as dennis work so he’s drinking scotch in the dog since he has done burying their bodies and drinks scotch in dark and drink scotch in dark abs id this was hidden remember that is per

Class three there is going to be i made our own case for a murder on dee dee’s for da feet delight yeses for subtle all i is for a bit delight and ds for donator own so this was an important so and drinks caution dark so once he’s drunk he’s leaving that place he is driving her his driving is waked so he goes in wake up so entirely this is these four diltiazem v

Is for that apartment where a family so these are nothing but calcium channel blockers ccp calcium channel blockers so overall remember all the drugs you need to remember queen and prince dies in pyramid a mexican who is eating tacos who’s licking tacos enhance he’s just seeing that so they did so he have to bury them so he need more energy so he properly eats more

Price gets energy take their bodies buries their bodies and then he drinks scotch in dark because once the bodies are worried he’s scared so he drink scotch in dark and then he drives his vehicle so if you remember this mnemonic i hope you will never make mistake in mcq in the type of classification of added me as i hope this discussion helps thank you

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Anti-Arrythmics classification simplified By Doctor MBK